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Sesame Street: Season 45

45x03 Proud To Be Me

  • 2014-09-17T14:00:00+01:00 on HBO
  • 25 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Family

Abby, Elmo, and Big Bird are ready for a meeting of the Sesame Street Snazzy Society. Their club president, Segi, arrives and they start the meeting. The first snazzy thing to do is the Snazzy Shuffle, the snazziest dance they know. After their dance, the next thing they do is read a snazzy book with the snazziest character in the whole world, Snazzy Jazzy and the Snazziest Toy. Segi begins reading: Snazzy Jazzy had five snazzy golden one dollar coins and she decided to buy the snazziest toy in the toy store. She picked a yo-yo and a ball but those weren't snazzy enough. The next toy she picked was a teddy bear but it wasn't snazzy enough because it was too brown.

Segi freezes and stops reading. Big Bird, Elmo, and Abby ask for her to keep reading but she says that she can't and leaves. Mando sees Segi and asks what happened. Segi explains that her skin is brown and according to Snazzy Jazzy's book, brown is not snazzy. Mando tries to reassure her that just because it's in the book doesn't mean it's true, but when she doesn't believe him, he calls for Leela and Chris to help.

Together they explain that they all have different color skin but their skin color is one of the things that make them unique and special. Segi grows more confident in herself and loves her skin too. She now knows that she's snazzy enough. Abby, Big Bird, and Elmo come looking for Segi, because they can't have the meeting without her. Mando asks if he, Leela, and Chris can join too, so they all start the club again with the Snazzy Shuffle.