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Story of Pollyanna, Girl of Love

All Episodes 1986

  • Ended
  • Fuji TV
  • 1986-01-04T19:00:00-05:00
  • 30 mins
  • 1 day, 1 hour, 30 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Anime, Drama
Pollyanna is an active and cheerful American girl. After her father dies, she moves from a little town in the Midwest to the East, where her aunt lives. She is Pollyanna's only living relative, but is a very cold and self-centered woman. Despite her adverse circumstances, Pollyanna is always positive and brings happiness to everyone around her.

51 episodes

1x01 The Little Church Girl

  • Series Premiere

    1986-01-05T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

The story begins with our tomboyish heroine Pollyanna Whittier eager to seize the day without a care in the world as usual with her companion chipmunk -- this time with a foot race to the crest of a nearby hill. As could be predicted from the acclivity course, Pollyanna is not prepared for the subsequent declivity at whose nadir grows a group of flowers that helps to mitigate the damage from the rough landing; an impromptu tribute offering to Pollyanna's late mother Jennie gives way to Pollyanna's father Pastor John Whittier summoning his daughter for breakfast complete with an innovative example of his chosen style of family government. The itinerary for the day has as its central feature the Pastor presiding over a meeting of the community group known as Ladies' Aid over a budgetary matter -- if the Pastor's thrombosis will behave for the duration of the meeting; thinking that she can help ensure smooth sailing, Pollyanna decides to peer in on the meeting only to find that one of the Lady Aides is not keen on live audiences!!! Pollyanna races off to rendezvous with her best friend Karen -- and into a lengthy harangue courtesy of Mrs. White that starts with the eavesdropping and deteriorates into a marital dispute of random destructive criticism that ultimately cares nothing of Pollyanna's concern for the Pastor's health nor the ice cream with which Mr. White greets Pollyanna; later that evening, the Pastor interjects his perspective on Pollyanna's frustration and has his daughter's greatest anxiety visited unto him.

1x02 Don't Die, Father!

  • 1986-01-12T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Alerted to her father's cardiac distress by Chipmunk, Pollyanna's guilty reverie about not having been able to intercede earlier becomes the preamble for Mrs. White to demonstrate the veracity of the Pastor's sage counsel in response to Pollyanna's earlier frustration; galvanized by the novel insight and Mrs. White's encouragement to not blame herself, Pollyanna eagerly rises to the challenge of administrating Whittier-ke so that the Pastor can recuperate without any worries; unfortunately for all parties involved, the Pastor's health has not improved any even with Pollyanna's optimistic TLC catalyzed by the counsel and assistance of the Lady Aides. Karen recounting how she recovered from a cold much faster when she had access to her favorite food prompts Pollyanna to prosecute that very enterprise much to the anxious dismay of the Pastor and Mrs. White as there is a man-eating bear in the forest whose ravenous chase drives the two girls over a cliff to a ledge where the requisite strawberries are growing; the endemic parental scolding resolved, the dangerous gambit pays off when the Pastor's condition starts to improve. Pollyanna's courage and the Pastor's appreciation thereof is ultimately cold comfort to the whole episode of protracted downtime having driven home the proximity of the Pastor's depot destination when a black dress is discovered among the donated clothes; sure enough, the Pastor's coronary calamity has progressed to the point where the Pastor has just enough time to have Mr. White initiate his final arrangements and impart his concluding counsel for Pollyanna prior to his expiration.

1x03 The Hymn on Top of the Hill

  • 1986-01-19T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Even with the carcass that was once John Whittier having been buried next to Jennie Harrington-Whittier along with the funeral service to confer some final dignity on the Pastor in the eyes of the community, it does not make up for the fact that Pollyanna is an absolute train wreck as she is now charged with computing an apparatus to move forward with her new life as an orphan. Mrs. White tries to do what she can to comfort Pollyanna while Mr. White and Pastor Carr discuss Pastor Whittier's final arrangements regarding what to do with Pollyanna who decides for interjecting an iconoclastic contribution to the concourse when Chipmunk tries to entertain her in his own way that prompts Mrs. White to take Pollyanna into her home and generally become quite fond of the happy-go-lucky little girl. Pastor Whittier's volition for Pollyanna being sent to reside with Polly Harrington in Beldingsville as a sort of peace offering, Pollyanna having limited data about Beldingsville but signalling an interest in visiting there when she grows up, Polly having shown no interest in her niece . . . the frustrating conundrum ignites a vivacious adversarial divergent concourse between Mr. and Mrs. White who decide for writing a letter to Polly in a bid to offer her the choice of administrating over Pollyanna's childhood development; needless to say, this exhortation does not make Polly's day!!! Fortunately for Pollyanna, Polly does have some honorable compassion that is slightly greater than her volition for the perpetuation of the long-standing quiescent homeostasis as she replies for housing Pollyanna after having Nancy prepare a room in the attic. Galvanized by the data of having an aunt that is willing to take her in, Pollyanna has a dangerous opportunity before her with hefty stakes as she ultimately has to compute whether to stay or go; while Mr. and Mrs. White are both willing to support her either way, Pollyanna just might end up having bought a pig in a poke once she arrives in Beldingsville!!!

1x04 Heading to the Unknown Town

  • 1986-01-26T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Pollyanna completing her train ride to Beldingsville quickly gives way to a snapshot of how Polly Harrington administrates her household as she objurgates Nancy for a minor mistake that insults her unrealistic expectations of the ideal homeostasis; while this is easily rectified, Nancy continuing to fume at the orders she has been made to comply prompts the gardener Tom Peyson to explain Nancy about how Harrington-ke has blackballed John Whittier as a pariah. Tom advises Nancy against walking away in disgust since Pollyanna is going to need at least one ally that can intercede for her against Polly's persecution; the carriage now prepared for travel, Timothy setting course toward the train station with Nancy in tow prompts Tom to remark that about how Pollyanna will make for quite an adventure . . . an adventure that starts with the newly arrived Pollyanna mistaking Nancy for her aunt -- jubilant flying bear hug, talking a mile a minute, and all!!! Pollyanna is astonished to find that her jubilant flying bear hug and her proclivity for being a chatterbox are ultimately perverted to her detriment as her greatest liabilities when Polly makes her aversion for any mention of John Whittier quite clear along with Pollyanna's glad game as she is being led to her room in the attic; upon seeing the austere room, Pollyanna is inundated with the anguish of buyer's remorse as she begins to weep profusely.

1x05 Nancy's Promise

  • 1986-02-02T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Pollyanna is still reeling from what seems to be a harsh lesson of caveat emptor when Timothy's failure to actively monitor Chipmunk prompts the small rodent to decide for reconnaissance rather than confinement; while Chipmunk is learning the lay of the land, Nancy is concerned about Pollyanna when she arrives to catalyze the child unpacking her payload which becomes an impromptu tutorial in The Game to focus on the pleasant side of common real-life circumstances before the anguish of how Polly is behaving toward her niece builds to where she can no longer contain herself before being summoned away. Forgetting all about the scheduled evening meal and the huge circus her sudden absence causes back at Harrington-ke, Pollyanna chases after Chipmunk to a nearby hill with a pine tree growing from a rock trying to reconcile herself to the reality that John Whittier is truly gone before the distraught Nancy conscripts her into prosecuting a home commute whose feature presentation is that Chipmunk has ultimately found himself a new home where he will not be underfoot while Nancy resolves to do her best to compensate for Polly's frigid modus operandi toward Pollyanna who introduced her to The Game; however, what gets lost in the shuffle is the fact that Polly is not exactly an evil woman . . . it is just that Polly does not understand how to prosecute productive and constructive family government not unlike what her sister and her husband have practiced with Pollyanna.

1x06 The Commotion with New Clothes

  • 1986-02-09T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

After the adventure Pollyanna and Chipmunk prosecuted to find a new diurnal contemplation spot along with a new place to sleep that keeps the latter from being underfoot so that the former stays out of hot water, a brand-new beautiful day begins that prompts Pollyanna to marvel at the scenery when she sees Polly make her way over to a flower garden where Tom allows her to isolate a few roses; delighted with the insight that her aunt is not merely a Lady Aide emulation, Pollyanna races onto the scene to visit unto Polly a jubilant flying bear hug that flusters the aristocrat into making a hasty departure. Tom has quite a prologue with Harrington-ke but only has a few minutes to hydroplane across its vast scope before Nancy delivers an austere objurgation as she leads Pollyanna away to breakfast where a couple of flies have invited themselves on a tour of the house much to Polly's disgust that causes Nancy to be charged the flies' extermination; while she fumes at Pollyanna having once again perverted a punitive exercise to her detriment, Polly demonstrates signs of a perennial and cumbersome deviant diagnostic that manifests itself in times of distress such as the comments that Pollyanna makes . . . and definitely Pollyanna's childish but benign antics during the afternoon shopping trip to upgrade her wardrobe at whose conclusion Chipmunk greets Pollyanna upon her return!!! Pollyanna is not thrilled to learn that her local responsibilities will ultimately be of quite a broad scope if Polly's emphasis on duty has anything to say about it -- a scope that extends to such things as the free-form leisure time that Pollyanna considers sacred; unwilling to sleep in a sweltering bedroom or to break the promise to her aunt, Pollyanna decides upon an iconoclastic vehicle for conducting her duty that has Polly in quite a panic of being home-invaded.

