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Shadow and Bone

Season 1


Shout by Dahj Asha
BlockedParent2021-05-05T22:28:58Z— updated 2021-05-08T22:20:15Z

It was a bit difficult to follow along with the first episode as one gets thrown right into it but it gets much easier to understand the story after that.

The soundtrack (and sounds in general) is pretty neat (nothing I'd listen to on its own but it's pretty fitting and nice to listen to while watching). The cinematography/visuals are also not bad. I only wish there was a bit more "magic" in it but it's not that bad.

All of the (main) characters are unique (also regarding their skills/traits) and their diversity makes/keeps it interesting.

I also appreciate that they've created a unique intro for each episode.

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The Six of Crows duology deserved better </3

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