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Student Bodies

All Episodes 1997 - 2000

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  • Ended
  • FOX
  • 1997-01-10T11:30:00-08:00
  • 30 mins
  • 1 day, 6 hours, 0 mins (60 episodes)
  • Canada
  • English
  • Comedy, Drama
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Student Bodies followed a group of students at Thomas A. Edison High School, who created their own student newspaper entitled Student Bodies. Each episode blends the real-life happenings at school with cartoons of how Cody, who illustrates Student Bodies, humorously sees the events.
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65 episodes

1x01 The Pilot

  • Series Premiere

    1997-01-10T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Emily Roberts is new to Edison High, and is introduced to Cody, Chris, and Mags as her new group assignment partners. While another group of students produces a video tribute to class bombshell Morgan, Emily discovers Cody's cartooning talent, and suggests that as their new project topic, but Cody doesn't want his talents seen by anyone else. The group decides to go behind Cody's back and make his drawings their project. Chris, seeing a way to make some money, prints up hundreds of copies of Cody's comic -- the first edition of ""Student Bodies"". Cody is appalled at having his artwork about the school (despite the fact that his name isn't even on it), and so is the vice principal Mrs. Morton. When she discovers who the authors of the comic are, she forbids them to make another. But a reminder from Emily about 'freedom of speech', the comic is allowed to live.. for the time being.

1x02 Disco Cody

  • 1997-09-27T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

There's a ""Back to School"" dance at Edison High, and Chris asks Kim to be his date, and her friend Alison to be Cody's date. Cody is stunned. First because he has no idea what Alison looks like, and secondly because he can't dance! Romeo suggests that Chris teach Cody, and Chris promises if he can't teach Cody, he'll cancel the date. So Chris, Mags, Romeo, and Emily all try to teach Cody to dance. Then a beautiful girl comes in an introduces herself as Alison. Now Cody is fascinated and really wants to learn to dance. But Emily isn't that thrilled once she finds out how much Cody likes the other girl. So with a half hour before his date is supposed to start, Emily is teaching Cody to dance. When a slow song comes on, Cody and Emily dance closely, looking into each others eyes. Later at the dance, while dancing with Alison, Cody finds that he really isn't looking at Alison, but across the room at Emily, and she's looking back.

1x03 Monsieur Cody

  • 1997-10-04T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

An exchange student comes to Edison High and Chris is saddled with being a host. That's before he discovers Chantal is from France and is very pretty! Cody and the guys can't help but envy him! The only problem? Chris doesn't speak French, and Chantal doesn't speak English! So he drags Cody (who knows some French) out on their date. But Chantal thinks Cody is speaking for himself and not for Chris, and gives Cody a huge kiss that Flash just happens to catch on film! Now Chris is mad at Cody, Emily is not impressed with the photo, and Cody has to clear things up with Chantal!

1x04 The Bully

  • 1997-10-11T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Chris tries to impress Morgan when he takes the credit of Cody's drawing of the school bully, Nick. But when Nick sees the picture, he schedules Chris after school for a pounding. Chris fakes his appearance when dressing as a woman with make up, clothing etc. Nick falls in love with Chris's secret identity, Trixie. When Chris finally takes off his appearance and humiliates Nick, Cody comes to witness the humiliation when the bully threatens to beat both of them. Meanwhile, Emily and Mags videotape everything and trade the tape for the guys. Victor asks Chris if he had seen Trixie and humiliates him as well. The humiliation causes Victor to, accidently, bump into Nick while holding his lunch.

1x05 A Date With Morgan

  • 1997-10-18T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Morgan tells Chris she needs his help and asks if he's free on Friday night. Chris, tongue tied and smitten, agrees to pick her up at 7:30. Chris is so pumped about his 'date' with Morgan, that he asks Flash to come and take pictures at a posh French restaurant, he enlists Romeo to write a romantic love song, and hires a gorilla-gram to deliver chocolates and flowers to Morgan in English class. Chris' friends are a bit skeptical about the date, so Cody asks Morgan, who tells him that Chris is getting her out of the house so she can go meet her real boyfriend. When Cody tells Morgan that Chris thinks they are dating, Morgan tries to tell Chris differently but he won't listen, and even hires a limo for their date. When Chris and Morgan arrive at their restaurant, with Flash, Romeo, and Morgan's 20-something boyfriend Kyle are waiting, Chris is dumbfounded to find out that Morgan really was just using him to get her out of the house. But all in all, by the end, his evening didn't really t