1x07 Happy Punishment

  • 1986-02-16T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Tom and Timothy are quite surprised -- and relieved -- that the intruder is only Pollyanna wanting to comfortably catch forty winks under the stars atop the sun parlor; dividing her energies between indignation at having been wielded in a skit of childish crass comedy and maternal anxiety for her niece's safety, Polly is astounded at how Pollyanna complies her orders to re-enter the house as she declares that Pollyanna will be sleeping in her bedroom until the screens for the windows have been installed . . . only for Pollyanna to end up claiming Polly's whole bed for herself!!! The next morning is rife with laughter as Nancy compares notes with Mrs. Durgin about last night's incident along with Polly scolding Pollyanna for incessant chatter during breakfast before the mirth gives way to concern that Polly could intensify her austerity curriculum to the point where even Pollyanna's spirit would be crushed; as if to further clarify this volition, Polly charges Nancy the importation of the newly arrived apparel to Pollyanna's room in the attic while making it clear that it is to be the wardrobe rather than a mere amendment along with reminding Pollyanna of her daily lessons. Pollyanna isolates her pink shirt and maroon overalls from her old wardrobe prior to racing downstairs to rendezvous with Polly whose exhortation is that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland be read aloud as a means to appraise and ameliorate the scope of her vocabulary and pronunciation; as has been previously demonstrated, reading the book aloud is the last thing on Pollyanna's mind as Pollyanna's incessant chatter perverts the language arts lesson to Polly's detriment while demonstrating the wisdom of the proverb Silence is golden as Polly storms away after she advises Pollyanna about why the word assume is spelled the way it is regarding the parallels drawn between Jennie and herself. Nancy and Timothy comparing notes about Pollyanna's plight and chances of survival gives way to Pollyanna ultimately finding her big break in a compassionate piano teacher that successfully argues her case against being forced to study against her will; her sacred playtime now secured, Pollyanna repulses the playful derision of the first child she encounters during her stay in Beldingsville -- a boy named Jimmy Bean.

1x08 The Mysterious Gentleman

  • 1986-02-23T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

A culinary lesson one Wednesday morning with Nancy sets the stage for Pollyanna to contrast the instruction techniques of Nancy versus the Lady Aides' in her former town along with exclaiming the immense euphoria of having found her groove with the diurnal lessons Polly has charged her; while Nancy is wholeheartedly celebrating the ironic humor of how her boss has had to see past Pollyanna's quirks, Polly is reflecting on what perspective to assume of her niece as she renews her resolve -- an attribute thereof her personal observation of the piano lessons much to Chipmunk's anxiety. Pollyanna has already inspired some analytical expository concourse among the townspeople from her habit of greeting them as she wanders around the town; if that is not enough, Pollyanna encounters the reclusive miser John Pendleton walking through town with his dog Talim who combines efforts with his master to unequivocally repel her friendly overtures!!! After some nocturnal computation about that engagement, Pollyanna reasons that John has probably led a lonesome life defined by protracted periods of having nobody to rely on for company mixed with a few incidences of dealing with the aftermath of treachery of ill-intentioned people that had approached him as a friend -- hence the frigid and hostile repulsion. Galvanized by her slightly better fortunes with the Miser on a rainy day, Pollyanna decides for greeting the Miser at every engagement as a side project concurrent with trying to befriend Jimmy who is gradually showing show some signs of warming up to her; unfortunately, Pollyanna's perseverance over the next ten days only serves to frustrate the Miser into blowing his stack -- and demonstrating that he has as much of a gold heart as a stone face. Upon concluding her home commute from an errand, Pollyanna ultimately finds that she is the only one who thinks of this milestone as a cause cèlèbre when Timothy and Nancy explain her John Pendleton's prologue having a dark cloud about it in a bid to scare the confused child away from her excavation efforts which they fear could become dangerous; while she is successful in locating the Miser's house in the forest, Pollyanna is so terrified by the journey that she flees back to Harrington-ke in a panic.

1x09 I Can't Leave You Alone!

  • 1986-03-02T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Searching for food and staying off the menu of a hungry predator is quite an ongoing adventure for Chipmunk; what he does not realize is that Pollyanna is about to embark upon an exciting adventure which precludes his participation. Pollyanna signalling an interest toward being a humanitarian emissary to the infirm Mrs. Snow takes Polly by surprise when she recalls Nancy's aversion for the task; upon Pollyanna affirming it as her independent volition, Polly gives the green light upon the completion of the piano lessons while wondering to herself what kind of child her niece is. Payload safely in hand and galvanized by some last-minute sage counsel, Pollyanna sets off on her way towards Mrs. Snow's house after she briefly pauses to acknowledge Chipmunk's disappointment at not being allowed along for the journey which becomes the forum for demonstrating the element of hypocrisy in Beldingsville when Jimmy is summarily repulsed onto the street like a heap of refuse for no other reason than offering to work for food only for nobody to approach him immediately thereafter to at least learn the deviant diagnostic; while Jimmy is not exactly appreciative of the concern driving her to inquire him his status as he is dusting himself off, Pollyanna takes it in stride as she continues her commute to Snow-ke. Mrs. Snow's daughter Milly leads Pollyanna inside to the room where her mother has the curtains closed as she is sitting up in bed; intrigued at how Pollyanna has taken her eccentricity in stride, Mrs. Snow's ensuing exhortation of Pollyanna illuminates part of her deviant diagnostic much to Milly's surprise when Pollyanna prosecutes her home commute!!! Pollyanna is ultimately in for quite a shock when she learns that Jimmy is also an orphan like she is and is having a rough time establishing some kind of micro-economy to take responsibility for himself; recalling the earlier encounter and seeing that Jimmy's angling is going nowhere as there are no fish, Pollyanna firmly decides to bail Jimmy her family government as she leads the way back to Harrington-ke -- with Jimmy as a new friend.

1x10 I Have to Do Something!

  • 1986-03-09T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

A brief stopover a short distance away from where Harrington-ke is clearly visible becomes the forum for Pollyanna to once again assure Jimmy that her family government is the solution to his housing problem -- a perspective bolstered by Tom who is interested to see if Polly will cooperate with her niece's philanthropic volition the way she did with her big sister as a child. What actually happens next is a syllabus detailing the aggregate character of Beldingsville and its Lady Aides whose population includes Polly Harrington herself . . . they will not recognize that everybody, including themselves, is a diamond in the rough that could benefit from some polishing. After she recovers herself from Pollyanna breaking the news to her, Polly makes it very clear that she will not exert the effort to maintain Jimmy as her ward in spite of having the micro-economy to easily do so complete with a warning that she will discard Pollyanna with the rubbish she brings home at next infraction; while Pollyanna is in anguish over her aunt's hostile reaction, Tom takes a moment to give Jimmy an adhesive bandage. Drawing on her prologue with the Lady Aides in her previous hometown, Pollyanna decides to exhort housing from the Beldingsville Lady Aides upon having it explained that Polly has suddenly decided to sit out the meeting because Jimmy's outburst has ultimately hit very close to home; while this predictably falls flat much to Pollyanna's chagrin, Talim comes racing around the two kids as the emissary of a dangerous opportunity that could crest the housing mountain!!!

1x11 In Pendleton Woods

  • 1986-03-16T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Talim continuing to bark as he circles around the two kids before dashing away a short distance convinces Pollyanna of the canine's intention to import assistance for his master; a brief divergent concourse with Jimmy over the merits of this gives way to Pollyanna deciding escort company. It seems that the miser John Pendleton has made a faux pas from a rock ledge with a broken leg as the salary and now needs Pollyanna to summon a doctor using one of the telephones in the house . . . while she definitely has a heart of gold, Pollyanna has no idea of the huge adventure in store for her as she prosecutes this intercession by racing off with Chipmunk to solicit the assistance of the Miser's housekeeper Ezra!!! Nancy and Timothy's counsel about the Miser's skeleton in the closet continues to pollute her computations as Pollyanna stumbles and wanders her way through the house for the necessary telephone to summon the doctor; the requisite contact now at hand, Pollyanna is in for another surprise when she summons Thomas Chilton to explain him the Miser's distress only for Ezra to intercept her as she is about to initiate her return commute. The turnaround time for Dr. Chilton's arrival ultimately becomes the backdrop for Pollyanna to reaffirm her initial perspective of Mr. Pendleton upon seeing he treats Talim as she has the Miser rest his head in her lap while commiserating his plight; if being commended for successfully thawing out the Miser is not enough, Pollyanna is astounded that she has developed quite a following among the Beldingsville townsfolk!!!

1x12 A Surprise for Mrs. Snow

  • 1986-03-23T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

There is not a single philanthropist in the world that has not had demonstrated the principle of No good deed goes unpunished at least once . . . and Pollyanna is no exception as she races home in a bid to avoid the turbulent family government endemic with not complying her aunt's schedule only for Chipmunk to have a difficult time keeping up -- a deviant diagnostic considering how much faster the little rodent usually accelerates into a sprint. Upon completing her home commute, Pollyanna is surprised to learn that Polly is not home because she is in Boston attending a relative's funeral -- a euphoric opportunity to relax and goof off if one callously ignores the circumstances which brought it about -- before Nancy guides Pollyanna to her dinner. The next morning greets Jimmy receiving a lot of wooden planks from Tom and deciding to transport it by his own strength to his chosen locale in Pendleton Woods -- the latter making for rather cumbersome crass comedy when Pollyanna catalyzes the process along with beginning construction of the tree-house with Jimmy. Unfortunately for Jimmy, Pollyanna is not able to stay long before she has to stop over for lunch prior to prosecuting a visit to Mrs. Snow estimated to be a quick in-and-out operation that will have her home in time for her afternoon piano lessons without getting into hot water with her aunt. Pollyanna's collaborative curriculum with Nancy having successfully nullified Mrs. Snow's capriciousness along with Pollyanna explaining Mrs. Snow the prologue behind the Glad Game ultimately has one very serious flaw -- the early return of a very angry Polly; still, Polly's fiery glare of frustration she tries to compute who to eviscerate first for circumventing the established diurnal homeostasis in her absence is quite tame compared to the anguish of Pollyanna discovering that Chipmunk is nowhere to be found!!!

