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Spy vs. Spy

Season 4 2013

  • 2013-04-01T07:15:00-05:00 on Cartoon Network
  • 3 mins
  • 1 hour, 15 mins
  • United States
  • Animation, Children, Comedy

The comic features two spies, Black and White, who are constantly warring against each other, and coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways of doing away with the other. They are made to look virtually identical: trilby hats, overcoats and long pointed noses. The only difference between them are the color of their clothes: one dresses in white, the other in black.

25 episodes

4x01 Mixed Martial Arts

  • Season Premiere

    2013-04-01T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

Black Spy and White Spy duke it out in mixed martial arts. Black Spy tries to tackle White Spy, but believe it or not, he ends up being decapitated in the razor wire White Spy installed on the ring leaving White Spy the victory. Well played, White Spy! Well played!

4x02 Igloo

  • 2013-04-08T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

Black Spy chases White Spy throughout the arctic shooting at him, but White Spy takes refuge in an igloo. The igloo is then revealed to be a cannon and Black Spy is blown to smithereens. White Spy then pops out of the igloo and claims his victory.

4x03 Easter Egg Hunt

  • 2013-04-15T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy (as the Easter Bunny) leaves a series of eggs around. Later, Black Spy checks to see if any of them are bombs. None of them are, but the last one belongs to a giant chicken and, lucky for White Spy, the chicken attacks Black Spy. Happy Easter, spies!

4x04 House Cannon

  • 2013-04-22T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

Black Spy tries to destroy White Spy. White Spy runs to his house and Black Spy chases back and reaches the fireplace of White Spy's house, and Black Spy tries to throw a torpedo. Black Spy is blown to bits, which reveals that White Spy's house is a giant cannon, and White Spy claims his victory.

4x05 Wall Door

  • 2013-05-13T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy breaks into Black Spy's HQ, but he sees Black Spy coming. So, White Spy grabs a weapon and hides behind the wall, but the plan backfired as White Spy ends up getting smack by the wall by Black Spy, and Black Spy claims his victory. Good job, Black Spy!

4x06 White Spy's Smart Phone

  • 2013-05-20T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy receives an iPhone in the mail and gets a text message. So, he reads the message which says "BOOM". White Spy didn't know what that meant until a blast comes and White Spy is blown up. Another message comes which reveals that Black Spy was the one who gave White Spy the iPhone.

4x07 Robot Paper Shredder

  • 2013-05-27T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

Black Spy sneaks into White Spy's HQ and only manages to steal half of White Spy's plans when White Spy rips them in half with his window. Black Spy uses the other half to create a robot to attack White Spy when he sneaks in. When White Spy came in, Black Spy shows off his robot and White Spy was scared to death. However, the robot turns out to be a shredder and Black Spy is shredded to smithereens. White Spy chuckles in victory and shows the viewers the other half of the plans.

4x08 Bathroom

  • 2013-06-17T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy enters the bathroom of Black Spy's HQ and he sees Black Spy's feet dangling from underneath a stall. So, White Spy enters an ajacent stall attempting to shoot Black Spy, but the plan backfired as White Spy is drowned and flushed down the stall. Black Spy gives the victory sign from beneath his stall.

4x09 Trampoline

  • 2013-06-24T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy tries to trampoline his way up to Black Spy's secret fortress, ignoring the sign. Too bad the trampoline that Black Spy activates pokes out spikes, leaving White Spy impaled upon landing. You did it again, Black Spy!

4x10 Black Spy's Punching Machine

  • 2013-07-01T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy sneaks into Black Spy's HQ while he is sleeping and steals parts to a machine, but when White Spy assembles the machine, it beats him up. The machine is then revealed to be a punching machine that gives the double victory sign for Black Spy.

4x11 White Spy's Chicken

  • 2013-07-29T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

Black Spy sneaks mini bombs into White Spy's corn so that when White Spy feeds them to his chickens and then gets the egg back from his chickens to cook it, White Spy blows up.

4x12 White Spy's Plane

  • 2013-08-05T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

Black Spy paints holes on White Spy's bomb attached to his plane. Then, Black Spy spreads gun power below White Spy's bomb to fool him into thinking it wasn't working, but when White Spy throws the bomb, he (and his base) blow up when it lands.

4x13 Shooting Contest

  • 2013-08-12T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

Black Spy is able to successfully shoot a cannonball through a target. White Spy tries to one up him, but the cannonball ricochets off of the bouncy target and into White Spy's gut, leaving Black Spy the victory.

