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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 1992 - 1993

  • 1992-09-22T01:00:00Z on Syndicated
  • 45 mins
  • 19 hours, 30 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mystery

In season six, the crew is faced with a familiar face from the past who insists that machines cannot replace human experience. This causes conflict in Data who questions his affiliation with the Enterprise vs. joining a powerful enemy in order to feel his first emotion. Worf begins a quest to find his father as a means to finally accept his Klingon heritage and to restore honor upon his family. As the journey continues through the galaxy, Picard is kidnapped by a rebel alien command and Riker takes on the role of Captain to free Picard and restore the Enterprise. To Riker’s surprise, an old enemy returns and offers assistance with Picard’s rescue. All finishing with the Enterprise facing its most shocking surprise.

26 episodes

6x01 Time's Arrow (2)

  • Season Premiere

    1992-09-22T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46001.3 - The away team's investigations are hampered by a nosy Samuel Clemens. Picard discovers that he originally met Guinan in the 1890s on Earth.

6x02 Realm of Fear

  • 1992-09-29T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46041.4 - Lt. Barclay's fear of using transporters is eerily justified when he sees bizarre aliens within the transporter beam.

6x03 Man of the People

  • 1992-10-06T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46071.6 - Deanna becomes attracted to an alien ambassador. Shortly thereafter, she starts ageing rapidly and starts becoming violent.

6x04 Relics

  • 1992-10-13T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46125.3 - Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott is discovered suspended in a transporter beam 75 years after he disappeared. After the Enterprise crew re-materialise him, he has a hard time adjusting to the new society.

6x05 Schisms

  • 1992-10-20T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46154.2 - Members of the crew are secretly abducted from the Enterprise to be used in bizarre experiments where they are dismembered and re-assembled without anyone's knowledge - including their own. The only signs that anything is wrong is a strange form of tiredness and no recollection of having slept well the night before.

6x06 True Q

  • 1992-10-27T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46192.3 - A young intern visiting the Enterprise captures the interest of Q when she starts displaying Q-like powers.

6x07 Rascals

  • 1992-11-03T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46235.7 - A transporter accident transforms Picard, Ro Laren, Guinan and Keiko O'Brien into small children who appear to be about 12 years old. Matters are complicated when the Ferengi seize the Enterprise.

6x08 A Fistful of Datas

  • 1992-11-10T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46271.5 - Worf and his son, Alexander, become trapped in the holodeck when their Wild West program malfunctions. However, they must find a way to defeat the holographic bandits who have Data's appearance and abilities.

6x09 The Quality of Life

  • 1992-11-17T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46315.2 - Data discovers that the maintance robots built by Dr. Farallon may have become sentient.

6x10 Chain of Command (1)

  • 1992-12-15T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46357.4 - Picard resigns as Captain of the Enterprise to lead a top-secret espionage mission into Cardassia with Worf and Dr. Crusher.

6x11 Chain of Command (2)

  • 1992-12-22T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46360.8 - Picard is captured and tortured by the Cardassians, while Riker tries to prevent a Federation attack on Cardassia.

6x12 Ship in a Bottle

  • 1993-01-26T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46424.1 - While performing holodeck maintenance, Barclay accesses the stored hologram of Professor Moriarty, who wreaks havoc on board the Enterprise.

6x13 Aquiel

  • 1993-02-02T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46461.3 - Geordie falls in love with a lieutenant who is the prime suspect in a murder case.

6x14 Face of the Enemy

  • 1993-02-09T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46519.1 - Troi is abducted and surgically altered by the Romulans as part of a ploy to smuggle intelligence operatives into the Federation.

6x15 Tapestry

  • 1993-02-16T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: Unknown - A mortally wounded Picard is forced into re-living a time of his life when he was back in Starfleet Academy, with the intervention of Q.

6x16 Birthright (1)

  • 1993-02-23T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46578.4 - While visiting Deep Space Nine, Worf learns that his father is still alive and being held captive in a secret Romulan prison camp.

6x17 Birthright (2)

  • 1993-03-02T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46759.2 - Worf is captured by the Romulans where he learns why the other captives did not attempt an escape years before.

6x18 Starship Mine

  • 1993-03-30T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46682.4 - The crew evacuates the Enterprise when the ship needs to be cleaned of particles that have built up over the ship's hull. However, Picard accidentally stumbles over a terrorist group who plan on destroying the ship. He only has a short time to stop their attempts before the ship is swept by a beam of radiation to remove the particles that is lethal to all forms of life.

6x19 Lessons

  • 1993-04-06T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46693.1 - Picard must choose between love and command when he must make a decision that could place the woman he loves in a potentially deadly and high-risk mission.

6x20 The Chase

  • 1993-04-27T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46731.5 - Picard's old archaeology professor is found murdered, the crew try to complete his research. Soon, the crew must compete with Romulans and Klingons and Cardassians to uncover the truth behind his discoveries.

6x21 Frame of Mind

  • 1993-05-04T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46778.1 - Riker questions his sanity when his reality seems to shift between an alien psychiatric hospital and a play he is performing with other members of the crew.

6x22 Suspicions

  • 1993-05-11T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46830.1 - Dr. Crusher puts her career on the line when she tries to clear the name of a murdered scientist whose invention could allow starships to pass through a sun's corona.

6x23 Rightful Heir

  • 1993-05-18T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46852.2 - While on a quest to summon a vision of Kahless, Worf questions his faith when the real Kahless rises from the dead to lead the Empire.

6x24 Second Chances

  • 1993-05-25T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46915.2 - Riker discovers that eight years ago, an exact clone of him was created when he beamed through a planet's surface while returning to his starship. This clone, named Thomas Riker, has secretly remained on the planet for the past eight years, and still has romantic feelings for Troi.

6x25 Timescape

  • 1993-06-15T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46944.2 - Picard, Geordi, Troi and Data return from a Federation conference to find the Enterprise frozen in time and under attack from a frozen Romulan Warbird.

6x26 Descent (1)

  • 1993-06-22T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Stardate: 46982.1 - The Borg return to threaten the Federation under the new leadership of Lore. Data experiences a disturbing facet of human emotions - he feels pleasure after killing a Borg drone.