1x13 Aunt Polly's Pity

  • 1986-03-13T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Pollyanna feels horrible for not detecting the deviant diagnostic with Chipmunk as she frantically searches for the little rodent which she fears has taken damage as he sulks to signal his displeasure at being lost in the lurch; commiserating Pollyanna's plight, the servants and staff decide to form a search party and fan out for Chipmunk. Elated at Jimmy's agreement to aid in the search, Pollyanna remembers that the hill visible from her attic bedroom has many parallels to the hill in her former hometown; therefore, if Chipmunk has made that very conclusion, he will probably be sulking there. Much to the anguish of poor Pollyanna, that well-compiled logic yields no results . . . as does Nancy's efforts to explain the annoyed Polly the rationale behind all the ruckus only to be ordered to prepare dinner as scheduled; after seeing a glimpse of Polly's former human sympathy, Tom rushes off to tell Pollyanna that he has located Chipmunk but that the rodent is infirm -- the data to resolve Timothy is searching for. It seems that keeping Chipmunk outside made for good politics with Polly but is a physiological assault on the poor rodent because of the different climate and environment in Beldingsville; while the subsequent malady is relatively minor and is thus quite reversible, Pollyanna's declaration of medical proximity to Chipmunk prompts all the servants to take turns shielding the child from the rain. Already quite frustrated at how Polly's heartlessness is necessitating the whole hullabaloo and seeing that there will be no winners regardless of whether anybody challenges Pollyanna's bedside vigil as Chipmunk recuperates outside, Nancy ultimately decides to go for broke in one final bid to get Polly to see reason; Chipmunk now safely indoors, Pollyanna rushing in to visit her gratitude unto Polly ignites some memories that the aristocrat has been repressed over the previous decade of solitude that are really precious.

1x14 Memories of the Hand Mirror

  • 1986-04-06T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Chipmunk's nearly overnight recovery once he is allowed inside the house inspires Nancy and Mrs. Durgin to remark about how much happier their lives are because of Pollyanna's arrival before the two ladies prosecute speculative analytical concourse over how Polly's metamorphosis into her current state could have been avoided before Polly summoning Nancy forces the relegation of the question as to the identity of Polly's paramour along with its apparent deleterious effect. Upon Nancy explaining that a certain shawl is in the attic, Polly sets course for the attic to retrieve it before Pollyanna intercepts her and leads her through an impromptu demonstration of how she has made the best of the attic bedroom. Pollyanna reaching for the hand mirror that belonged to her mother Jennie drives home the dysfunction of the homeostasis that Polly has led everybody through over the past decade as evidenced by an incidence two decades ago of Polly admiring herself in the mirror when Jennie comes home with a stray dog intending to refurbish the canine; Jennie's impassioned retrieval attempts become the backdrop for defining the mirror's prologue while also demonstrating Jennie's optimistic perspective on life. Now hit very close to home, Polly wordlessly leaves the confused Pollyanna to her anguish in the attic room as she recalls her recent prologue starting from Jennie having moved west with John Whittier as her husband; in a bid to forestall the emphatic epilogue visited unto her childhood nuclear family, Polly decided for the decade of solitude that Pollyanna's arrival has now broken and begins to finally acknowledge the many parallels her niece has with her older sister Jennie. Once the euphoria of getting a new bedroom has subsided, the epilogue of John Pendleton ultimately comes to the forefront when Pollyanna signals an interest in delivering the potato gratin to the old miser while appraising his status; even as she defeats Polly's baseless objections and promises to obfuscate the source, Ezra is under ill-informed and ill-considered orders to repulse all visitors -- including Pollyanna Whittier!!!

1x15 The Mysterious Tonic?

  • 1986-04-13T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

After recovering herself from Ezra's decree of course reversal for all visitors, Pollyanna tries to explain her altruistic volition before Dr. Chilton intercedes on Pollyanna's behalf and leads her inside -- the sequence thereafter suggesting the presence of an indirectly linked collaborative prologue -- before Dr. Chilton directs one of his nurses Harold to lead Pollyanna to the Miser who is not quite ready to openly show his delight at Pollyanna's arrival and is fuming about being bedridden with a broken leg. Upon seeing the Miser prosecute a resounding belly laugh in response to Pollyanna's perspective of doomsday, Harold rushes downstairs to relay his observations to Dr. Chilton who describes Pollyanna's genetic prologue while likening her optimism to a mysterious tonic that could put him out of business; while the two men have a hearty laugh, Pollyanna divides her energies between exhorting the Miser for sampling the gratin that she brought with her and sharing her perspective of being stuck in bed as not being all bad but soon finds that she has really stepped in it when she refers to Ezra and Dr. Chilton as assets to celebrate along with letting the cat out of the bag about her relationship with Polly Harrington to the point where it is obvious about where the gratin came from. Pollyanna racing off with Chipmunk to appraise Jimmy's construction efforts obfuscates the very tense and awkward conversation Dr. Chilton is ultimately forced to prosecute with the Miser that suggests that there is an intricate and inflammable prologue of anguish spanning the last decade involving Pendleton-ke and Harrington-ke; while relieved to have explained that the Miser is merely frustrated by his unrealistic expectations about his recuperation, poor Jimmy is left holding the bag . . . or basket in this case . . . when Pollyanna decides for a carriage ride with Dr. Chilton!!!

1x16 Don't Be Angry, Aunt Polly

  • 1986-04-20T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Oblivious to Jimmy fuming at being snubbed as he pushes himself to his feet, Pollyanna is in seventh heaven as Dr. Chilton transports her back to Harrington-ke -- the basket she left behind an avatar of her promised return to catalyze the construction of his house; after a vivacious expository concourse that forms a strong bond, Dr. Chilton drops off Pollyanna who accidentally spills the beans about the gratin's origins much to Polly's consternation. Chipmunk's antics convince Pollyanna of the futility endemic with analyzing for her error while reconciling herself to the reality that she no longer has to sleep in the attic; while Jimmy is quick to see past her human fallibility after three days of helping him, Pollyanna finds that the rainstorm outside does not extinguish the dystopian reality of Polly arriving home from a Ladies Aid meeting literally madder than a wet hen because of her earlier entreaty of housing to the Lady Aides on Jimmy's behalf!!! A session of dextrous hair styling ultimately becomes the backdrop for Pollyanna to demonstrate her generally well-meaning intentions while Polly reflects upon her prologue where the pride she took in herself as a woman was catalyzed in no small part by a male paramour; unfortunately for Pollyanna, Dr. Chilton's arrival in search of Pollyanna to assist with Mr. Pendleton reignites Polly's fury at Pollyanna whose scope is far greater than Pollyanna's entreaty to the Lady Aides and suggests a very raw prologue of anguish between Polly Harrington and Thomas Chilton.

1x17 I Really Love Dr. Chilton!

  • 1986-04-27T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Little time has to pass before it is demonstrated that Thomas Chilton did not build his medical career through mere serendipity when he detects and inquires the deviant diagnostic that has Pollyanna so dejected before offering some counsel to avoid further inflaming matters; while Dr. Chilton and Pollyanna are prosecuting their journey in silence, poor Harold and poor Talim are having the dystopian epilogue of proximity to a very impatient John Pendleton visited unto them!!! Fortunately, Pollyanna's arrival sets aloft Mr. Pendleton's spirits enough for the miser to acknowledge his human fallibility for his conduct last engagement and commiserate the stormy family government that greeted Pollyanna at home; while the Miser leads Pollyanna through an exhibition of some mementos from his travels, Tom and Mrs. Durgin prosecute an analytical divergent concourse regarding Thomas Chilton's character and whether Polly is going to recover from the accidental exposure. Seeing Pollyanna admire the treasure trove of antiques gained from his globetrotting prompts Mr. Pendleton to explain Pollyanna his prologue of there being a time when everything in Beldingsville was too much for him which prompted four years of globetrotting and a decade of solitude from everyone save Thomas Chilton who realized that a catalyst was needed to prevent two lost decades from becoming three -- a role that Pollyanna gleefully fulfills once she agrees to visit the Miser on a regular basis. A visit to Clinic becomes the ultimate backdrop for Pollyanna to learn more about Thomas Chilton who has a patient waiting for him that has him thinking about the anguish he sees in his patients; an iconoclastic pep talk from Pollyanna later, Dr. Chilton's healthy professional and personal perspective is as potent as ever.

1x18 The Mystery of Mr. Pendleton

  • 1986-05-04T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Pollyanna and Jimmy's collaborative seventh heaven at the successful completion of their castle quickly gives way to the epiphany that they have taken a crucial choice away from John Pendleton; Jimmy's trepidation easily defeated with some goading from Pollyanna, both kids are astonished to find that Mr. Pendleton is in quite a jovial mood from Pollyanna paying him a visit that enables him to take the whole squatting matter in stride complete with an impromptu and colorful science lesson which is inclusive euphoria until Pollyanna to tactlessly mentions her aunt which anguishes the Miser. Confused by the sour ambiance, Pollyanna tries to compute for the deviant diagnostic while also seeking Jimmy's counsel about a solution to resolving the feud between Polly and the Miser; misreading Jimmy's ignorance as callousness, Pollyanna storms off to take matters into her own hands . . . right before she browns out and collapses with a high fever which does not make anybody's day -- especially Polly's!!! Mrs. Durgin prosecutes a brief but emphatic argument for playing things by ear versus importing external medical assistance as a first resort; galvanized by this data, Polly decides for playing things by ear -- the backdrop for Pollyanna tactlessly mentioning Dr. Chilton much to Polly's disgust. Nancy's nocturnal bedside vigil is ultimately what the doctor ordered to extinguish Pollyanna's fever; about the only thing more joyous than Pollyanna's full recovery complete with a hefty appetite is Nancy successfully interpreting the mechanics of Polly's collaborative prologue with the Miser and Dr. Chilton!!!

