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SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 11 2017 - 2018

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  • 2017-09-23T16:00:00-07:00 on Nickelodeon
  • 10 mins
  • 12 hours, 47 mins (55 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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55 episodes

11x01 Spot Returns

  • Season Premiere

    2017-09-23T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

When his pet amoeba Spot has puppies, Plankton decides to use them in another of his nefarious plot.

11x02 The Check-Up

  • 2017-09-23T16:00:00-07:00 — 11 mins

Mr. Krabs is afraid to get his physical, but if he does not pass the Krusty Krab will be shut down.

11x03 Spin the Bottle

  • 2017-09-30T16:00:00-07:00 — 23 mins

Plankton poses as a wish-granting genie in his latest scheme to get the secret formula.

11x04 Sportz?

  • 2017-09-30T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

Squidward invents a new sport to get back at SpongeBob and Patrick for annoying him.

11x05 Cave Dwelling Sponge

  • 2017-10-07T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

When a prehistoric sponge is unfrozen, he causes chaos all over town and only SpongeBob can communicate with him.

11x06 The Clam Whisperer

  • 2017-10-07T16:00:00-07:00 — 11 mins

When a flock of clams descend on Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob has to get them out before they ruin the whole town.

11x07 Man Ray Returns

  • 2017-10-13T16:00:00-07:00 — 11 mins

When Man Ray rents Squidward's house for the weekend, SpongeBob and Patrick must stop his evil vacation.

11x08 Larry the Floor Manager

  • 2017-10-21T16:00:00-07:00 — 11 mins

Mr. Krabs takes a vacation and makes Larry the Lobster the temporary manager of the Krusty Krab.

11x09 Feral Friends

  • 2017-10-21T16:00:00-07:00 — 11 mins

A weird moon turns everyone in the city into wild animals, and Sandy is the only one who can save them.

11x10 Don't Wake Patrick

  • 2017-11-06T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Patrick sleepwalks and SpongeBob can't wake him up.

11x11 The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom

  • 2017-11-06T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

It's Halloween in Bikini Bottom, and the Flying Dutchman is going to make sure everyone's scared – including SpongeBob.

11x12 Krabby Patty Creature Feature

  • 2017-11-07T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

A new secret Krabby Patty formula has disastrous results for Bikini Bottom, and only SpongeBob can save the day.

11x13 Teacher's Pests

  • 2017-11-08T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Mr. Krabs and Plankton have to take boating school classes. Thankfully, SpongeBob's there to show them the ropes.

11x14 No Pictures, Please

  • 2017-11-09T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Patrick leads an enthusiastic stranger on a tour of his favorite places in Bikini Bottom.

11x15 Stuck on the Roof

  • 2017-11-10T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

SpongeBob is afraid to get off the roof of the Krusty Krab, but he won't let that stop him from living his life!

11x16 There's a Sponge in My Soup

  • 2017-12-02T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

The new Krabby Soup at the Krusty Krab attracts three heat-loving hippies, who move into the soup vat. Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob try to get rid of them.

11x17 Cuddle E. Hugs

  • 2018-02-12T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob befriends a giant, fluffy hamster, whom no one else can see.

11x18 ScavengerPants

  • 2018-02-12T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Squidward sends SpongeBob and Patrick on an increasingly difficult scavenger hunt to get them out of his hair.

11x19 Squid Noir

  • 2018-02-13T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

When Squidward's clarinet disappears, he has to become a hard-boiled detective to track it down.

11x20 The Incredible Shrinking Sponge

  • 2018-02-14T16:00:00-08:00 — 12 mins

SpongeBob must figure out how to do his job after accidentally shrinking himself.

11x21 Pat the Horse

  • 2018-02-15T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Patricks wants to be a horse.

11x22 Chatterbox Gary

  • 2018-02-16T16:00:00-08:00 — 23 mins

Gary has a pet translation collar, and he's talking up a storm.

11x23 Don't Feed the Clowns

  • 2018-03-09T16:00:00-08:00 — 12 mins

When a small clown gets left behind by the circus, SpongeBob takes the hapless harlequin under his wing.

11x24 Drive Happy

  • 2018-03-16T16:00:00-07:00 — 23 mins

SpongeBob can't drive, but you don't need a license to operate a self-driving car.

11x25 Old Man Patrick

  • 2018-03-30T16:00:00-07:00 — 23 mins

Patrick thinks he is an old man, so it is up to SpongeBob to remind him how much fun being a child can be.

11x26 Fun-Sized Friends

  • 2018-04-06T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob and Patrick exchange tiny living versions of themselves.