1x06 All Hallow's Eve

  • 1997-10-25T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Mags cousin Patrick asks Grace, to the Halloween dance, and Mags, Cody and Emily scramble to do damage control before a klutzy catastrophe happens! Chris, however, talks Bob into filming Grace and Patrick at the dance to show as a 'disaster' movie to the school -- for a profit of course. Meanwhile, Emily wants Cody to go to the dance, but he refuses and winds up insulting her. Then in English class, while reading parts from a play, the two end up in a yelling match in front of the class as they continue their quarrel. Grace overhears Emily and Mags calling her a klutz, Mags ducks out, but Emily stays to apologize to Grace, and offer to un-klutz her in time for he dance. Grace just can't be helped, so Emily and her friends decide their best course of action is to go to the dance, and protect Patrick! Despite their attempts to keep the two apart, Grace and Patrick dance, resulting in Patrick being knocked out. When he comes too, Grace is ready for rejection, but Patrick admits how he lov

1x07 Scheming Victor

  • 1997-11-01T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Things aren't going smoothly in the newspaper office at Edison High. Victor has set traps everywhere. Because they share the same office space as the ""Student Voice"", the staff of ""Student Bodies"" never know what is going to happen when the try to use certain supplies. A stapler incident sets off an alarm and a shoving match ensues. Mrs. Morton intervenes, and always ready to take Victor's side, tells the group that any further incidents will leave ""Student Bodies"" with a broom closet for an office. So the ""Student Bodies"" team devise their own trap by making Victor think they've put traps of their own -- but they haven't. They just sit back and watch as Victor get's paranoid and becomes suspicious of everything, and manages to destroy a birthday cake that he thinks is a smoke bomb -- only it really is a birthday cake -- from Mrs. Morton. Mrs. Morton decides that a fit punishment would be to leave Victor in the same office as the ""Student Bodies"".

1x08 Mags' Dark Side

  • 1997-11-08T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

No one seems to appreciate Mags' fashion column, and this seriously interferes with her dreams of stardom! But someone does notice -- Victor -- who is always looking for a weakness in the ""Student Bodies"" team. Victor attempts to woo Mags by offering her the job of Style Editor on ""The Student Voice"". With the help of Flash, Victor's flattery and persistence pays off, and Mags crosses to the other side of the newspaper office. As part of her new job, Victor asks her to write an expose on ""Student Bodies"". Things on ""Student Bodies"" start to fall apart as everyone realizes how much Mags did. Later Cody overhears Victor tell Flash that he's just using Mags to get her expose on the others. Cody wars Mags, but she doesn't believe him... at first. When Mags realizes what Victor is doing, she outsmarts him, and goes back to ""Student Bodies"", and to her real friends.

1x09 Cody for Prez

  • 1997-11-15T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Edison High will be in dire peril if Victor becomes School President! He's already threatened to shut down ""Student Bodies"" if he wins, and when the only other candidate who might win against Victor drops out, Chris convinces Cody into running. Emily becomes his campaign manager, and Mags and Grace talk opinion polls, and promise dates to get guys to vote for Cody. The girls even present Cody with a secret weapon to get the girls' votes -- a leather jacket. The only other candidate, Stevie Blum, is so desperate that he just wants to be able to get 1 vote. Later, at a debate, Victor and Cody battle it out, and when Stevie finally gets a chance to speak, he says he has his 'one vote' -- and suddenly Morgan appears and says that she could never go out with any guy who didn't vote for Stevie. It's a landslide victory for Stevie!

1x10 Tutor's Pet

  • 1997-11-22T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Emily agrees to help members of the football team study for their biology mid-term. However, they try to show Emily their appreciation for her efforts and end up giving her too much attention.

1x11 The Christmas Concert

  • 1997-12-20T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Due to budget cuts, there will be no annual Christmas concert at the school. The gang decide to save the concert by raising money through a raffle.

1x12 Mags' Birthday

  • 1998-01-17T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

When she was little, Mag set a goal to be a super star before she turned 16 years old. Friday, it's his 16th birthday. Emilie receives $200 from Mrs. Morton and wants to throw a party for Mags, but Mags doesn't want to have a party.

1x13 Cyrano de Edison

  • 1998-01-24T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

The gang must perform the play ""Cyrano de Bergerac"" for French class. Cody gets jealous when Romeo gets the role of Christian and Emily is chosen to play his love interest Roxanne.

1x14 Goop

  • 1998-01-31T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Grace and Romeo inadvertantly creates a new substance called 'Goop' after having a lab experiment go awry.

1x15 Victor in Love

  • 1998-02-07T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Victor thinks he's finally in love. However, the rest of the gang is out to prove that the girl he's set his sights on, Priscilla, is just after his money.

1x16 Valentine's Day

  • 1998-02-14T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Cupid's arrow goes astray for Cody and Emily on their first Valentine's Day together

1x17 Date-a-Rama

  • 1998-02-21T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

A battle of the sexes starts when students in economics class are paired up as husband and wife.

