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Shirobako: Season 1

1x18 (18) You Set Me Up!

  • 2015-02-12T14:30:00Z on Tokyo MX
  • 25 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Drama, Anime

Aoi, Seiichi, and Katsuragi join Inanami as they meet up with the voice cast of The Third Girls Aerial Squad for a recording. During the recording session, the staff notices the protagonist's voice actress, newcomer Kyōko Suzuki, is struggling with maintaining the quality of her voice as they expected her to do. They later help her give a more natural performance. Afterwards, Aoi meets up with Ōkura at a bar to ask for his help with a particular background; exhausted and drunk, he hastily agrees to do it. Aoi then contacts Studio Taitanic about the layouts of the fifth episode, only to learn they are halfway done despite having not been sent over to Musashino. Later on, when Aoi and Yuuji visit Ōkura the next day, he initially turns down the offer, having forgotten about his meeting with Aoi and being disillusioned with the use of 3D animation over 2D animation. He only changes his mind when Aoi relays a message to him from Marukawa, about his pleasure of working with him. Later on, Musashino receives the layouts for the fifth episode, but the staff is forced to have an urgent meeting with Studio Taitanic's Zaruyoshi Yakushiji, the episode director, over several errors on the layouts that he let slip by. He begrudgingly agrees to check the errors, but insults Seiichi while leaving. Aoi later learns that Yakushiji suddenly quit the job. Needing to find a replacement director, she begins to stress out until Erika makes a surprise return to the studio.