1x19 The Surprising Secret

  • 1986-05-11T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

While Nancy is in the general neighborhood to surmise a romantic prologue between John Pendleton and Polly Harrington, there are several fine mechanics that do not quite balance the books that are being lost in the lurch; still, this does not deter Nancy from suggesting the Glad Game as a means to reconcile the lover's quarrel -- a tutorial for which Pollyanna leads Jimmy through once she thwarts his free-fall into the river. Unfortunately for Nancy, Tom congratulates her on the fruit of her computation with a scathing objurgation about the hefty consequences of gossiping unaware that Pollyanna is just as deserving of this lecture when she explains Jimmy this perspective only to find that the proverbial books do not exactly balance; upon arriving at Pendleton-ke, Pollyanna finds that Mr. Pendleton has graduated to crutches and is well on his way to no longer being a recluse -- that is, if Pollyanna will reside with him in spite of having absolutely the wrong idea about the collaborative prologue Polly has with both Mr. Pendleton and Dr. Chilton!!! Galvanized by Mr. Pendleton's prologue of having had a lover, Pollyanna races back home right past Jimmy and her aunt -- the former confused and the latter concerned but elated at the vivaciousness. As evidenced from Dr. Chilton's reaction, Pollyanna and Nancy ultimately end up making the mistake of eagerly collecting the data but incorrectly interpreting the calculation result thereof when they overlook the fact that Polly Harrington is not an only child like Pollyanna is; John Pendleton is pining away for Pollyanna's late mother Jennie Harrington!!!

1x20 Watch Out, Pollyanna!

  • 1986-05-18T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Pollyanna has a moment of blue death upon Mr. Pendleton explaining his prologue with her mother Jennie along with the turbulence that has ignited Polly's long-standing hostility of John Whittier complete with an exhortation of residential cohabitation that confuses Pollyanna as she prosecutes the home commute which Polly fears could reignite another fever; a fortuitous rendezvous with Nancy helps reboot Pollyanna and sort out her conflicting feelings. Still, even with her volition for perpetual proximity to Polly affirmed quod erat demonstrandum, there is still the matter of Jimmy and Mr. Pendleton's collaborative purgatory to resolve; galvanized by a nocturnal epiphany that comes as an earthquake to poor Chipmunk, Pollyanna decides to kill two birds with one stone by playing Cupid but finds it an enterprise easier contemplated and conversed than actually conducted successfully. Nancy's emphatic counsel about a crucial deviant diagnostic that ultimately galvanizes Pollyanna for a subsequent attempt to secure some family government for Jimmy; unfortunately for poor Pollyanna, the salary of compassion unto a wounded bird involves being in a jousting match with a motorcar driven by an inattentive motorist!!!

1x21 A Horrible Prognosis

  • 1986-05-25T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Jimmy lashing out his very understandable anguish and apprehension unto the motorist for his carelessness sets the stage for Pollyanna to recover herself to her feet with the injured bird safe and sound in her arms oblivious to the scope of her injuries; nevertheless, the consensus between the two kids is that there is wisdom in aborting the trip to the orphanage in order to repair the damage to both the bird and Pollyanna -- the latter of which has a damaged power-train that requires the astonished Tom to transport her back to Harrington-ke. Polly is beside herself with guilt when Tom and Mrs. Durgin bring in Pollyanna but is calm enough to have immediately summoned Dr. Warren who decides for placing Pollyanna under sedated observation; galvanized by Tom's gratitude for Pollyanna's safe return complete with advice to not assume the worst, Jimmy prosecutes his home commute with the injured bird. Unable to do anything to help her infirm niece, Polly laments at her situational helplessness during the observation period meant to appraise the scope of Pollyanna's injuries; as previously demonstrated, the damage to Pollyanna's power-train is no dream and requires repair techniques beyond both practitioner capability and medical technology. A door carelessly left ajar for Chipmunk's convenience becomes the ironic vehicle for Pollyanna to ultimately learn the raw truth from Polly's hysterics over the imported medical perspective of Dr. Mead; even with Nancy's swift response, Pollyanna has nobody to help her when and how she needs it the most!!!

1x22 My Legs Can't Move!

  • 1986-06-01T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

In spite of not doing much to insure a soft landing onto the floor, Nancy is quick-minded enough to plausibly exhort accommodation of human fallibility of the distraught Pollyanna for Dr. Mead and generally clean up the train wreck aftermath of the leaked data prior to placing Pollyanna back in bed; as if to renumerate Nancy explaining Pollyanna her temporary unavailability yesterday, Polly isolates a few roses as she converses Tom her guilt of the deception she has used to which Tom points out the reality of there being no productive alternative that will secure Pollyanna's continued cooperation. Unfortunately, Pollyanna waking up to have the negative function of her power-train objectively confirmed for herself quickly nullifies this strategy and forces the anguished Polly to compute an alternative which is drawn from a time in her prologue when a reclusive old lady repulsing Jennie's humanitarian overture becomes the preamble for Jennie to explain how she has steadily worked below-ground to practice compassion for her neighbors; while Polly goes to gather the data necessary for her next attempt, Jimmy does not respond well to the news of Pollyanna's immobility as he delivers Mr. Pendleton a courtesy copy complete with the circumstantial background leading up to the accident along with the affirmation that he deserves to remain without family government. In spite of really having done their homework, Polly and Nancy's collaborative operation to bolster Pollyanna's spirits ultimately flies well but lands poorly when it ignores the fact that Pollyanna wants to confirm whether her condition is as serious as was described; even with Polly having foregone her fear of animals as evidenced by Chipmunk sitting on her hand, it seems that the damage to Pollyanna's power-train involves both hardware and software.

1x23 I Can't Find Something To Be Glad About!

  • 1986-06-08T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Polly has no time for anguish over her niece's repulsion of her overture before having it explained that John Pendleton has paid her a visit for the first time in a decade to confirm for himself what he has had explained to him about Pollyanna never again walking; while Polly and the Miser are working out their differences, Tom explains Nancy and Timothy the data he has about their collaborative prologue which yields insight to his harsh objurgation of Nancy's earlier speculation. The net results of this engagement is that Mr. Pendleton has decided to resolve things with Polly and become Jimmy's family government much to Pollyanna's delight even as Mr. Pendleton is finding the task of convincing Jimmy to see this as being for Pollyanna's sake far easier conversed than conducted!!! Unfortunately for the despondent Pollyanna, this bit of vicarious good news is not enough to conquer the software problem nullifying the utility of Pollyanna's damaged power-train; in a bid to revise the apparent dystopian epilogue, the entire town of Beldingsville converges on Harrington-ke to explain the effect of Pollyanna's glad game on their daily lives. Polly is in for quite a shock when she has chosen to isolate herself from being the first to learn the glad game and ultimately holds the key to extinguishing the software problem inhibiting the repair of her niece's damaged power-train; upon realizing this, Polly makes real progress in solving her own long-standing software problems regarding the premature death of her sister Jennie and her misguided hatred of John Whittier.

1x24 I Want To Walk Again!

  • 1986-06-15T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

A tremendous leap forward has been made with Polly's reconciliation with John Pendleton, Jimmy securing new family government, and Polly learning the euphoric efficacy of Pollyanna's glad game from the whole town; still, the question remains of how to repair the hardware dimension of Pollyanna's damaged power-train -- if such is even possible as the past stagnant month seems to adumbrate against. Further inflaming matters is the fact that a 14-year-old contentious adversarial divergent concourse between Polly Harrington and Thomas Chilton comminates several more years of negative independent locomotion for Pollyanna who is unfortunately caught in the middle; not willing to accept such a dystopian epilogue, Thomas decides to prosecute a nocturnal research session galvanized by Jimmy's recollection of the accident. Even then, the newly acquired euphoric insight is of null utility since Polly is still Pollyanna's family government and has not abandoned her grudge with him in spite of Dr. Chilton and Mr. Pendleton prosecuting an emphatic session of male bonding with the two Harrington sisters as the anguishing forum!!! It ultimately falls on Jimmy to courageously conduct the very emissary role that Dr. Chilton and Mr. Pendleton are clumsily trying to compute; fortunately for Pollyanna, Polly is desperate enough to do the one thing that she has not yet endeavored -- and is rewarded when she comes to the rescue right when Pollyanna is having a nightmare about John Whittier!!!

1x25 A Dangerous Operation

  • 1986-06-22T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Once Pollyanna is bootstrapped back into reality, things quickly pick up when Dr. Chilton gets right down to business to gather the data to add a real-world perspective on the medical research he has conducted in spite of Pollyanna jumping the gun a bit on Polly and Thomas patching things up; while the damage to Pollyanna's power-train is not exactly irreparable, it does require a trip to Boston to perform the necessary hardware repairs during a major surgical operation that is somewhat of a dice roll. There is quite a lot more that has to take place before the Chilton-Harrington cold war becomes a thing of the past; still, Polly has little room to complain about Pollyanna expounding excitedly about the trip to Boston in spite of it not being a family vacation. A sentimental scene of Pollyanna being seen off at the train station by the entire town of Beldingsville gives way to Pollyanna inquiring Dr. Chilton his contrasting professional perspective on the chances of successfully repairing her damaged power-train versus that of Dr. Mead and Dr. Warren; upon arriving in Boston, Polly and Thomas are rather unnerved at their mutual proximity catalyzed by Pollyanna signaling an interest in exploring the city on foot under her own power. It is not long before Pollyanna ultimately finds that her optimistic expectations are not reflective of reality as evidenced of a little girl named Mary who is frightened of the disadvantages of her upcoming surgery; charged the delivery of the bad news from Dr. Ames of a dismal 20% successful recovery probability based on the gathered medical data; the epilogue of whether Pollyanna ever gets her power-train successfully repaired depends on how dexterously Dr. Chilton delivers Pollyanna the bad news and prosecutes the complex repair job of resolving his collaborative prologue with Polly!!!

