Tense and mostly exciting, while being a bit too predictable at points. The only people who die are the background characters while our main cast get through things just fine, and by this point it's something we see coming from a mile away. The episode does make an effort to cover this up, though, because we've seen Muniz in several previous episodes (although, he would be easy to forget) and Sisko has a wonderful conversation with Dax at the end about how these were all people with their own interesting lives.

It does work well as a character piece. O'Brien loses a friend and butts head with Worf, and those scenes are quite strong, as well as their mending of bridges at the end. Sisko gets to show that he's too intelligent to let a Vorta get to him with mind tricks or sweet talk, plus he gives his crew a good talking to. The rock quarry used here is also a nice location visually.

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