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Sesame Street

Season 34 2003

  • 2003-04-07T13:00:00Z on HBO
  • 54 mins
  • 1 day, 2 hours, 6 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Family

Sesame Street is an iconic American educational children’s television series that has been a favorite of children and adults alike since its debut in 1969. It combines live action, animation and puppetry into a fun program that teaches children numbers, colors and the alphabet. The series is best known for its use of Jim Henson’s Muppets; Big Bird leads a cast that includes popular characters such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Grover and Bert and Ernie.

34 episodes

34x01 Sesame Street Sings Karaoke

  • Season Premiere

    2003-04-07T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Alan hosts a karaoke night at Hooper's Store.

34x02 Elmo Falls In Love With Gina

  • 2003-04-08T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

In Gina's veterinarian office, Elmo has brought his goldfish Dorothy in for a checkup. After the checkup, Gina offers to carry the goldfish bowl out for Elmo, despite that she has a waiting room full of impatient animals. Elmo thinks Gina is nice to care for Dorothy, and begins to realize he's in love with her.

34x03 Cookie Hood

  • 2003-04-09T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Cookie Hood takes cookies from those who have a lot of cookies and gives to those who have no cookies.

34x04 Bert's Birthday

  • 2003-04-10T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Today is Bert's birthday and Ernie's got a big surprise planned.

The Big Bad Wolf's brother, Leonard, visits Sesame Street, and they aren't very much alike.

34x06 Elmo Learns About Chess

  • 2003-04-14T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Elmo comes across Gordon setting up a chess board. He plans on playing chess with Alan today. Since he always loses, he's going to practice first with the help of his new book: "How to Be a Better Chess Player".

34x07 Super Grover's New Cape

  • 2003-04-15T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Grover asks Maria at the Mail-It Shop if his new Super Grover cape has been delivered yet, as his current one is worn-out. She tells him it won't be delivered until Thursday. He catches wind of someone in distress, but his old worn out cape only helps him fly as far as the courtyard. Everyone on Sesame Street comes around to help Super Grover with his cape problem.

34x08 Big Bird Writes a Story

  • 2003-04-16T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Big Bird writes a fairy tale about a penguin, but can't figure out how to finish it.

Big Bird wraps up a playdate with Snuffy, when he hears some strange music. He follows it to the courtyard, where he comes across a box. Inside, Zoe and Elmo are pretending to be aliens. They can't see any traces of life through their periscope, so they exit their ship to investigate. They come face to face with Big Bird, who immediately understands and starts playing along, informing them about Sesame Street.

34x10 Zoe's T Party

  • 2003-04-18T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Telly and Baby Bear head over to Zoe to see what fun game she has planned. She tells them they'll be having a tea party, which Baby Bear believes won't work, as he and Telly are boys and tea parties are for girls. Zoe claims her tea parties are different, as they are letter T parties! A letter T appears so they can twist, turn and tackle. The boys really enjoyed that, but don't like what's coming up next - ballet.

34x11 Oscar Wants A New Place to Live

  • 2003-04-21T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Oscar tries moving around Sesame Street when he gets tired of doing the same grouchy things over and over every day.

34x12 Fish-Sitters for Dorothy

  • 2003-04-22T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Elmo tries to recruit a fish-sitter so that he can go to a baseball game with Gordon.

34x13 Elmo and Zoe Search for Rocco

  • 2003-04-23T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Zoe and Elmo are putting on a circus and Zoe loses Rocco, her pet rock. Elmo helps Zoe look for Rocco.

34x14 Gabi, Zoe and Elmo Make Kites

  • 2003-04-24T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Zoe and Elmo both want to fly kites after watching their favorite movie, but can't buy one at Hooper's Store. They end up going to Gabi for help.

Cookie Monster is hauling something heavy behind him. He calls out his friends (Big Bird, Elmo, Zoe, Gordon and Maria) to see what he's got - a shopping cart filled with cookies. He explains that he entered a cookie poem contest and won, with the load of cookies being his grand prize. He reads his poem to everyone, and just as he's about to dig into his prize, he sneezes. Cookie Monster has the cookie flu!

Sesame Street has a mini-musical today while Elmo and Rosita try to get together for a playdate.

Telly and Baby Bear are playing basketball. While playing, Telly accidentally hits Baby Bear in the nose. After Gina checks his nose out, everything appears to be fine, but Telly doesn't want to hurt Baby Bear again and wants to try something else.

Rosita wants to play with someone, but it turns that just about everybody on Sesame Street is too busy to play with her, until she discovers a frog who loves to jump, so she plays with him. Baby Bear and Telly finish their chores and want to play with Rosita and the frog, and Baby Bear notices the frog is wearing a crown on his head, making him think the frog is the Frog Prince.

34x19 Zoe and Stinky Write a Story

  • 2003-05-01T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Telly and Baby Bear have just finished making a book they wrote and illustrated. Stinky the Stinkweed, Zoe and Gordon are the first to hear their story: "The Little Merbear." Stinky loved the story and wishes he could write one too. He and Zoe start coming up with with the story.

Zoe shows Telly her new rainbow tutu. Just as she is about to put it on, the wind carries it away. They chase it down the street, where it ends up in a tree.

34x21 Telly Cares for a Duckling

  • 2003-05-05T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Telly is on his way to a playdate with Rosita, when he comes across a stray egg on the sidewalk. He wonders where it came from, when it starts to shake and crack. A duckling hatches from it and the two take an instant liking to each other. Rosita comes by and notices the duckling thinks Telly's his mommy. They decide to consult a grown-up.

Bob introduces Zoe to his friend Scotty McKilt, who plays the bagpipes. He plays a tune for Zoe to dance to, working up his appetite. He asks Zoe to look after his bagpipes while he eats and she agrees. She goes to show her new dance to Oscar, leaving the bagpipes behind. Telly and Baby Bear come by while playing. They see the bagpipes and wonder what they could be.

Mama Bear is expecting a new baby, and Baby Bear worries about his new sibling and how it will be in their family. Part 1 of 3 parts involving the birth of Curly Bear.

34x25 Curly Bear is Born (2)

  • 2003-05-09T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

While staying at Gina's, Baby Bear gets a call from Papa Bear at the hospital saying that the baby has been born and he's now the big brother to a baby sister. Part 2 of 3 parts involving the birth of Curly Bear.

34x26 Curly Bear Comes Home (3)

  • 2003-05-10T13:00:00Z — 54 mins

Baby Bear comes to terms with his new sister. Part 3 of 3 parts involving the birth of Curly Bear.