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Steven Universe

Season 2 2015 - 2016

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  • 2015-03-13T23:30:00Z on Cartoon Network
  • 10 mins
  • 5 hours, 19 mins (29 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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29 episodes

2x01 Full Disclosure

  • Season Premiere

    2015-03-13T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven tries to avoid Connie so he doesn't have to tell her about his most harrowing adventure.

2x02 Open Book

  • 2015-03-19T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven and Connie want a new ending to a beloved book series, so Steven takes them into Rose's Room to re-enact it.

2x03 Joy Ride

  • 2015-03-26T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Buck, Jenny and Sour Cream take Steven out on a late-night joyride to lift his spirits.

2x04 Say Uncle

  • 2015-04-02T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven meets Uncle Grandpa

2x05 Story for Steven

  • 2015-04-09T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Greg tells Steven the story when he first met Rose Quartz.

2x06 Shirt Club

  • 2015-04-16T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven and Buck Dewey make t-shirts together.

2x07 Love Letters

  • 2015-04-23T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven and Connie help Jamie the mailman with love

2x08 Reformed

  • 2015-04-30T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven, Amethyst and Garnet chase a corrupted gem monster through the Temple.

2x09 Sworn to the Sword

  • 2015-06-15T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Pearl teaches Connie how to sword fight on Steven's request but it doesn't go quite as planned.

Ronaldo investigates the Crystal Gems for a web documentary for his "Keep Beach City Weird" blog.

2x11 Keeping it Together

  • 2015-06-17T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven and Crystal Gems revisit Kindergarten and find a dark secret.

2x12 We Need to Talk

  • 2015-06-18T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

After witnessing Steven and Connie fuse again, Greg explains how he learned of gem fusion from his time with Rose, hoping to pull it off himself in order to grow closer to her.

2x13 Chille Tid

  • 2015-06-19T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Garnet has Pearl and Amethyst accompany Steven, exhausted from a night spent searching for Malachite in the ocean with the Gems, in the temple for a slumber party. However, Steven is rattled by recurring dreams of Lapis.

2x14 Cry for Help

  • 2015-07-13T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven's favorite TV show gets interrupted by a magical disturbance.

2x15 Keystone Motel

  • 2015-07-14T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

While visiting an out-of-state motel with Steven and Greg, Garnet's frustration with Pearl's actions causes her to split up into Ruby and Sapphire again.

2x16 Onion Friend

  • 2015-07-15T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Amethyst rekindles a friendship with Onion's mother, Vidalia, while Onion shows Steven around his room.

2x17 Historical Friction

  • 2015-07-16T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven is asked by Jamie to participate in a play funded by Mayor Dewey about his ancestor, with Pearl stepping in to provide a more historically accurate script.

2x18 Friend Ship

  • 2015-07-17T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

After recent events, Pearl is devoted to redeeming herself by catching Peridot through her broken escape pod.

2x19 Nightmare Hospital

  • 2015-09-10T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven and Connie sneak into a hospital to recover Rose's sword from Connie's mother.

2x20 Sadie's Song

  • 2015-09-17T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven helps Sadie with an act for Beach-a-Palooza.

2x21 Catch and Release

  • 2015-09-24T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

The Crystal Gems capture Peridot, but Steven suspects she knows something and lets her live in his bathroom.

2x22 When It Rains

  • 2015-10-01T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

A friend of Steven's is afraid of thunderstorms and he tries to help them.

2x23 Back to the Barn

  • 2015-10-08T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven, Peridot and the Gems return to the family barn to build a large machine.

2x24 Too Far

  • 2015-10-15T23:30:00Z — 11 mins

Tension rises between Peridot and Amethyst when Peridot unintentionally insults Amethyst.

2x25 The Answer

  • 2016-01-05T00:30:00Z — 11 mins

Garnet finally tells Steven the story of how she came to be a Crystal Gem.

2x26 Steven's Birthday

  • 2016-01-06T00:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven has a birthday party out at the barn, and decides he has some growing up to do.

2x27 It Could've Been Great

  • 2016-01-07T00:30:00Z — 11 mins

The Gems take a trip to the moon.

2x28 Message Received

  • 2016-01-08T00:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven has doubts believing in someone.

2x29 Log Date 7 15 2

  • 2016-01-09T00:30:00Z — 11 mins

Steven sneaks a listen to a friend's audio diary.

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