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Star Trek: Picard: Season 2

2x08 Mercy


All Star Trek episodes and films in chronological order (Updated February 26, 2023)

2151: Enterprise: Broken BowEnterprise: Oasis (1→20)
2152: Enterprise: DetainedEnterprise: Judgment (21→45)
2153: Enterprise: HorizonEnterprise: Harbinger (46→67)
2154: Enterprise: HatcheryEnterprise: Bound (68→93)
2155: Enterprise: In a Mirror, DarklyEnterprise: Terra Prime (94→97)

2231: Short Treks: The Girl Who Made the Stars (98)

2239: Short Treks: The Brightest Star (99)

2254: Short Treks: Q&A & Star Trek: The Cage (100 & 101)

2256: Discovery: The Vulcan HelloDiscovery: Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad (102→109)
2257: Discovery: Si Vis Pacem, Para BellumDiscovery: Through the Valley of Shadows (110→131)
2258: Discovery: Such Sweet SorrowShort Treks: The Trouble with Edward (132→134)
2259: Strange New Worlds: Strange New WorldsStrange New Worlds: A Quality of Mercy (135→144)

2265: Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (145)
2266: Star Trek: The Corbomite ManeuverStar Trek: The Conscience of the King (146→156)
2267: Star Trek: The Galileo SevenStar Trek: The Deadly Years (157→184)
2268: Star Trek: I, MuddStar Trek: The Mark of Gideon (185→216)
2269: Star Trek: The Lights of ZetarThe Animated Series: Once Upon a Planet (217→239)
2270: The Animated Series: BemThe Animated Series: The Counter-Clock Incident (240→245)

2273: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (246)
2285: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan & Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (247 & 248)
2286: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (249)
2287: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (250)
2293: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country & Short Treks: Ephraim and Dot (251 & 252)

2364: The Next Generation: Encounter at FarpointThe Next Generation: The Neutral Zone (253→277)
2365: The Next Generation: The ChildThe Next Generation: Shades of Gray (278→299)
2366: The Next Generation: EvolutionThe Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds, Part II (300→326)
2367: The Next Generation: FamilyThe Next Generation: Redemption (327→351)
2368: The Next Generation: Redemption IIThe Next Generation: The Inner Light (352→376)
2369: The Next Generation: Time's ArrowDeep Space Nine: In the Hands of the Prophets (377→422)
2370: The Next Generation: DescentDeep Space Nine: The Jem'Hadar (423→476)

2371: Deep Space Nine: The Search, Part IVoyager: The 37's (477→523)
2372: Voyager: InitiationsDeep Space Nine: Broken Link (524→570)
2373: Voyager: Basics, Part IDeep Space Nine: Call to Arms (571→623)
2374: Voyager: ScorpionDeep Space Nine: Tears of the Prophets (624→676)
2375: Deep Space Nine: Image in the SandVoyager: Warhead (677→728)
2376: Voyager: EquinoxVoyager: Muse (729→752)
2377: Voyager: Life LineVoyager: Workforce, Part II (753→772)
2378: Voyager: Human ErrorVoyager: Endgame (773→781)
2379: Star Trek: Nemesis (782)

2380: Lower Decks: Second ContactLower Decks: No Small Parts (783→792)
2381: Lower Decks: Strange EnergiesLower Decks: The Stars at Night (793→812)

2383: Prodigy: Lost and FoundProdigy: A Moral Star, Part 1 (813→820)
2384: Prodigy: A Moral Star, Part 2Prodigy: Supernova, Part 2 (821→831)
2385: Star Trek & Short Treks: Children of Mars (832 & 833)

2399: Picard: RemembrancePicard: Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 (834→843)
2401: Picard: The Star GazerPicard: 310 (844→863)

3188: Discovery: That Hope Is You, Part 1 (864)
3189: Discovery: Far From HomeDiscovery: That Hope Is You, Part 2 (865→876)
3190: Discovery: Kobayashi MaruDiscovery: Coming Home (877→889)

4000s: Short Treks: Calypso (890)

If you want to watch the franchise in release order, go here:


This is a chronological watching order (by stardate) of all movies and series episodes of the Star Trek main timeline.


Shows and movies added individually by episode to track watch progress. Added in the order as covered by the Greatest Generation and the Greatest Trek podcasts.


Total Shows watched: 10

The Blacklist (2 Episodes): 3x13 - 3x14
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1 Episode): 1x04
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (133 Episodes): 8x10 - 8x17, 9x01 - 9x24, 10x01 - 10x23, 11x01 - 11x22, 12x01 - 12x22, 13x01 - 13x22, 14x01 - 14x12
CSI: Miami (1 Episode): 8x07
CSI: NY (2 Episodes): 6x07, 9x15
The Handmaid's Tale (4 Episodes): 3x01 - 3x04
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (1 Episode): 1x01
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (4 Episodes): 1x03 - 1x06
Star Trek: Picard (10 Episodes): 2x01 - 2x10
Star Trek: Voyager (12 Episodes): 4x15 - 4x26

Total Movies watched: 4

Furious 7
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
Thor: Love and Thunder


All appearances of the Borg (arguably the most exciting adversary in the franchise) in Star Trek.

Ranked by in-universe chronological order. Exception: Most of PIC S2 takes place in 2024 (time travel), but watching it first does not make much sense. In DS9 1x1 and 1x2 the Borg appear only in Flashbacks. In VOY 4x18 and 4x19 a photograph of a Borg is shown. In LDS 1x2, 1x9 and 2x8 the Borg appear only as holograms. In LDS 3x3 the Borg snake appears as a nightmare come to life.


Source for chronology:


When I watch something where the timeline of events are different from the official release order, I make a chronological list.

What is the "Modern Timeline"?

The Modern Star Trek Timeline started with Star Trek Enterprise - a show about an infant Starfleet and the birth of the Federation. But many details don't match up with what is already part of established Star Trek history. The biggest example being there was never an NX-class starship named Enterprise. These changes came about because of the alterations made to the timeline by Picard's Enterprise-E in Star Trek First Contact. That contamination and the presence of the Enterprise-E crew are referenced from time to time in Enterprise. Every Star Trek series produced since Enterprise has taken place in this new, modern timeline that feature many of the same characters and events, but is not quite the same.

  • The Short Trek episode "Ephraim and Dot" superimposes Modern Timeline elements onto Prime Timeline events so it is not on any list. If you want to watch it, it would fit before Enterprise's "These Are the Voyages..."
  • The Short Trek episode "Calypso" has been retconned by Discovery's 3rd season so it is not on any list. If you want to watch it, it would fit at the very end of the list.

For the original series of TV shows and movies, see my "Roddenberry Timeline" list. For the reboot movies, see my "Kelvin Timeline" list.


Shows and movies added individually by episode to track watch progress.