1x26 Don't Die, Pollyanna!

  • 1986-06-29T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Chastened by the null utility of trying to dissuade her niece from a dangerous operation that could take her life and has a low probability of successfully restoring her power-train, Polly has no choice but to reflect on how she has behaved toward Pollyanna in the early going while also coming to grips with the fact that she might have the choice of making amends taken away from her if the slightest thing goes wrong in the operating room. From her tussle with her elder sister Jennie to Jimmy objurgating her peremptory refusal to house him along with John Pendleton confessing that he signaled an interest in being Pollyanna's family government, there is plenty of evidence that Polly Harrington has really jumped the track and that it is only through resolving the aftermath of the childish antics and diplomatic overtures endemic to the administration of Pollyanna's childhood development that she has been re-railed; Polly's frustration at there being nothing she can do is mirrored both at Harrington-ke and Pendleton-ke. Still galvanized with guilt over Pollyanna's accident, Jimmy shouting out in anguish ultimately seems to have been what the doctor ordered when Dr. Ames and Dr. Chilton joyously report that they have successfully located and nullified the insidious but ubiquitous deviant diagnostic with Pollyanna's power-train; still, in spite of her undergoing what essentially is a thorough reformatting job to reconcile herself to the new epilogue before her, Pollyanna wakes up just in time to be greeted with the sight of Polly Harrington and Thomas Chilton gathered around her as if her birth parents would have!!!

Pollyanna successfully undergoing a five-hour major operation and waking up from the anesthesia to Polly and Thomas gathered around her are not insignificant events; still, the question remains of whether Pollyanna can get her groove back -- once Thomas and Polly transcend their awkwardness around each other which Pollyanna obliviously points out, that is. One thing inhibiting the reconciliation that Pollyanna yearns for is the professional necessity for Thomas to resume his practice in Beldingsville; while he is able to leave behind encouragement for Pollyanna during the rehabilitation prior to exchanging a few words with Polly, Jimmy overhears that Thomas would really like to propose marriage to Polly -- if he has more insight as to how she feels. Pollyanna is astonished to find that the necessary physical therapy to break in her newly restored power-train is of much greater difficulty and agony even with her happy-go-lucky attitude; after a few days of null progress, Jimmy decides to pay a visit to convey his perspective of it being possible for Thomas to get back together with Polly -- the only problem being that there needs to be a method of engineering the circumstances behind the scenes to properly catalyze the reconciliation. Thanks to a deftly written letter and Jimmy's courier service, Polly's chance encounter with Thomas becomes the ultimate backdrop for the two lovers to realize how foolishly they behaved toward other and acknowledge their human fallibility; as an additional unexpected bonus, Pollyanna has successfully composed and debugged the software necessary for independent locomotion in spite of Polly having to provide a bit of a soft landing!!!

1x28 The Hidden Shadow

  • 1986-07-13T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

In spite of it being catalyzed in no small part by Thomas and Polly's matrimonial reconciliation, it still required a half-year for Pollyanna to arrive at the point where she no longer has to remain in the sanatorium and can now spend most of her time in Beldingsville; while Jimmy and Talim devote their energies to being noisy and euphoric emissaries, Pollyanna is getting her first glimpse of how much time has gone by while she was in Boston as the train converges on Beldingsville where there is nobody at the train station to welcome her back home -- just like when she first arrived in Beldingsville a year ago. What the delighted Pollyanna finds instead is that Jimmy has organized an orchestra as the centerpiece for the whole town greeting Pollyanna upon her return to Beldingsville; after a clumsy cartwheel that is cause for concern prior to Pollyanna taking it in stride as she is helped to her feet, a joyous reunion is had by all. The festivities and Pollyanna explaining Jimmy the hill in her former hometown when the two kids release the bird they rescued obfuscate the reality of it being necessary to make weekly trips to Boston in order to keep the rehabilitation on track; as is starting to be demonstrated with Polly's mild brown-out, this requirement is a slow train to nowhere good. In spite of the endemic trepidations, Della ultimately decides to exhort that Pollyanna be bailed to her elder sister upon arriving in Beldingsville complete with a convincing case which Polly rejects out of hand; still, even with foregoing the travail of working in the clinic, the choice of whether to support her niece and husband is arrogated away from Polly when the proud aristocrat faints in her own home before even starting the train trip to Boston!!!

1x29 Goodbye, Beldingsville!

  • 1986-07-20T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Scooping up the browned-out Polly off the floor prior to resolving the insidious medical aspect thereof is only the preamble of it now being necessary to prosecute some impromptu contingency planning regardless of who or what is actually to blame for Polly being sidelined; even with Timothy happily volunteering to accompany her to Boston, Pollyanna still feels responsible for burdening everybody -- a deviant diagnostic Della detects as she prepares Pollyanna for the rehabilitation session that awaits. Later that night, Della approaches Dr. Ames for his professional assistance in her exhortation that Pollyanna be bailed to her elder sister who resides near the sanatorium -- the fruits thereof a letter explaining the background data behind Pollyanna's weekly outpatient visits; while Polly grapples with her anxiety for Pollyanna's safety and demonstrates too much reluctance, Pollyanna is not shy about demonstrating the inverse oblivious to the tempest she ignites by doing so when Nancy disseminates the incomplete data she has overheard!!! Tom's astringent expostulation about how Polly feels the most responsibility for Pollyanna recouping her groove with her newly restored power-train is ultimately of null utility when Pollyanna finds herself embroiled in her first adversarial divergent concourse with Jimmy who has a tough time comprehending the big picture; however, Jimmy resolves his anguish just in time to ride his horse along the tracks to see off Pollyanna as the Boston-bound train rolls by.

1x30 Life in the Big City of Boston

  • 1986-07-27T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

As the train continues toward Boston while Jimmy's horse realizes the limits of its stamina, Pollyanna explains Della the details of how Jimmy welcomed her back to Beldingsville as she affirms that the general consensus is that the trip to Boston is for her to full recoup her groove; still, in spite of understanding the logistical infeasibility of traveling five hours by train for outpatient care in another city, Polly has some very real maternal anxieties about Pollyanna's safety that Nancy tries her best to allay by drawing on the recent portfolio. In many ways, there are many parallels to be drawn between Pollyanna's initial arrival in Beldingsville several months ago and now the expansive urban environment that is Boston; however, Pollyanna is not left in limbo at the train station this time around. The ensuing motor-car ride instigates a domino sequence to introduce Della's elder sister Ruth Carew as an urban version of pre-Pollyanna Polly Harrington; remembering how poorly things went over back in Beldingsville when Chipmunk abruptly introduced himself, Pollyanna takes a moment to set the little rodent outside before becoming enthralled with the opulence of the mansion at which one of the maids introduces herself as Mary prior to explaining the little girl the itinerary and the Carew-ke internal mechanics. Oblivious to the emphatic adversarial divergent concourse Della has prosecuted on her behalf or that she is on thin ice with Ruth who would rather not share her house, Pollyanna comes in awestruck at the darkness of the room where Ruth is stewing in silence before ultimately conscripting the aristocrat into being a reluctant tour guide through her own house complete with a bit of modeling; unfortunately for Pollyanna, the euphoria of directing Ruth through having pride in herself as a woman proves for naught when Chipmunk turns up missing!!!

1x31 Chipmunk Has Gone Missing!

  • 1986-08-03T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Mary and Perkins are not slow with computing a strategy for comforting the distraught Pollyanna when she discovers Chipmunk missing the next morning; during the car ride en route to the sanatorium, Perkins points out that Chipmunk is probably just as surprised to find himself in an urban area as Pollyanna herself is. Della is surprised at Pollyanna successfully having led Ruth through customizing herself for beauty as a woman; unfortunately, Dr. Ames and Della's collaborative mirth cannot dismiss the reality that Chipmunk is still nowhere to be found when Pollyanna finishes her home commute. Pollyanna's stopover becomes the forum through which Ruth's ongoing deviant diagnostic is clearly demonstrated; while the perplexed Ruth tries to interpret Pollyanna commiserating her plight, Pollyanna decides to search around Boston for Chipmunk . . . only for a rude aristocrat child named Sadie to challenge her as a petty thief as soon as she successfully smuggles herself out of the house!!! The ensuing urban safari demonstrates the vast differences between Boston and Beldingsville -- not the least of which is the frequently practiced dynamic of non-interaction practiced by the populace and also the right circus at Carew-ke which is trying frantically to locate Pollyanna. Unable to import any data that could help her locate Chipmunk, Pollyanna ultimately has no choice but to continue her search; while Ruth and Della prosecute a sisterly adversarial divergent concourse over what to do next, Pollyanna finds herself set upon by a trio of Italian street hoodlums eager to demonstrate that there are certain no-go zones that are best avoided!!!

1x32 Lost Pollyanna

  • 1986-08-17T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Fortunately for Pollyanna, being panicked right onto her caboose does not inhibit a desperate bid of scaring away the hoodlums with several swings of her cane complete with a hasty retreat out of the alley; while Pollyanna flees to a safe location where she can compute her next move, Ruth and Della's frustration at the situation is further inflamed when Perkins's efforts come up negative -- the latter deciding for summoning the police in spite of that tactic's high probability of null utility especially if Pollyanna has been kidnapped. The most imminent danger Pollyanna faces is scraping against the ceiling of her travel range right in foreign urban territory without the navigational data to return home -- a deficiency that a kindly newspaper boy helps to resolve once he is finished proliferating the evening newspaper. The proximity of altogether abnegating her stewardship in disgust not at all minuscule, Ruth has quite a »Welcome home!!!« prepared for Pollyanna's gleeful obliviousness to the impact of her protracted absence or the danger that could have overwhelmed her: an astringent decree against any more solo adventures. Fortunately, Ruth is ultimately not callous to Pollyanna's anguished anxiety for Chipmunk's safety when she taps Sadie Dean who promptly explains Pollyanna a digest of Boston's urban social mechanics in a well-intentioned but clumsy effort to soften the blow; after five fruitless days of searching, Pollyanna catches a significant break: Chipmunk has become the stewardship of a wheelchair-bound boy that has the perspective of »finders keepers; losers weepers«!!!

