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Supernatural: Season 1

1x15 The Benders


They took a risk with this one. Making a point about how humans can have the 'devil' inside them too without having anything supernatural about it. Dean says he gets the ghosts, demons, etc but not humans and that surprised me because it's the same for both. They have a reason no matter how twisted, and they have their ways no matter how wicked. And the final scene with the sheriff and her brother's killer... Yeah. It's a wonderful episode.

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Love how this episode takes a step away from supernatural monsters and has human antagonists.

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This episode reminded me of Hostel without the gore set in The Hills Have Eyes, baring in mind I haven't seen either of the films. It's the first time the brothers battle humans rather than the supernatural which I actually imagined happening at one point and wondered what it'd be like to see them in that situation. I imagined more humour from Dean in that circumstance but I think the fact he was so worried about Sammy, he was in stealth mode. I feel like there was a lack of gore but maybe that's because I'm used to Saw etc. I was really worried for Dean at one point (more so than when he could've died as I know anything can happen in Supernatural) as he gets discovered for identity fraud etc. I really wondered how he was going to get out of that one considering Dean is supposedly dead and suspected of murder. Close shave, boys.

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What I love the most about this episode is that, while it is a "monster of the week" episode, it shows us that humans can be just as scary and evil as any actual monster. this is the first time they have done this on the show, and it made for quite a watch .

I am rewatching all of Supernatural again and this one definitely stands out amongst the first season.

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Não foi nada sobrenatural, mas foi bom.

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