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Texas Flip and Move

All Episodes 2013 - 2017

  • 2018-12-14T22:00:00-05:00s at 2018-12-14T22:00:00-05:00 on HGTV
  • 2015-01-17T03:00:00Z
  • 60 mins
  • 3 days, 2 hours, 0 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality
Three teams of Texas real estate entrepreneurs are under the gun to buy low, work fast and sell high in a thrilling flipping competition. As soon as they buy a house at auction, they race to get it renovated and ready for resale.

75 episodes

Cody drops a bid for a tiny backyard barn but getting it to the renovation lot takes a radical house move. Randy wins a weird square building with prison-size windows and he has ideas for an open-plan, loft-style remodel

2x02 Randy's Gem vs. Snows' Silo

  • 2015-09-26T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Randy finds a great house at an auction, but is hesitant to spend more money to update it, leaving Travis to convince him otherwise. Elsewhere, Toni grabs a small tin grain silo, much to Donna's chagrin.

2x03 A Country Melody Home

  • 2015-10-03T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

The Snow sisters discover their new purchase has been partially gutted and needs a bit of work to reconfigure the interior floor plan. On top of other issues, the Master Suite is currently accessed only through another bedroom. Their solution is to create a hallway through a back bedroom and use the remainder of the space as a laundry room. When they find an old piano in the house, they are inspired to create a country melody design theme.

2x04 Dueling Duplexes

  • 2015-10-10T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

The Snow sisters and the Slays each score identical duplex homes at auction. They go head to head to see who can get more creative with their makeover and make the most money on the flip. The Snows combine both living spaces into one 4-bedroom home with an open kitchen and great room and then add a front porch for curb appeal. Cody and Suzi plan to out-do the sisters when they combine both living spaces into a 3 bedroom home with a luxurious master bathroom and walk-in closet. When Cody sees the sister's porch, he sets out to top it with one that is even bigger.

2x05 Captain Cody vs. Randy's Shack

  • 2015-10-17T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Cody and Suzi are on their way to an auction when Cody impulsively buys a houseboat. They decide to turn it into 'The Ultimate Texas Party Boat' by overhauling the living quarters and plastering a giant Texas flag on the exterior. Randy wins a building at auction that looks like it had been used as a roadside fruit stand but he discovers it has no bedroom or bathroom. He decides to go with a rustic-look 'Bayou Shack' and turns it into a laid-back vacation cottage complete with a horse trough bathtub, car seat porch swing, and full outdoor BBQ kitchen.

2x06 The Bird House

  • 2015-10-24T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Donna and Toni buy a duplex in a neighborhood that is being completely redeveloped. They decide the house will sell best if they turn it into a single-family home. Their design inspiration is a whimsical bird theme because the house originally came from Bird Street, but the renovation hits a snag when they discover extensive termite damage during the demolition phase.

2x07 A Dollar Deal vs. A Retreat

  • 2015-10-31T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

The Snows get a steal on a small 300 sq. ft. building, but discover that it was used as an office for a riding arena and has no kitchen. They turn it into a cozy writer's retreat with a compact kitchen and completely renovated bathroom. Meanwhile, the Young Guns win a burned out house for a dollar because no one else wants it. But Cousin Casey won't move it and Cody enlists Randy to do the job for half the profits. The Young Guns use some clever cost saving tricks to take this horror house with no functioning kitchen nor bathroom and transform it into a cute little cottage.

Cody and Suzi decide to share duties redesigning a duplex when he takes one side and she takes on the other. All is going well until they find extensive rot and termite damage on Cody's side. When the other movers hear of the Young Gun's predicament, they all lend a hand. Unfortunately, when Cody tries to demolish the rotted half of the house, it all comes crashing down and the Young Guns end up with a one bed, one bath bungalow.

The Young Guns win a 40 foot metal shipping container and decide to make it into a sporting lodge that can accommodate an ATV and is decked out in camouflage design. Meanwhile, Donna and Toni build a playhouse that they will auction off and donate the money to a children's charity.

The Snows take on a large house that must be cut in half before it can be moved. When only one half arrives at the renovation lot because of bad weather, the sister decide to divide and conquer with Donna working on one half and Toni taking on the other that was left behind. They agree on a 'color house' design theme of using dramatic colors in every room. Once the house is put back together, they both pitch in to turn the former attached garage into a spectacular new master suite.

Randy discovers that his new house is straight out of the 1970's on the inside with a faux fireplace, vaulted beam ceiling and wall-to-wall knotty pine. The master suite resembles a hotel room with separate toilet and sink areas. Randy's plan is to update it throughout and create a master bath with a large walk-in closet all while giving a nod to the 70's style. When the Snows get outbid at another auction, they still have an ace up their sleeves. The Sisters decide to use a pool house that had come with another house they had won and to turn the 245 SF shell on a slab with no plumbing into a cute cottage complete with kitchen, bathroom, and living space. They finish it off with an adorable porch with natural cedar posts and railings.

