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Stranger Things 2016


Top 250 TV shows, as rated by IMDb members. List updated daily.


I'll Try to Update it as much as I can ;)


Tv Series worth watching.

I only add series that I have watched myself, and feel that they are better than the average cookie cutter network type television.


Shows with at least 75% rating on trakt (and enough votes). No documentaries, reality tv or anime.

(Find the pre-2010 list here:

(Find the movie list here:


This isn't intended to be a comprehensive list. I'm just going to be periodically updating this list with titles from the following IMDB search parameters:,tv_movie,tv_series,tv_special,tv_miniseries,short&genres=horror

UPDATED: 11/20/23


series, movies & stuff produced by Netflix / sorted by release date (from newest to oldest release)
(based on and various other sources, if needed)

last update: March/15/2021

note: some database-entries are missing on trakt, so that the list is imho as complete as it could be atm. if you find something i missed, feel free to leave a comment.


Series i have watched/watching/plan to watch


Most popular TV shows, as determined by IMDb members. List updated daily.


A collection of TV shows listed in various 'best of the decade' articles, with the default sort by the number of times they are mentioned


List created and maintained by

Just what currently showing on TV




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"BBC Culture polled 206 TV experts from 43 countries in order to find the greatest TV of the 21st Century – here’s the top 100"


The best TV series by user's ranking on


My list of all-time classics, genre-definers, and can't-miss films & TV series. Whenever anybody asks me, "What should I watch next?" this list is my response.

While not everything here rates a 10/10 (though nothing falls below a 7/10 by my reckoning), each entry is at least an important cultural touchstone or an ambitious artistic achievement that is worthy of your valuable time.


My favorite TV shows throughout my entire TV watching career.


Supernatural horror that is both beautiful and intellectually stimulating... or at least it started that way...
They're all defintely worth watching.



Movies and series mentioned in a forum thread on Yog-Sothoth


Use to watch TV Shows for my brain and iTunes, etc to find related content. Common Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller, Science-Fiction, Political, War & Military. Common Themes: Post-Apocalyptic, Futuristic, Escape, Cerebral, Dark Comedy, Complex, Questioning, Reality Bending, Non-Linear, Time Travel, Technological, Visually Stimulating, Superhuman, Supernatural, Suspense, Psychological, Space, Spy.