11x27 Grandmum's the Word

  • 2018-04-13T16:00:00-07:00 — 23 mins

Plankton tells his grandma that he owns the Krusty Krab, but he must keep the lie going when she comes to visit.

11x28 Doodle Dimension

  • 2018-05-07T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob and Patrick become trapped in an alternate dimension where anything they draw comes to life.

11x29 Moving Bubble Bass

  • 2018-05-08T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob and Patrick help Bubble Bass move out of his mother's basement.

11x30 Bunny Hunt

  • 2018-05-09T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

A sea bunny ravages Squidward's garden, but SpongeBob thinks it's cute.

11x31 High Sea Diving

  • 2018-05-10T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob wants to be the first sponge that dives to the surface of the ocean.

11x32 Bottle Burglars

  • 2018-08-06T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob and Squidward accidentally let Plankton slip away with the formula, and it is up to them to retrieve it.

11x33 Sanitation Insanity

  • 2018-08-07T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

When Mr. Krabs gets in trouble for littering, he makes SpongeBob and Squidward clean up Bikini Bottom.

11x34 My Leg!

  • 2018-08-08T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

Once Fred's leg heals up, SpongeBob is determined to keep it out of harm's way.

11x35 Ink Lemonade

  • 2018-08-09T16:00:00-07:00 — 23 mins

Patrick's lemonade stand is unsuccessful until he gets a secret ingredient from Squidward.

11x36 Mustard O' Mine

  • 2018-09-24T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

When the Krusty Krab runs out of mustard, Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward to dig up some more.

11x37 Whale Watching

  • 2018-09-25T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

Mr. Krabs hires Squidward to babysit Pearl for the night, but she just wants to sneak out to a cool teen party.

11x38 Krusty Kleaners

  • 2018-09-26T16:00:00-07:00 — 23 mins

After spilling a milkshake during a delivery, SpongeBob vows to return and clean the entire building.

11x39 Patnocchio

  • 2018-09-27T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

Plankton tells Patrick he's his conscience so he can convince the wooden-headed star to steal him a Krabby Patty.

11x40 ChefBob

  • 2018-10-21T16:00:00-07:00 — 23 mins

When Mr. Krabs puts in an open kitchen, SpongeBob gets stage fright and has to invent a new persona.

11x41 Shopping List

  • 2018-10-21T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob and Sandy have to collect Krabby Patty ingredients, but Plankton follows their every step.

11x42 Library Cards

  • 2018-09-25T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

When Patrick discovers the pineapple's library, SpongeBob introduces him to the wonderful world of book learning.

11x43 Plankton Paranoia

  • 2018-10-28T16:00:00-07:00 — 10 mins

Plankton hasn't tried to steal the secret formula in a while... and that's making Mr. Krabs nervous!

11x44 Call the Cops

  • 2018-11-04T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

Plankton goes to jail, but the secret formula is taken as evidence, so SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs plot to get it back.

11x45 The Grill is Gone

  • 2018-11-04T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

When a gang of kids steal the Krusty Krab's grill, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs go to extreme lengths to win it back.

11x46 The Night Patty

  • 2018-11-11T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob helps out the Krusty Krab's night shift crew, but the customers crave something creepier than usual.

11x47 Bubbletown

  • 2018-11-11T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob visits his old friend Bubble Buddy in his hometown Bubbletown.

11x48 Appointment TV

  • 2018-11-18T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

The long-lost episode of "Mermaid Man" is finally showing on TV, but SpongeBob may not make it home in time to watch.

11x49 Karen's Virus

  • 2018-11-18T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

Karen gets a computer virus, and it's up to SpongeBob to get it out of her.

11x50 Girls' Night Out

  • 2018-11-25T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

Sandy wants to spend a night in the city with Karen and Mrs. Puff, so the ladies can let off some steam.

11x51 Surf N' Turf

  • 2018-11-11T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

Sandy struggles to build a ship-in-a-bottle before a big contest, so SpongeBob calls in a little extra help.

11x52 FarmerBob

  • 2018-11-11T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob and Patrick work a day on Old Man Jenkins' farm, much to his dismay.

11x53 Squirrel Jelly

  • 2018-11-18T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob and Patrick have their peaceful day of jellyfishing disturbed by Sandy's competitive nature.

11x54 The String

  • 2018-11-18T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

SpongeBob pulls from Squidward's shirt a loose string that never seems to end.

11x55 Goons on the Moon

  • 2018-11-25T16:00:00-08:00 — 10 mins

Sandy takes her Science Scout troop on a trip to the moon.

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