1x33 Where is Chipmunk?

  • 1986-08-24T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Seeing that the adversarial divergent concourse between Pollyanna and the wheelchair-bound James Murphy has deteriorated to him being behaved toward like a piece of property that will soon end up as the grass that suffers in a fight between two elephants, Chipmunk decides to leap toward Pollyanna much to James's surprise which delves into the heart of the matter: Pollyanna's irresponsibility with Chipmunk. James explains Pollyanna his prologue of having discovered Chipmunk quite low on sustenance while also realizing that Chipmunk is no more native to the area than Pollyanna herself; still, that does not stop the two kids from becoming fast friends in spite of Pollyanna having injured Ruth's goodwill with her little urban adventure. Fortunately, Ruth is not completely callous to the impassioned entreaties of a child as she gives Pollyanna three requirements that she must comply if she wishes to be out and about unaccompanied; while exploring the park, Pollyanna has an encounter with James being pushed by the good Samaritan newsboy Mickey Murphy that demonstrates the null utility of the injunction against talking to strangers. Mickey initiating his work commute becomes the forum of Pollyanna ultimately learning James's dystopian prologue of food scarcity at Murphy-ke; about the only thing harder to stomach than James frequently going unfed is that James has developed his own version of the Glad Game -- much to Jimmy's anguished frustration when he receives a letter from Pollyanna!!!

1x34 Mrs. Carew's Sad Secret

  • 1986-08-31T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Astoundingly enough, Pollyanna seems to have shrugged off James’s prologue of having the choice made for him to endure an empty belly at Murphy-ke when she signals an interest toward being taken to church that catches Ruth wearing not her make-up one Sunday morning and sets the stage to highlight another dimension of Ruth’s long-standing isolation; while the servants compare notes about Ruth’s church-going prologue and the impact that Pollyanna has already had, what neither they nor the happy-go-lucky Pollyanna realize is that the coercive church visit complete with vocal outbursts marveling the architecture of the church has ignited long-standing embers of anguish within Ruth that become red-hot at the sight of the choir boys doing their thing. The home commute after the church service becomes the forum for Pollyanna to share her »carpe diem« life philosophy which mirrors Della's counsel to the sanatorium patients before accidentally striking a sour note during a tutorial of the »Glad Game«; after having it poignantly pointed out how she really stepped in it with her ill-considered comment, Pollyanna naturally takes it upon herself to resolve the deviant diagnostic. What ultimately is borne from this is the scope of Pollyanna's ignorance about the true scope and severity of Ruth's prologue; after Ruth explains her the abrupt death of her older sister Doris during one of the visits in which she would bring her son Jamie whose abduction by his father Edward Kent caused the death of Ruth's parents soon thereafter, Pollyanna is not slow in piping up that the search for Jamie be intensified during its prosecution to completion -- especially after having just dealt with Chipmunk being missing and the urban misadventure undertaken to locate him -- along with also having it driven home that she has not the data about where to begin!!!

1x35 Young Lord James

  • 1986-09-07T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Anguished by the data of Ruth’s dystopian prologue involving her missing nephew, Pollyanna emphatically endeavors to compile an apparatus for locating Jamie Kent; while the idea to commission Mickey for gathering data as he proliferates the evening paper is enough to enable Pollyanna to shut her mind down so that she can get some sleep, corporeally conducting this enterprise is of far greater difficulty . . . especially with a rainstorm that spans across the next two days!!! Further inflaming matters is that the progress of Pollyanna’s rehabilitation has placed the point where she can return to Beldingsville at much greater proximity than is really desirable; while she can take a bit of a vacation in Boston, Polly Harrington will sooner or later make the choice for Pollyanna’s return to Beldingsville in a big way. Bridget explaining Pollyanna the logistical complexities that have taken their toll on Ruth when she was prosecuting this very enterprise backfires when Pollyanna reads this as an admonition for caution as she proceeds; while at the park with Mary, Pollyanna is shocked to discover that James could possibly the long-lost Jamie Kent and that she now has to compute an apparatus to bring in Ruth to make the confirmation -- once the rainstorm spanning the next five days dies down, that is. Unfortunately for Pollyanna, her successful entreaty of Ruth's cooperation as an escort to the park to have her meet James in order to confirm his identity as Jaime Kent ultimately fizzles out as a failure when James is nowhere to be found; however, Pollyanna does get an unexpected consolation prize in the form of Mickey arriving at Carew-ke with a message: James bedridden in medical distress!!!

1x36 The Angel in the Alley

  • 1986-09-14T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Suzy and Mary comparing notes with Bridget back at Carew-ke about Pollyanna dropping the bomb about having possibly found Jaime and what it would mean if she were spot on obfuscates the brown-out that Ruth experiences upon Mickey showing her the tenement building where he resides with both his mother and James; while being guided upstairs toward Mickey's apartment, Ruth has it driven home just how dilapidated the building has become and becomes anguished at the prospect of her nephew Jaime having to reside in such a dangerous building. James and Governess Murphy are delighted at Pollyanna's visit as Ruth searches around for any data that confirms whether James is really her long-lost nephew; while she is unable to find any relevant data or to get Murphy-ke to accept her hand up, Ruth does decide to take a firmer stance in forcing Henry Dodge to better maintain all of the residential buildings owned by Carew-ke. Ruth cracking down on Henry Dodge's indolence is ultimately not enough of a consolation prize for Pollyanna as she then decides to entreat that James be given the option to be housed within Carew-ke since there is no decisive evidence against the equivalency; after hearing out Pollyanna's entreaties, Ruth secludes herself in her office to make a very difficult decision.

1x37 I Want the Real Jamie!

  • 1986-09-21T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Bewildered by what she thought was the foregone conclusion of her »investigation« having backfired, Pollyanna immediately secludes herself in a desperate bid to compute how she could have gotten it wrong along with why there are such stark inequities in the world as evidenced by the engagement where she saw James eat a single doughnut as his lunch; upon detecting Pollyanna's diminished appetite as the sign of a cumbersome deviant diagnostic, Ruth is not slow in pointing out the futility of Pollyanna starving herself out of anguish or expressing that Pollyanna's emphatic entreaties further inflames her frustration at her assistance being refused. Astonished at the changes Ruth has undergone, Della is astounded when she has it explained that Ruth is summoning her for an executive engagement to express her frustration at James's current living conditions along with the lack of a conclusive apparatus to discern his identity as Jaime Kent -- a task that Della and Bridget cannot do when they accompany Ruth and Pollyanna to visit James who is recuperating alone in a much better-maintained apartment. In a bid to cheer up Ruth and place things in a healthy perspective, Della recounts Pollyanna's excitement about guiding Ruth through finding something to be glad about upon arriving in Boston before relaying Bridget's account about the prologue of Jaime's protracted absence; as such, Jaime is likely under better family government than James is at Murphy-ke and that everybody wins if Ruth houses James with her. Pollyanna and Murphy-ke are both ecstatic at Ruth's ultimate decision of concurrent residence with James; unfortunately for all relevant parties, Ruth's honesty about the anguishing absence of her nephew and her curriculum of enlightenment for James becomes of null utility when it drives home that her motives are not truly altruistic -- and that James has decided that such must never pay off for her!!!

1x38 Why Can't I Be Happy?

  • 1986-09-28T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Seeing that he now has everybody's attention, James further elaborates on the rationale behind his refusal citing his defunct power-train and that Ruth is only looking at him as a consolation prize for her missing nephew Jaime Kent; in spite of Mickey and his mother pointing out that confirming a decisive genetic link is not the priority it was before, Ruth's umbrage is too great for their efforts to go much of anywhere. Ruth fuming alone in her room, the low-grade divergent concourse between Susie and Bridget over whether to assume arrogance or astonishment as the driving force behind James refusing Ruth's offer, James bawling his eyes out back at Murphy-ke . . . this is all quite tame in the face of Pollyanna being wracked with anguish at the illegal computation epilogue; after all, the goal was for Ruth and James to be happy!!! Setting aside Ruth and James's cerebral computations being the genesis of much speculation, the good news of her power-train running on all cylinders and that there is no longer any need for the rehabilitation quickly amplifies the guilt that Pollyanna feels even though Della explains that Ruth's cerebral configuration as an aristocrat has far greater culpability for the current state of affairs while Dr. Ames advises Pollyanna to think of the people waiting for her in Beldingsville -- Thomas and Polly's ecstasy a prime example of this counsel; frustrated by Ruth's parsimonious and puerile temper tantrum, Della decides that an acute jolt of insight to the caboose is sorely needed. Ruth prosecutes some cerebral computation over her prologue with Pollyanna that ultimately illuminates that she was far happier doing things for other people and decides for throwing a farewell party complete with a comprehensive sightseeing tour around Boston; while Pollyanna in her usual high spirits is nothing to mourn, one does have to wonder if Ruth and Pollyanna's guest lists mixing is a good idea.

