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Star Trek: Season 1

1x06 Mudd's Women

My first taste of how bad the original Star Trek can be. The casual sexism of the 1960s is front and centre, but this episode has the added problem of being quite boring and very silly.

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A most annoying emotional episode

Well said, Mr. Spock. Indeed it was. And sooo full of plot holes...

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One of my least favourite episodes. I just don’t like the character Mudd

It’s purely a way to illustrate the beauty of the women I know, but, the notion that 3 women have such a hold over ‘most’ men they meet is hilarious.

Of course, as with most things, they turn out to be enhanced and far from natural.

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A good episode, but some content issues kept it from being what it could have been.

Content Concerns: The episode revolves around three lovely ladies who use alien drugs to enhance their loveliness. All of the male crew members are infatuated with the ladies, and their wardrobe is a bit sultry, though mild by today's standards. Profanity includes two uses of the "J.A." word and one d-word. Some guys get into a fight.

Score: 3.5/5

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