If ever proof was needed that Star Trek episodes with featured guest characters only work if the actor in the role is good, here it is. Fionnula Flanagan absolutely steals this as Juliana Tainer and makes what is otherwise a bit of a flat episodes much more interesting. The background plot about needing to fix the planet's core is absolute pants and feels like something the show has done 3 or 4 times before, but the scenes with Juliana and Data are just mesmerising.

In fact, it feels like the rest of the main cast barely feature in this. Flanagan gives an emotional performance in a well written part, and there's constant doubt for us as to whether or not she's being truthful. The late revelations in the episode are surprising and the decision Data finally has to make is certainly a difficult one.

For all that, I can't really love it because everything else about it is just so bad.

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Kinda touching episode. It's always nice to get more information about Data.

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