Once again, a TNG show that I just don't remember ever seeing before. It's almost like getting brand new episodes which is a treat, and unlike many of the episodes which I have forgotten/chosen to forget, this isn't bad at all. As is often the case it comes down to the strange thrill of seeing characters I know so well behaving so differently. This time it falters somewhat because Marina Sirtis can't act threatening at all, and Brent Spiner is always terrible whenever he needs to portray an emotional character - but it doesn't matter too much here because it feels like they're having fun.

I found the most interesting part to actually be the O'Brien/Keiko situation. It's funny that several years later in DS9 that almost exactly the same thing will happen to them but with their roles reversed.

I did have to sigh at the complete ineptitude of Ro and Geordi as they tried to trap the three entities. They waited ages with their targets in place before actually doing anything, ridiculous that they didn't have everything ready to go.

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