Richard being cut throat in this episode was a breath of fresh air. Fuck that guy and his pizza app.

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YES! They're back!!
Jian-Yang is hilarious!!
It's kind of strange not to see Erlich anymore.

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I cringed so hard when Richard gulped out multiple times at the end

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Silicon Valley is back!

I love the new opening sequence, particularly the Russian Facebook. Ha!

While not laughing-out-loud funny, I was smiling from the beginning to the end. I am just so happy that it's back! (If only Game of Thrones complemented the experience.)

Everyone is back in top form (minus Erlich Bachman who is back in spirit and recap only) and I like the potential of where the season is heading. I just hope this season doesn't retread Richard-royally-fs-up-again cycle of the previous 4 seasons (season 1 is the lone exception).

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