1x39 The Trouble at The Farewell Party

  • 1986-10-05T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Pollyanna is in seventh heaven to learn of the farewell party that Ruth has decided to host complete with encouragement to invite everybody with which she is acquainted; in a bid to clear up the ambiguity that the happy-go-lucky little girl reads as a license to invite anybody she wants, Ruth discusses her plans with Pollyanna but capitulates upon all of her arguments have been nullified and upon Mary announcing that Polly has come to pay a visit. Even with the aunt-niece sentimental reunion, Pollyanna cannot shake the anguish and frustration that she could not successfully locate Jamie Kent in the limited time she has before returning home to which Polly is not slow in explaining that such is a very difficult enterprise that she herself would not be able to do and that the farewell party is a sign of the gargantuan metamorphosis Ruth has undergone; after advising Pollyanna that keeping her spirits up will go a long way toward a mutual epilogue of euphoric memories, Polly goes to meet with Ruth where the two women compare notes about their lives before and after Pollyanna. The farewell party starts out well enough with Pollyanna and Sadie reconciling their differences about how they behaved toward each other when Chipmunk went missing before Ruth pipes up to suggest that Sadie accompany Pollyanna on the sightseeing tour around Boston after the party; no sooner does Sadie happily agree to this before something unexpected happens much to Ruth's astonishment and Pollyanna's delight: James and Mickey arriving on the scene to partake of the party . . . in convoy with all the other children from Murphy's Alley!!! Mickey is not slow in leading the other kids through rendering unto Ruth their gratitude for the renovated building first through a comical introductory speech and then through a dance sequence before the ecstatic crowd at which Pollyanna is only too happy to join in while James intercepts Sadie as she is storming away in disgust into a diatribe of behind-the-scenes insight; when the dance ends, Sadie and Ruth's behavior makes it difficult to discern adult from child when Sadie entreats James's company on the sightseeing outing while Ruth has a difficult time restraining her ego which would love to have everything go her way all of the time.

1x40 The Fun of Sightseeing around Boston

  • 1986-10-12T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Pollyanna's collaborative ecstasy with Sadie and James as Perkins drives off obfuscates Ruth being quite unhappy about having to chaperone three kids on what was meant to be a one-on-one outing for Pollyanna and her; not only do Sadie and James get along well much to Pollyanna's delight, Ruth becomes ill at ease by a not-at-all-small margin when James explains Sadie the prologue of his Jolly Book as a means of coping with his defunct power-train and the sporadic sustenance availability during a stopover at a park. Pollyanna also explaining Sadie the prologue behind the »Glad Game« obfuscates Ruth's prosecution of some crucial cerebral computations -- the early fruit of which manifests itself when James expresses regret about Mickey and his mother having to work while he is out sightseeing; consciences now set at ease, the sightseeing tour continues. Pollyanna is dejected that she could not successfully locate Jaime Kent but is surprised at Ruth's reaction to the name Jimmy Bean complete with Mr. Pendleton's perspective of what makes a home; a nocturnal session of weeping in frustration later, the next day's euphoric diurnal engagement brings to the forefront the anguishing reality that all three kids will have to say a near-permanent goodbye to each other at the end of the day even with Pollyanna pointing out that they are all under the same sky. This prompts Ruth to make one last-ditch entreaty to James of concurrent residence whose success ends Pollyanna's final day in Boston and gives her quite a dynamic topic of conversation upon her return to Beldingsville with Della that has the news of Ruth inquiring Dr. Ames about whether James's power-train is truly irreparable; still, there is the question of Jimmy's frigidity as of late. The ultimate reality of the matter is that Jimmy is not hostile to Pollyanna coming to visit him after returning from Boston with a fully functional power-train; still, Pollyanna's overzealousness with the news of Ruth adopting James illuminates a painful prologue that would have been of great interest to Della if only she had insisted upon accompanying Pollyanna!!!

1x41 The Beginning of the Storm

  • 1986-10-19T06:30:00-04:00 — 30 mins

Unable to depersonalize Jimmy's agitation at the mere mention of the name Jaime or to realize that this will be of interest to Ruth and Della, Pollyanna tries to analyze for her error before resuming her home commute where Tom points out that Jimmy is more interested in how the rehabilitation has been progressing along with hearing about Pollyanna's sentiments about Boston; while Pollyanna divides her energies between chasing Chipmunk and recounting how she got lost in Boston, Polly's umbrage at Thomas's remark about Pollyanna being a miracle drug prompts a divergent concourse over the wisdom of that reference and its probable epilogue whose fruit is throw a party to celebrate Pollyanna fully recouping her groove. Meanwhile, Jimmy is in his bedroom regretting his earlier outburst when Mr. Pendleton announces Harrington-ke's intention to host a party; upon having the situation explained to him, Mr. Pendleton declares his perspective of Jimmy as a very ill-tempered but honest person that he hopes will have the courage to apologize for the right reasons. Polly and Thomas find it delightful that the stay in Boston has been a net positive in spite of the fact that Pollyanna has a tough time processing the reality of such stark inequities that render null utility of people's economic efforts in some cases and that this dynamic is an intractable pandemic; back at Harrington-ke, Nancy and Mrs. Durgin prosecute a speculative analytical concourse as to who will be attending the nine-guest party after having identified five of the guests. Once Jimmy wraps his mind around Pollyanna having shrugged off his earlier outburst, he and Mr. Pendleton are pleasantly surprised that the ultimate truth of Thomas and Polly's cerebral computations about the guest list is that Nancy along with Timothy and his parents are the four remaining guests; once the party gets underway, the phone starts ringing as if to herald somebody else wanting to celebrate Pollyanna's completely restored power-train.

1x42 The Road of No Return

  • 1986-10-26T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Pollyanna and Jimmy singing their hearts out prior to entreating that the grown-ups belt out a tune starkly contrasts the reality of the inopportune and ill-timed phone call Nancy detects from Mr. Willis having an issue with his medication; since the deviant diagnostic cannot be appraised and resolved over the phone, Thomas has to set out on a solo journey that Polly subconsciously quakes could be her final engagement with her husband when she sees the tempest gathering its strength overhead. Tom has a choked-up sentimental upon seeing the beautiful scene of Harrington-ke being the big happy family it once was and debates whether to retire when Timothy objects that protecting Harrington-ke is a journey to be enjoyed especially because of Thomas and Polly's matrimonial reconciliation before leading him back inside after Polly; some clumsy rehearsals later, the topic of Thomas's safety extinguishes the festive mood at Harrington-ke as everybody engages in speculative analytical concourse over whether Thomas has safely arrived at Willis-ke or whether something happened to him en route. The truth of the matter is that Thomas finds it no trouble at all to resolve the deviant diagnostic with Mr. Willis but ultimately makes the unwise choice to reject the offered compensatory hospitality and the reality that the storm will definitely get much worse before it gets better in his haste to return back home -- especially in mountainous areas; galvanized by the data of his departure from Willis-ke, Tom and Timothy set out in search of Thomas whose own horse has panicked him down into a ravine!!!

1x43 Don't Die, Dr. Chilton!

  • 1986-11-02T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

With Thomas Chilton lying face-down at the nadir of a sheer escarpment and the thunderstorm defining the night, Harrington-ke has rationale abundant to be anxious at the lack of news for several hours as Tom and Timothy prosecute a desperate search for their master that gets a huge shot in the arm when Thomas's horse Coney approaches them as the emissary of a contingency deviant diagnostic; based on Coney's damaged left front leg, Tom and Timothy decide to search around the area on foot. Frustrated and no longer willing to patiently cool their heels, Pollyanna and Jimmy declare their intention to join the search only for Mr. Pendleton to thunderously object that the two kids would certainly end up as casualties unless the tempest is allowed to first run its course -- or until Tom and Timothy realize that Thomas is right under their noses with major deceleration damage with a mortal side of pneumonia and hypothermia that affords him just enough time to make his final entreaties and remarks back at Harrington-ke before arriving at his depot destination much to the anguish of all parties present!!! Even with the immense community support from the entire town of Beldingsville, Harrington-ke still finds it a hefty challenge to ultimately get its groove back when Tom secludes himself in the barn with Coney while Pollyanna desperately but unsuccessfully tries to compute something for Polly to be glad about; upon Della's return to Boston, Wetherby-ke is not slow in concluding that Harrington-ke needs an externally-interjected catalyst to conquer its anguish once James signals an interest in going to Beldingsville much to Pollyanna's delight -- if one overlooks how clumsily she delivers Jimmy the news.

1x44 Overcoming Sadness

  • 1986-11-09T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

The deafening hoof-beats of Jimmy's horse at full gallop fails to drown out Pollyanna's excitement about escorting James and Ruth from the train station after breakfast . . . that is, before Nancy explains Pollyanna the necessity of dining alone since Polly has chosen to privately grieve in isolation; sensing a deviant diagnostic, Pollyanna races off in search of her aunt. A collaborative cerebral computation sequence becomes the preamble for Pollyanna to discover Polly at Thomas's former clinic dividing her energies between weeping profusely and emphasizing her desire for solitude; while Pollyanna grapples with her frustration at there being nothing to be glad about aside from Ruth and James's pending arrival, Mr. Pendleton is perplexed at why Jimmy is none too thrilled about Ruth bring James to Beldingsville while lamenting at there not being much he can do to help Harrington-ke. Mr. Pendleton deciding to make the trip anyway ultimately becomes exactly what the doctor ordered when a weeping Pollyanna greets him at the door frustrated that she cannot get her aunt back on track; even while bolstered by the counsel of tempered expectations, Pollyanna finds that getting her aunt back on track is easier said than done -- especially when the train from Boston converges on Beldingsville with Ruth and James on board!!!