1x18 Mags' Secret Admirer

  • 1998-02-28T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Mags starts getting messages and even filet mignon from a SecretAdmirer04. She and the rest of the gang try to figure out who the admirer is and if it's one of them.

1x19 Mags Rags

  • 1998-03-14T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

When everyone seems to love Mags' fashion designs, she decides to put on a fashion show with Chris as her manager.

1x20 Career Day

  • 1998-03-21T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Mrs. Morton decided to let the gang run the school for a day. Everyone will have to accomplish their job: Cody will be the janitor, Romeo and Mags will be the doctors, Chris and Victor will be the cooks, Flash will be their boss, Grace will be the vice principal, Emily will be her assistant, and Morgan will be the dean of students. Grace, nervous about being the vice principal, will not know what to do, she who has no sens of responsibilities and who is so shy. Morgan had the brillant idea to play music in all the school but when Mrs. Morton hears it, she thinks that Grace is responsible for that! Grace tells Mrs. Morton that she doesn't understand how could she chose a girl like her to be the vice principal. Mrs. Morton tells Grace that she'll have to be more strict with her friends and the rest of the students. That conversation was very fruitful: Grace had become so severe with her friends that she was even giving them unhappy faces stickers when they were acting bad. Result: they a

1x21 Secret Weapon

  • 1998-04-04T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Morgan shows interest in joining the Student Bodies staff and Chris battles Victor to attract her.

1x22 Flash

  • 1998-04-18T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Chris hides a secret as his friends try to help him out of a dating slump.

1x23 Cody Presley

  • 1998-04-25T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Chris suggests students don their blue suede shoes for an Elvis impersonation contest to raise money for a new scanner.

1x24 Bad Girl Emily

  • 1998-05-02T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Emily wants to play the bad girl in Flash's student film.

1x25 Grounded

  • 1998-05-09T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

After posing as a ""bad girl"" to impress Flash, Emily is grounded, so the gang tries to sneak in to see her.

1x26 Tanya

  • 1998-05-16T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Cody gets more than he bargained for when he signs up for an art class at the local college.

2x01 The Trial

  • Season Premiere

    1998-09-26T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

After Emily finds out about Cody's new art class, they get into a fight and Emily tells Cody that if he likes Tanya so much heshould go and be with her! therefore Cody goes to Tanya's house that night, and after he gets home and goes to sleep and gets a trial in his dream and he profes to himself that he is guilty, so the next morning Cody and Emily break up!

2x02 A New Beginning

  • 1998-10-03T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Emily takes over the job of being the director of Student Bodies. Meanwhile, it looks as though the rival paper The Student Voice might be shut down by Ms. Morton.

2x03 The Waitress

  • 1998-10-10T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Chris and Cody try both try their best to impress Jenn, a new waitress at The Station.

2x04 Dating Game

  • 1998-10-17T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

The gang all go on blind dates looking for love.

2x05 A Perfect Mags

  • 1998-10-24T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Mags wants to look perfect but might go too far for the perfect body.

2x06 The Road Trip

  • 1998-10-31T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

The guys (even Victor) decide to take a road trip to a party. Trouble ensues when the directions are lost and the guys end up out in the woods. But the car ride provides for some male bonding and some secrets revealed between friends. One of which is that Cody has slept with Tanya.

2x07 Cody Moves In

  • 1998-11-07T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

After moving in with his dad, Cody isn't sure that he made the right decision. His father seems to be acting less like a parent and more like a friend.

2x08 The Boys of Edison

  • 1998-11-14T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

The guys face off after the girls create a competition to see which guys will make it into the 'Hottest Guys of Edison High' pin-up calendar.

2x11 New Year's Eve

  • 1998-12-26T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Grace and Cody try to make plans for New Year's Eve. However, Chris invites himself along, making it a threesome.

2x12 The Game Show

  • 1999-01-09T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

The gang participate in the game show He vs. She.

2x14 The Teacher

  • 1999-01-30T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Cody's dad goes out on a date with Ms. Griffin, Cody's history teacher. Meanwhile, Chris tries to teach Mags how to drive.

2x15 Snowed In

  • 1999-02-06T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

The gang gets snowed in inside the otherwise empty school. Romeo and Emily miss their perfect evening date that has been planned months in advance. Grace comments that that night is a blue moon, when people act strangely and anything can happen... They get to do whatever they've always wanted to do in the empty school. Chris and Victor spend most of the evening preparing food in the school kitchen, and Chris feels sorry for Victor, and at the end asks Mags to dance with Victor at the special dinner/dance they all planned for Romeo and Emily. Flash and Mags discover a common interest while stuck in the office after Flash injures her ankle.

