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Shirobako: Season 1

1x24 (24) The Delivery That Was Too Far Off

  • 2015-03-26T14:30:00Z on Tokyo MX
  • 25 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Drama, Anime

With three weeks left until the delivery of the final episode, the entire Musashino staff reinforces their efforts to get the episode done with the time they have left. The work is particularly focused on the scene featuring Shizuka's character, which is assigned to Ema at her own request after she was touched by Shizuka's performance. Meanwhile, Shizuka finds enjoyment in being able to land minor voicing roles, while Misa stays up the entire night at her workplace creating a CG model for a fighter jet. On the day of the delivery, after the episode is finally completed, the production staff is tasked with delivering the final tapes to the various TV stations across the country in time for the airing by any means necessary. As the others reach their assigned destinations in time, Aoi is held up by several transport delays and is forced to complete the remainder of her trip by running to her destination on foot. While reaching the TV station, she reflects on everything she learned from her friends in the past few years, which strengthens her resolve to keep making anime. At the celebratory party for the final episode's airing, Aoi is praised for the support she provided to the rest of the Musashino staff and is brought onstage to give a toast to everyone involved in the anime's production. She delivers a speech praising everyone's pooled efforts for making The Third Aerial Girls Squad and reminding them to continue this teamwork and bring further inspiration to anime viewers worldwide. Afterwards, Watanabe and Katsuragi decide to have Musashino Animation work on two anime simultaneously as their next projects. Aoi, Ema, Shizuka, Misa, and Midori meet up at a balcony and reaffirm their resolve to one day remake the anime they made back in high school, also promising each other to continue making great anime along the way.