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last update: March/15/2021

note: some database-entries are missing on trakt, so that the list is imho as complete as it could be atm. if you find something i missed, feel free to leave a comment.


Shows with at least 75% rating on trakt (and enough votes). No documentaries, reality tv or anime.

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A collection of TV shows listed in various 'best of the decade' articles, with the default sort by the number of times they are mentioned


Series i have watched/watching/plan to watch


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Just what currently showing on TV




Believe it or not, for whatever reason, I've never liked watching "gay" movies for various reasons. Either the script is bad, or the acting is just god awful. It's extremely difficult to find good gay movies. Only a handful exists. Most gay movies I find are either too camp, or the actors are.. Well... Quite frankly not talented.

However, I do love watching gay documentaries! It's important to know our history, because heterosexuals can't teach it for us. For the purpose of keeping my playlist count small, I'll also add all gay movies, TV shows and all other gay related content here (if I find them worthy).


My list of all-time classics, genre-definers, and can't-miss films & TV series. Whenever anybody asks me, "What should I watch next?" this list is my response.

While not everything here rates a 10/10 (though nothing falls below a 7/10 by my reckoning), each entry is at least an important cultural touchstone or an ambitious artistic achievement that is worthy of your valuable time.


This list includes LGBT-themed movies and TV shows featuring gay storylines, characters, or actors.

The largest LGBT list (as of Jan 2023) on Trakt.


Use to watch TV Shows for my brain and iTunes, etc to find related content. Common Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller, Science-Fiction, Political, War & Military. Common Themes: Post-Apocalyptic, Futuristic, Escape, Cerebral, Dark Comedy, Complex, Questioning, Reality Bending, Non-Linear, Time Travel, Technological, Visually Stimulating, Superhuman, Supernatural, Suspense, Psychological, Space, Spy.


Collection of lesbian and some other queer content I already watched


A Collection of Movies about The Best Sci-Fi TV Shows on Netflix from an Artical in CNET.COM


TV Shows from the 1970's on with ordinary common real life characters that have superpowers.


Adventure, action, comedy and fantasy for all the innocent souls who still dream of being heroes.


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TV Show List I recommend for anyone to watch. These are all shows I had watched and enjoyed.

If everyone finds this list good, please give a like and if i get enough traction, I will continue to update as i watch content


Shows I plan to watch that rate 8 and above


Complete movies of the great directors. Starting with Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers.