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Speaking in Tongues

Season 1 2005 - 2006

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  • 2005-11-07T08:30:00Z on SBS
  • 30 mins
  • 6 hours, 0 mins (12 episodes)
  • Australia
  • English
  • Comedy
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The program is hosted by John Safran and Father Bob Maguire, who discuss current events from a religious perspective, often in a comedic manner. Maguire, a Catholic priest from South Melbourne, originally appeared on the early show John Safran vs God.

The series was directed by John Safran vs God director Craig Melville.

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12 episodes

1x01 Episode 1

  • Series Premiere

    2005-11-07T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

An Islamic scholar and a former prostitute examine with John and Father Bob the topic of Islamic temporary marriages. Tawfik Hamid converses with the hosts about his book about Jihad and why he's in hiding.

1x02 Episode 2

  • 2005-11-14T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

Buddhist and Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Joycelyn Hughes discusses karma. Tuba Boz explains cosmetics and it's role in Islam. The hosts play matchmaker to a young Druze fellow, named Ziggy Darwish.

1x03 Episode 3

  • 2005-11-21T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

John celebrates the Socceroos win. Solreta Antaria, an Indigo Child speaks in "Star Language". Stephen Mayne explains the tax free perks of faith. Finally Cate Daniels, worker of Salvo's LTD., looks for her match.

1x04 Episode 4

  • 2005-11-28T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

After years of asking John to euthanase him - should the need arise - John�s father Alex meets euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke; Raelian Roy Tyrell discusses aliens and his search for a Raelian bride.

1x05 Episode 5

  • 2005-12-05T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

In this week's program, Father Bob and John discuss the recent Vatican ruling on gay priests; John's best friend's father Imi Weinstein tells why Jews should marry within their faith; and Daman Pal Singh Sarna explains Sikhism and what's he's looking for in a Sikh girl.

1x06 Episode 6

  • 2005-12-12T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

This week John accuses Father Bob of smoking; David Oakes demonstrates how Reverse Speech can uncover the hidden meanings in what we say; and the matchmakers try to find a match for a Jainist.

1x07 Episode 7

  • 2005-12-19T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

In the aftermath of the Cronulla riot, this week's Speaking in Tongues gets controversial: Scientist Gerard Tarulli uses genetics to explain why we're all basically the same; Macquarie's Public Law academic Andrew Fraser calls for the return of the White Australia Policy; and in our matchmaking segment, Ibrahim Al-Sabahi, Mandaean and former asylum seeker, tells us what he's looking for in a Mandaean girl.

1x08 Episode 8

  • 2005-12-26T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

Alien abductee counsellor, Mary Rodwell discusses what her job entails, while a former patient of her's gives John a healing. Sione Crawford, who is an advocate for drug abusers, talks about the current concept on what heroin is. And, Tony Momcilovic, a gay Serbian Orthodox Christian, tries to find his perfect match.... much to Father Bob's dismay.

1x09 Episode 9

  • 2006-01-02T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

A debate erupts as Andrew Bolt comes in to argue that social justice should be dealt with by conservative politicians. An interview is conducted with Franklin, Father Bob's dog, and Dog Channeler Deb McBride. Wayne Bawden gives definition to the term "speaking in tongues", but in return wants a Pentacostal Christian bride.

1x10 Episode 10

  • 2006-01-09T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

Catholic author John Herad explains why remaining faithful to his church is much more important then being seduced into a same-sex relationship. John and Father Bob question Steven Angelides about how one becomes homophobic. Jaki Sainsbury describes her perfect match. Someone who is a Seventh Day Adventist as she is. Also, viewers finally find out the question pondering everyone. Is Bob's Billboard real?

1x11 Episode 11

  • 2006-01-16T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jim Goad, an author from the USA, has just been released from Oregon State Penitentiary for the assault on his girlfriend. He discusses his point of view on domestic violence after 2 years in the slammer. Austin Tayshus and Loewenstein discuss zionist Jews. In Matchmaker this week, Anna Koefman tells of Jews that dig Jesus.

1x12 Episode 12

  • 2006-01-23T08:30:00Z — 30 mins

In this final episode we bring you Jack Marx on why Alcoholics Anonymous is a cult, a soul-mate-seeking Satanist, and Bob's last word on pre-marital sex, men wearing makeup, and casual weekend cannibalism.

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