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Hear the amazing true stories lying beneath the shadows of The Cold War! Witness the secret missions and tactics used by the C.I.A. and K.G.B. throughout the years of conflict and strife. From the development of the atomic bomb to the Superpowers triumphs and crushing defeats, this 10 episode collection uncovers the most significant leaders and military tactics used throughout the prolonged conflict. Narrated by Oscar® Award winner Charlton Heston, this series brings to life the hidden and unique conflicts of war that were once declared classified information. Through rare archival footage, formerly classified documents and messages, coupled with interviews with experts, authors and eyewitnesses from all over the world this series is a complete and accurate guide throughout The Cold War!

10 episodes

1x01 Eisenhower's Operative

  • Series Premiere

    no air date — 45 mins

The Supreme Allied Commander of World War II relied on the covert arm of the C.I.A. to an unprecedented scale during his presidency. From his education on clandestine warfare from Winston Churchill to C.I.A. missions all over the world, Eisenhower unleashed his operatives like no other U.S. leader.

The all-important race to develop an atomic bomb led to some of the most daring Russian spy operations in the United States. Exclusive interviews with Russian agents detail the inside story of the Soviet atomic spy ring.

1x03 The Strangelove Factor

  • no air date — 45 mins

How close did the Superpowers actually come to a nuclear holocaust? New information on brutal power struggles behind the Iron Curtain, the Cuban missile crisis and the terrifying Doomsday Machine built to end the world.

1x04 Inside the C.I.A.

  • no air date — 45 mins

From revolutionary coups and election rigging to embassy spying, the West employed the C.I.A. in controversial ways to win the Cold War.

1x05 Inside the K.G.B.

  • no air date — 45 mins

Hear the untold stories behind the headlines in the unseen cold war battles between the Western intelligence agencies and the K.G.B..

1x06 The Kennedy Years

  • no air date — 45 mins

This youngest of American presidents took over in the most tense period of the Cold War. Hear the stories from within the White House, on the front lines of C.I.A. operations in Cuba and in the espionage capital of Berlin.

1x07 Khrushchev's Regime

  • no air date — 45 mins

Although he tried to distance himself from Stalin's ruthless regime, Khrushchev brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. Take a look at the Cuban Missile Crisis from the Soviet point of view, as well as brutal repressions in Poland and Hungary against Communist resistors.

1x08 Nixon's Secrets

  • no air date — 45 mins

The story behind Richard Nixon's resounding triumphs and crushing defeats, included are his stinging investigation of alleged Communist Alger Hiss, the covert missions carried out during his presidency in Vietnam and the secrets behind his foreign policy victories with China and the Soviet Union.

1x09 Castro's Revolution

  • no air date — 45 mins

From C.I.A. assassination attempts foiled by Cuban Intelligence agents to Castro's secret pacts with the Soviets and his survival after the Cold War, a look at one of the most enduring revolutionaries of the twentieth century.

1x10 Brezhnev's Kremlin

  • no air date — 45 mins

Before Leonid Brezhnev signed nuclear arms reduction agreements with the West, he led the Soviets into one conflict after another. From Soviet involvement in Vietnam and its role in Arab-Israeli conflicts to the untold stories of the invasion of Afghanistan.