2x16 Babe Magnet

  • 1999-02-13T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Due to his dating Mags, Chris suddenly becomes a babe magnet. It seems that girls are always after what they can't have. However, after making Mags angry with him, Chris goes on a date with another girl and sees what he's missing out on with Mags. Meanwhile, Victor has Flash pretend she's his girlfriend in hopes that the theory will work on him as well.

2x17 Victor Moves In

  • 1999-02-20T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

After Chris and Cody find Victor sleeping in the darkroom, Victor movies in with Cody.

2x18 Double Date

  • 1999-02-27T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Cody and his father each have a date. Cody with Grace and his dad with Ellen. Meanwhile, Emily gets a new job.

2x19 Goodbye Grace

  • 1999-03-13T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Grace recieves a letter saying that she has been accepted to Cambridge (a university in England). At first she does not want to go. Although it's only for a year, it will mean leaving behind her best friends and worst of all, Cody. She asks Cody what she should do and Cody doesn't know how to answer. Emily throws a ""Goodbye Grace"" party at Cody's house where Cody tells her he wants her to stay. Meanwhile, Victor goes to one of Flash's self defense classes where he meets Annie Rodgers. He wants to ask her out, but doesn't have the courage. The next day, Emily tells Cody a story about her aunt who wanted to be a dancer. Cody then decides he doesn't want to hold Grace back from her dream. That night, Emily throws a ""Welcome Back Grace"" party where Cody tells Grace that she is making a mistake by not going. The next morning they say their last goodbyes.

2x20 The Test

  • 1999-03-20T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

The students of Edison High worry about passing an upcoming test in biology class. Many start coming up with plans and schemes to help them pass.

2x21 Detention

  • 1999-04-03T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Cody and Mags get hit with detention and have an adventure meeting all the usual deviants.

2x22 Cheer Up, Cody

  • 1999-04-17T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Cody gets a major case of the blues when Grace breaks up with Cody through e-mail.

2x23 The T-Shirt

  • 1999-04-24T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

After Cody chooses not to print one of his cartoons entitled 'Censorship Sucks,' Chris prints them up on t-shirts as part of another plan to make money.

2x24 Gay Friend

  • 1999-05-01T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Emily's old friend Stacey comes for a visit. However, Emily soon finds out that Stacey is gay and doesn't know how to deal with it.

2x25 New Friends (aka New Guys)

  • 1999-05-08T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Cody finds it hard to try and find common ground with Holly's not-so-nice friends.

2x26 Stand-Up Chris

  • 1999-05-15T11:30:00-07:00 — 30 mins

Chris gives stand-up comedy a try at The Station's 'Comedy Nite.' However, his set bombs and needs rescuing.

3x01 The Junior Prom

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 30 mins

Holly rents a hotel room for her and Cody in hopes of some fun after the prom. However, Cody finds himself thinking about Kim.

After playing with Chris, Romeo hurts his knee and ends up in the hospital. His injury starts to put a damper on his plans to play professional basketball.

The gang are given an English assignment to write a story in any genre. We follow Flash's old style detective mystery and Mags' adventure saving the town from vampires.

3x04 Kiss and Tell

  • no air date — 30 mins

Before a party, Emily, Cody, Chris and Mags (later joined by Flash and Victor) play a game called ""Kiss And Tell,"" in which you may have you to reveal one of your past kisses.

3x05 Time to Try

  • 2000-01-03T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Kim and Cody try to set Victor up with Holly. Their plan goes awry when victor starts to like Holly's friend Paula instead.

3x06 Victor Gets Drunk

  • 2000-01-10T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Victor has a little bit too much to drink at Cody's party and ends up hurting Flash.

3x07 The Reunion

  • 2000-01-17T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Cody has a dream about the gang's 25th high school reunion.

3x08 The Blow-Up

  • 2000-01-24T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Cody tries to get Holly to break up with him so that he can try to start dating Kim.

3x09 After High School

  • 2000-01-31T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

After the gang received their S.A.T. scores, Emily is jealous that Mags received the highest score of the gang. Meanwhile, Cody tries to figure out what to do with his life after high school.

3x10 Chris' Death

  • 2000-01-31T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

As a teacher's dying wish, he requests that Chris gives the eulogy at his funeral. But Chris find himself having a tough time doing it.

3x11 Romeo's Old Friend

  • no air date — 30 mins

Romeo's old friend comes to Edison for a visit. Romeo finds himself tempted to go out and chase girls with his friend instead of staying with Emily.

3x12 The Break-Up

  • 2000-02-12T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Romeo and Emily find that there's a flaw in their plan to be together but still see other people.

3x13 The Triangle

  • 2000-02-19T11:30:00-08:00 — 30 mins

Kim starts to think that the feelings between Cody and Emily might not necessarily be dead. She comes up with a plan for the two to go on one last date to find out.

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