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Season 8 1992

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  • 1992-01-06T00:00:00Z on CITV
  • 25 mins
  • 4 hours, 10 mins (10 episodes)
  • United Kingdom
  • English
  • Fantasy, Science Fiction
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10 episodes

8x01 In The Footsteps Of Kit-Bag

  • Season Premiere

    1992-01-06T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

When reading up on her ancestor Kit Bag, T-Bag learns of her expedition to the fabled lost temple of Montezuma, and of how she mysteriously vanished hunting for the treasured sunstones. Investigating the legend, T-Bag and T-Shirt explore the vast African jungle, and meet absent-minded explorer Diggory Hunt and his daughter Penny. All four of them reach the temple, where T-Bag plots to harness the power of the sunstones, but Diggory scatters them across time and space, and charges his daughter to find them...

8x02 Gussie And Twittering

  • 1992-01-13T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

In the 1920s, Gussy Milksop, heir to a vast fortune, discovers that his Aunt will cut him off if he doesn't get married. Realizing that Gussy's engagement ring carries a sunstone atop it, T-Bag decides to manipulate Gussie by disguising herself as rich heiress Daisy Pelf...

8x03 Wilma Tell

  • 1992-01-20T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

Penny arrives in Switzerland where she allies herself with Wilma Tell, a sharp witted advocate for the Chocolate Liberation Front, out to liberate all chocolate from the selfish King Guzzler, who places a price on Tell's head. When Guzzler breaks a tooth, T-Bag and T-Shirt pose as dentists, eager to search him for the next sunstone...

8x04 Gone Fishing

  • 1992-01-27T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

T-Shirt, tired of doing housework, sneaks off and befriends Tom, who desires to go fishing, but can't until he whitewashes his fence, T-Shirt helps him out and the two are able to enjoy the rest of the day off. Meanwhile, Penny's collection of sunstones are taken by conman Jeremiah Q. Goosepellet, who later attempts to scam Tom's kindly Aunt Molly, who has the next Sunstone...

8x05 Hippies

  • 1992-02-03T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

Arriving in the 1960s, Penny meets rock star Ed Banger, who is the exact double of T-Shirt. T-Bag mistakes Ed for T-Shirt and it's not long before chaos ensues..

8x06 Ra Ra Rasputin

  • 1992-02-10T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

Penny is accused of robbing the Russian queen Tsnarnia, who is being manipulated by the true thief, the treacherous "royal healer" Rasputin, into marrying him. T-Bag replaces Tsnarnia on her wedding day, and attempts to trick Rasputin into "curing" an illness with his sunstone...

8x07 One Million Years B.C.

  • 1992-02-17T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

Penny arrives in the distant past and discovers the next sunstone is a symbol of power amongst a tribe of cavemen. When the sunstone is taken by an aggressive caveman called Thug, T-Bag challenges him to a fight, and picks T-Shirt as her champion...

8x08 Napoleon And Josephine

  • 1992-02-24T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

T-Shirt attempts to manipulate Napoleon into giving him the next sunstone, whilst Napoleon's lieutenant Bidet plots a mutiny and recruits T-Bag to help. Can Penny warn Napoleon in time?

8x09 Y-Fronts

  • 1992-03-02T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

T-Shirt and Granny Bag sneak off on holiday and encounter a creepy castle. Penny arrives as well and it's not long before all of them come face to face with a Frankenstein monster...

8x10 Montezuma's Revenge

  • 1992-03-09T00:00:00Z — 25 mins

T-Bag captures Diggory and demands Penny hand over all of the sunstones to spare his life. Penny gives her one in exchange for proof of her father's incarceration, T-Bag agrees and goes to collect Diggory's watch, but Penny pursues her and rescues her father. Resolving to destroy the sunstones, Penny and Diggory attempt to cast them into an eternal flame, but Diggory's fascination with the stones weakens his resolve, which T-Bag takes advantage of and seizes the stones for herself.

With the power of the sun at her disposal, it appears as if nothing can stop T-Bag...until a blast from the past comes calling...

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