4x14 Handbag Bomb

  • 2013-09-02T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy tries to replace Black Spy's handbag with a handbag containing a bomb, but when White Spy picks up Black Spy's handbag, he discovers it has been glued to the pavement and White Spy blows up.

4x15 Anti-Gravity Belt

  • 2013-09-09T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy sneaks into Black Spy's HQ and robs him of his anti-gravity belt, but Black Spy removes the down button so White Spy cannot go downward. White Spy was then hit by a meteor and the stars in the sky form Black Spy giving the victory sign.

4x16 Egg Grenade

  • 2013-09-16T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

Black Spy tries to sneak a grenade into White Spy's eggs by disguising it as an egg and hides into White Spy's oven, but White Spy breaks the grenade, shoves the "yoke" into the oven and blows up Black Spy to charcoal. Welcome back, White Spy!

4x17 White Spy's Fireworks

  • 2013-09-23T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy is testing his new rocket. Black Spy sees this, however, and ties White Spy to the rocket. It works and White Spy is rocketed into the air with the stars forming his likeness. Think Black Spy got his victory? Think again! The sparks rain down on Black Spy, literally burning him up, and White Spy gives the victory sign while parachuting in the sky. Salutations, spies!

4x18 Black Spy's Explosive Balloon

  • 2013-09-30T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy side-steps along a brick wall at Black Spy's HQ, and he sees Black Spy inflating a balloon with a helium air pump, and we see that the balloon is a black blimp balloon that says "Black Spy Rules!" White Spy tries to prove him wrong and uses a tranquilizer to pop the balloon, which reveals three bombs coming down on White Spy, blowing him to smithereens, and Black Spy claims his victory.

4x19 Black Spy's Dynamite Detonator

  • 2013-10-07T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy sneaks into Black Spy's house, steals his detonator, and tries to blow up Black Spy, but the detonator does not work. This is because Black Spy has a button on the "dynamite" that contains the real detonator which he pushes causing the real dynamite concealed inside of the "detonator" to blow White Spy to smithereens.

4x20 Drab Elevator

  • 2013-10-14T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy is waiting for the elevator to get Black Spy. White Spy waits for a long time until the elevator finally arrives and crushes White Spy, and Black Spy claims his victory.

4x21 Pumpkin Carving Contest

  • 2013-10-21T07:15:00-05:00 — 3 mins

White Spy carves a pumpkin in a pumpkin carving contest. Black Spy joins in and carves a perfect jack-o-lantern. White Spy then reveals that he has been carving a gun into his pumpkin all along and he shoots Black Spy with it. Congratulations, White Spy! You just won your first Halloween special!

4x22 Lightsaber Duel: Part 2

  • 2013-11-11T07:15:00-06:00 — 3 mins

Once again, White Spy and Black Spy engage in another lightsaber fight. Black Spy uses the force to corner White Spy and chop off his fist, but White Spy uses the force to control his severed fist and use it to beat up Black Spy. Well done, White Spy!

4x23 Magnetic Weight

  • 2013-11-18T07:15:00-06:00 — 3 mins

White Spy sees Black Spy through his telescope, where he is hammering something in the attic of his house. So, White Spy goes into Black Spy's house, and tries to open the door to the attic, but he realizes that the door to the attic is locked. White Spy sees a pair of dumbbells and a 500 lb. weight. So he thinks about him lifting dumbbells in his hands, and then he thinks about ripping the door to the attic off the hinges. White Spy then tries to lift the 500 lb. weight, when suddenly, the weight hits the ceiling along with White Spy so hard, knocking him out. It's because Black Spy uses a magnet attached to the car battery with wires, and Black Spy claims his victory.

4x24 Pilgrim vs. Indian: Part 2

  • 2013-11-25T07:15:00-06:00 — 3 mins

White Spy (as an indian) sneaks a dynamite stick into a loom basket and ignites it, but Black Spy (as a pilgrim) aims it towards White Spy so that he gets caught in the blast instead, and Black Spy claims his victory. Congratulations, Black Spy! You just won your first Thanksgiving special!

4x25 Big Top Secret Telescope

  • 2013-12-02T07:15:00-06:00 — 3 mins

We see Black Spy jumping over a brick wall, and he sees a big top secret telescope. He looks into the telescope and sees White Spy flying up and holding a sign that says, "Did you know you're looking through the barrel of a gun?" He throws away the sign and gets out a remote control and pushes the button on it, causing the telescope to turn into a giant gun. Black Spy screams in terror and gets fatally shot to smithereens, and White Spy claims his victory. Farewell, Black Spy and White Spy. We'll never forget you two.