1x45 The Ruined Garden

  • 1986-11-16T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

James is definitely not shy about elucidating his delight about the rural scenery upon the train's approach to Beldingsville where the train whistle causes Pollyanna to have panicked second thoughts that are quelled when Timothy points out that Ruth and James are not here on a vacation; as such, there is no need to worry about rolling out the red carpet for Ruth and James since they know not to expect treatment like royalty. Timothy becomes infatuated with Ruth as he sets to retrieving their payload and loading it on the carriage prior to initiating the home commute that becomes the forum for James to marvel at the scenery and for Pollyanna to relive when she herself was the newcomer to Beldingsville a year ago before recounting how she lost her father along with Mr. Pendleton's counsel to her. Upon arriving at Harrington-ke, Pollyanna is anguished at how despondent Polly is behaving upon encouraging Ruth and James to rest from their journey before secluding herself again; while Ruth and James are settling in, Nancy fulminates Timothy's uxorious sycophancy which Durgin prefers to Tom's guilt at not having been able to rescue Dr. Chilton any earlier than he did. Pollyanna offers herself as a tour guide to show off the Harrington-ke grounds while tapping Timothy as James's motive power; in spite of Timothy's attempts to forewarn the two kids, Pollyanna and James are horrified at the sight of the entire rose garden having wilted from neglect!!! Even with Pollyanna buying his impromptu damage control and setting her sights on guiding James through downtown Beldingsville, Timothy ultimately finds that imparting a sorely-needed jolt of insight to his father is better suited to eloquent politics than authentic performance -- the latter of which requires a trip down memory lane catalyzed by an equally-anguished Jimmy; while successful in bootstrapping Tom back into action, Jimmy is still hostile to the idea of spending time with James.

1x46 The Mystery of Jaime Kent

  • 1986-11-23T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Jimmy's efforts to impart a jolt of insight to old Tom's caboose before making a hasty retreat bore a bountiful harvest in the form of Pollyanna in seventh heaven as she and James accompany Tom to the wilted rose garden to repair the damage which gets off to a running start when Pollyanna and James insist upon catalyzing Tom's repair efforts; in spite of Pollyanna having it driven home through a comical pratfall that her optimism is no substitute for a power-train that simply lacks potency enough to haul a wheelbarrow, she and James are a potent force in catalyzing Tom's rehabilitation efforts. Ruth's delight at James's gardening complete with divulging her curriculum to have James undergo an operation to restore his power-train similar to Pollyanna's does not make up for Polly continuing to Dr. Chilton in seclusion oblivious to all the goings-on of life; not liking the epilogue of this dynamic, Ruth decides that a sympathetic session of girl talk is in order. What Pollyanna is anguished to learn is that there are times when success has consequences that are ultimately worse than those of failure; if Ruth locates her nephew Jaime Kent, there is a real possibility that James will indefinitely remain stuck with a defunct power-train -- a prospect that gets a huge shot in the arm when Mr. Pendleton drags Jimmy along in his bid to court Ruth!!!

1x47 Dangerous Playtime

  • 1986-11-30T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Upon being introduced to him, Ruth flashes back to when her nephew Jaime Kent was within his first half-decade of life and comes to the epiphany that Jimmy Pendleton is the epilogue before an ill-considered and easily-misunderstood remark becomes the genesis of a comical moment that gives way to Jimmy meeting James for the first time; galvanized by Ruth's entreaty of friendship between the two boys, Jimmy is not slow in exerting an effort to understand James with Pollyanna's help as he tries to compile a perspective of how James could find the silver lining in not having a functional power-train or frequently facing insufficient sustenance before recounting his prologue about being sent to the orphanage upon his father's death just as Ruth is astonished that she is in the same boat as Polly and Mr. Pendleton when the three adults have afternoon tea. As evidenced by Jimmy's solo course to Harrington-ke on foot with a trio of fishing poles, it is not long before there is a homeostasis of there not being much difference between how Jimmy spends time with James versus how he does with Pollyanna; Jimmy learning that James fears a pink slip as soon as Ruth locates her nephew becomes quite tame when Sadie joins the trio accompanied by Della. There is a bit of a scare when an excited Pollyanna becomes a bit careless on the stairs and takes quite a spill onto her caboose right into an objurgation of caution courtesy of Jimmy that ignites a comical divergent concourse; nevertheless, Sadie fits right in with the trio in spite of her panic at the sight of a ladybug clearly emphasizing her urban girly-girl prologue. Sadie's romantic imagination comes with pragmatic insight that ultimately comes into play upon Pollyanna volunteering to walk over a rocky canyon on a hollow log to retrieve some flowers; mortal deceleration damage and a watery grave below the frightened Pollyanna with neither Sadie nor James able to help matters, the epilogue is completely dependent upon how swift and well-prepared Jimmy is upon his return!!!

1x48 Save me, Jimmy!

  • 1986-12-07T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Things look bad for Pollyanna as the question of the epilogue becomes a matter of when Pollyanna is going to lose her grip while Sadie and James can only watch in horror as they shout encouragement to hang on for dear life that preaches to the choir while awaiting Jimmy's return; frightened of losing Pollyanna in a watery deluge of rocky deceleration damage; James even desperately tries to crawl to Pollyanna's aid only to find it to no avail right when it really counts!!! The only silver lining is Jimmy's timely arrival with a rope along with the insight about how best to avail it that enables Sadie and James to catalyze Pollyanna's rescue; in spite of Sadie concurring both Jimmy and Pollyanna's perspective of his contribution to the flawless survivor ratio, James's frustration at how his defunct power-train almost cost him Pollyanna proves to be the most difficult damage to repair upon the return to Harrington-ke. The period of seclusion that follows after Ruth and Della repairing his injuries sets the stage for James to prosecute a cerebral computation sequence detailing his prologue of Betty Murphy's[4] well-intentioned but ill-considered counsel to him; after a day of processing James's frustration, Jimmy finds that Sadie still wants her equestrian experience and that his horse Mark is not keen on Sadie's emphasis on being lady-like over being safe. Sadie's perspective of John Pendleton having a crush on Ruth astonishes Jimmy and Pollyanna but ultimately misses the mark and the gathering storm at Harrington-ke: John has gone over to Harrington-ke to personally deliver Ruth the news of Edward Kent's presence of a nearby farmhouse with his son Jaime over two years ago; while it is not immediately known, the epilogue is certain to not be difficult to find . . . unlike Jimmy hefting off Talim and dispelling the canine's perspective of him as a salt lick.

1x49 The Past Explained

  • 1986-12-14T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Fortunately for all involved parties, the remainder of the summer vacation goes off without a hitch bigger than a fish escaping Pollyanna and Sadie's attempts to subdue it much to their disappointment; what the four kids do not realize is that there is a gathering storm over the horizon along with the end of their summer vacation when Ruth is pondering her perspective of Jimmy being her nephew Jaime Kent before Della points out the necessity of further analysis because of the messy potential consequences. Pollyanna arrives to deliver Ruth and Della a basket of roses but ends blurting out what Jimmy explained her about his prologue that matches the report that Ruth had gotten earlier; in spite of Della's injunction about the necessity of having evidence, Ruth's certainty about Jimmy being her nephew and all the data she has about her prologue with Jimmy both forcefully combine to drive home to the distraught Pollyanna what a huge error she just made and sends Pollyanna searching for her aunt. The envelope containing the ultimate deux ex machina that could solve all this has the injunction that it is to remain unopened until Jimmy has completed three life-decades; even if John Pendleton is doing the right thing by opening the envelope in defiance of the injunction against it, the epilogue of coming above-ground could end up far messier than simply continuing to keep the truth below-ground!!!

1x50 I'm Jaime!

  • 1986-12-21T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

Not much time has to pass before the issue of how to break the news of Jimmy's true identity as Jaime Kent rears its ugly head; if done incorrectly, the revelation would injure a lot of people who have no culpability for the present state of affairs. What is not widely understood about that which has prompted Jimmy to ride his horse long and hard for a solitary session of cerebral computation is that his biological father Edward Kent saw that things would end up an absolute circus if he were to pass on without giving Jimmy any final instructions about what to do next -- hence, the envelope John Pendleton has just opened; unfortunately, Edward did not plan for his death as a contingency that would render him unable to explain Jimmy his volition that he return to Wetherby-ke in Boston. Pollyanna eventually catches up with Jimmy with the epilogue of his hasty exit: Jimmy coming above-ground as Jaime Kent does not necessarily mean that James is doomed to a lifetime of negative independent locomotion any more than Jimmy would have to accompany Ruth back to Boston; in fact, Jimmy's misguided stewardship of those legal papers is the fundamental reason that he met both Ruth and Pollyanna along with John Pendleton!!! Even with a hybrid solution in mind designed for everybody's happiness whose crucial element is that James be kept in the dark, time is ultimately of the essence when Sadie decides to explore Harrington-ke on her own with James while Ruth begins to assume malice woven into John's intentions; getting Ruth on board with this hybrid solution is actually quite tame compared to the aftermath of Timothy's guided tour ending up a bit off course . . .

1x51 Happiness Nearby

  • 1986-12-28T05:30:00-05:00 — 30 mins

The data of Jimmy's true identity as Jaime Kent secure with the Wetherby sisters along with both Harrington-ke and Pendleton-ke, all that remains is to shift the attention away from the subterfuge at hand -- a stewardship John Pendleton takes upon himself via an avenue that takes Ruth by storm -- before Della realizes the necessity of her home commute to Boston; while Timothy and the kids see off Della at the train station, Polly finishes explaining Ruth the prologue of the subterfuge along with her rationale for it before John interjects that his matrimonial entreaty is more than a bid to obfuscate the subterfuge. Confident that Ruth's damage control has made it clear that she is not going to discard James in spite of having located her nephew, Polly signals an interest in refurbishing a log cabin where John has spent time with Thomas and Pollyanna's parents into a place for the kids to play; while the renovation gets underway, Durgin makes a surprise entreaty of coitus that catches poor Tom with his overalls unfastened!!! As if to support Tom's elation at Pollyanna having arrived at Harrington-ke, the campfire roars happily as Ruth affirms that she has finally realized that the dexterous family government she practices with James starting with the restoration of his power train will make her nephew proud of her prior to everybody affirming her gratitude for Pollyanna's efforts; upon learning that James's days of negative independent locomotion are behind him and that her aunt loves her to pieces, Pollyanna and Jimmy have a snowy play date outside in which they fall for each other while in pursuit of a snow hare.