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Sesame Street

Season 10 1978 - 1979

  • 1978-11-27T14:00:00+00:00 on HBO
  • 30 mins
  • 2 days, 16 hours, 45 mins (130 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Family, Children

Sesame Street is an iconic American educational children’s television series that has been a favorite of children and adults alike since its debut in 1969. It combines live action, animation and puppetry into a fun program that teaches children numbers, colors and the alphabet. The series is best known for its use of Jim Henson’s Muppets; Big Bird leads a cast that includes popular characters such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Grover and Bert and Ernie.

130 episodes

10x01 Naming Barkley

  • Season Premiere

    1978-11-27T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

The Count counts hellos from everyone on Sesame Street, and the gang decides what to name the large Muppet dog: Barkley or Woof-Woof? Sponsored by D, 2.

10x02 Episode 1187

  • 1978-11-28T14:00:00+00:00 — 26 mins

Bob and Big Bird try to train Barkley. Sponsored by D, R, 3.

10x03 Episode 1188

  • 1978-11-29T14:00:00+00:00 — 26 mins

Sponsored by R, T, 4.

10x04 Episode 1189

  • 1978-11-30T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

David teaches Barkley to roll over. Sponsored by B, T, 5.

10x05 Episode 1190

  • 1978-12-01T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Biff and Sully dig a subway tunnel. Sponsored by B, P, 6.

10x06 Episode 1191

  • 1978-12-04T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Big Bird redecorates his nest. Sponsored by C, J, 7.

10x07 Episode 1192

  • 1978-12-05T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Sponsored by J, S, 8.

10x08 Episode 1193

  • 1978-12-06T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Sponsored by S, X, 9.

10x09 Episode 1194

  • 1978-12-07T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Big Bird and Snuffy enact fairy tales. Sponsored by G, X, 4.

10x10 Episode 1195

  • 1978-12-08T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Oscar's friend Georgie visits. Sponsored by G, Q, 11.

10x11 Episode 1196

  • 1978-12-11T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Mumford fills Oscar's trash can. Sponsored by I, Q, 12.

10x12 Episode 1197

  • 1978-12-12T14:00:00+00:00 — 27 mins

Bob tells Oscar not to litter. Sponsored by I, U, 2.

10x13 Episode 1198

  • 1978-12-13T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Brad's baby teeth. Sponsored by E, F, 3.

10x14 Episode 1199

  • 1978-12-14T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Big Bird takes a telephone message for Olivia. Sponsored by E, O, 4.

10x15 Episode 1200

  • 1978-12-15T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Sponsored by F, M, 5.

10x16 Episode 1201

  • 1978-12-18T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

The Count counts and sorts items at Hooper's Store. Sponsored by L, W, 6.

10x17 Episode 1202

  • 1978-12-19T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Big Bird prepares a tortilla for Luis's lunch. Sponsored by B, F, 6.

10x18 Episode 1203

  • 1978-12-20T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Bob practices conducting an orchestra. Sponsored by H, K, 8.

10x49 Episode 1234

  • 1979-02-01T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Mr. Hooper tries to exercise Sponsored by D, T, 2.

10x50 Episode 1235

  • 1979-02-02T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Linda signs the weather report for Oscar. Sponsored by D, T, 2.

10x72 Telly Monster Moves In

  • 1979-03-06T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

A TV-addicted Telly Monster moves to Sesame Street. Cookie eats his way through an avalance as train conductor "Casey McFee". The Count sings "The Song of the Count". Kermit reports on Sleeping Beauty for Sesame Street News". Plus the Harvey Kneeslapper skit.

10x76 Disco Snuffy and Big Bird

  • 1979-03-12T14:00:00+00:00 — 30 mins

Big Bird and Snuffy hit the dance floor and groove to a disco version of "Rubber Ducky". Guy Smiley and Cookie Monster appear in the classic "Beat the Time" skit. Grover sings about the letter "I". Bob and Big Bird encounter a dragon in New York's Chinatown. Ernie's opera singing wakes the neighbors. Harry Monster visits the eye doctor and an animated version of "We All Live in a Capital I".

10x100 Grover the Waiter at Your Service

  • 1979-04-12T15:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Grover serves up burgers of all sizes. Bert and Ernie ransack their own apartment. Ernie tricks Bert out of a bigger piece of pie. Biff helps Salvador DaDa create a museum. Plus the Twiddlebugs, pinball animation and a live-action feature about recycling paper.