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Tactical to Practical

Season 1 2003 - 2004

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  • 2003-09-10T01:00:00Z on History
  • 45 mins
  • 15 hours, 45 mins (21 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Documentary
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They say necessity is the mother of invention, and few situations rival military necessity. What is surprising is how often solutions to military problems turn out to be useful in everyday life. TACTICAL TO PRACTICAL is a new one-hour program from The History Channel that explores innovations developed for combat that have evolved into useful tools for civilian life. Hosted by Hunter Ellis, former Navy Officer and SURVIVOR contestant. There is no currently active editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.

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21 episodes

1x01 Humvee; Night Vision; GPS

  • Series Premiere

    2003-09-10T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Former Navy fighter pilot and series host Hunter Ellis examines military solutions to problems that crossed over into civilian life. Hunter explores the Army's relationship with four-wheel drive--from WWII Jeeps to the Humvee. From off-road to the dark of night, he takes a glowing green look into night vision technology, now used in law enforcement and wildlife research. And, he shows how GPS (Global Positioning System) came into its own in Desert Storm and is about to make the compass obsolete!

1x02 Submarines; Miracle Materials; Radar

  • 2003-09-17T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Hand-held sonar devices; radar; and carbon-fiber technology.

1x03 Attack Planes; Animals at War; Inflatables

  • 2003-09-24T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Military aircraft adapted for civilian use. Also: animals used by the military.

1x04 Tanks; Satellites; Parachutes

  • 2003-10-01T01:00:00Z — 45 mins

Born in the military, tanks, satellites and parachutes find useful and exciting applications in civilian life.

Hunter teaches us about the offroad abilities of the desert patrol vehical.

1x10 Boys' Toys

  • 2003-12-03T02:00:00Z — 45 mins

Seaplanes; Vertical Take-Off Landing Craft; origins, history and mission of military police; simulators; video games; paintball war games.

Non-lethal weapons; hypersonic sound; digital technology; portable information technology; biometric and software security; wireless communications; video teleconferencing; the wireless network; fastest craft on land and in the water.

The history and technology of submarine rescues; treasure hunter Mel Fisher's search for the Atocha; dirigibles; snow gear.

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