The Snow Sisters win a termite damaged three bedroom house that is almost entirely covered with dated faux wood paneling. The dark and dingy old house gets a total transformation that includes a new kitchen and updated bathrooms and bedrooms. The sisters settle on a rustic western design theme that's perfect for a true Texas home.

Randy gets a bargain on a vintage 31 foot 1972 Airstream travel trailer. It's not exactly a house, but Randy knows that there is a good market for these once they've been renovated. The exterior has some large dents and even a bullet hole and refurbishing it turns out to be a major headache. On the inside, he decides to go with a combination of retro design with modern functionality. Cody scores a large house, but has to knock it down when he can't get anyone to move it. All is not lost when he takes a small shed from the back yard and uses it to make an adorable tiny house on wheels that is completely portable.

3x01 Shack Shake-Up vs Old Church

  • Season Premiere

    2016-01-09T03:00:00Z — 60 mins

The Young Guns score a house that used to be a church, then they're called out of town, and cousin Casey takes over; Donna and Toni transform a one-room service building into a cottage retreat.

3x09 Moldy Oldie vs. Lake House

  • 2016-03-05T03:00:00Z — 60 mins

Randy thinks he got a steal on a house with a stucco exterior, until he finds water damage and black mold inside. When Casey is left to turn around a shabby lakeside home by himself, he decides to hire a new hand

3x10 Rental House Rivalry

  • 2016-03-12T03:00:00Z — 60 mins

The sisters buy a house that sits right next door to one that the Lone Wolf snatches up. With the house rental market heating up, they both decide to tailor their flips to that clientele.

3x12 Empty Nest Flip

  • 2016-03-26T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

The Lone Wolf decides to turn a house into the ideal home for empty nesters, but he needs the help of the Snow sisters to make it happen.

3x13 Quirky Cabin vs Office Flip

  • 2016-04-02T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

A cabin appears to be in good condition but turns into a headache for the Lone Wolf; the Snows turn an office back into a home.

The team face a big challenge in a utility structure with no interior walls and a slab floor, complicating their plan to create a bunkhouse.

The ladies score an old train car and transform it into a studio while Randy bites off more than he can chew with a large ranch home inflicted with termite damage.

4x06 Half A House vs. Family Home

  • 2016-08-20T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Casey and Catrina score a 3 bed, 2 bath house, but realize they must cut half of it off in order to move it. When they lose half their square footage before they start, Casey and Catrina must figure out how to still make it profitable. Meanwhile, the Snow Sisters get a large house with a couple of bonus rooms, and the extra space allows the ladies to get creative with their family-friendly design plan.

4x12 Mediterranean House vs. Two Barns

  • 2016-10-01T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

An arched entryway in the Girls' new home inspires them to create a Mediterranean theme for the remodel. Casey and Catrina win two very small barns in a two-for-one auction and plan to combine them into one large living space in order to maximize profit.


  • 2016-12-10T03:00:00Z — 60 mins

Gary's Girls win big at a unique auction selling a 27-foot grain bin. Meanwhile, Randy scores an almost pristine-condition home but misses an important deadline, turning the flip into a flop.

6x01 The Snow Sister's Bare Bones Home vs. Randy's Moldy Mansion

  • Season Premiere

    2017-04-08T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

In the Season 6 premiere, the team visit an auction four hours away and the Snow sisters score a moldy house while Randy gets a house that's been stripped completely bare inside. Later: they switch houses to see who got the better deal.

6x02 Casey and Catrina's Upscale Upgrade

  • 2017-04-15T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Casey and Catrina reimagine a dated brick house by focusing on the kitchen and bathrooms and adding upscale features, including unique tubs, showers and sinks.

The Snows take a small, bare bones house and turn it into an airy home with custom built-ins. Also: Gary's Girls create a charming home using tile both inside and out.

The Snows renovate a fairly large house and focus on making the kitchen area custom and unique, while Casey and Catrina create a contemporary home with a true galley kitchen.

Paige and her husband Raf share a house they bought at an auction with Casey and Catrina, who have a specific buyer in mind. They put the house high up in the trees on their buyer's plot of land, while Paige and Raf combine their different styles to create one modern house.

Donna and Toni are contacted by an old friend who is looking for a house to buy. Their surprise buyer requests a sleek industrial look -- just the opposite of what they expected. Even so, the sisters deliver a house that far exceeds his expectations.

6x08 Gary's Girls' Elevator Barn Build

  • 2017-05-27T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Gary's Girls turn a bare-bones barn into a two-story house with special installation requests from the buyer including a unique elevator.

6x12 The Duplex Double

  • 2017-06-24T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Catrina plans on turning a duplex into a single-family home, but Casey surprises her with twin buyers who want to keep the home as a duplex.

6x13 Paige and Raf Go East

  • 2017-07-01T02:00:00Z — 60 mins

Paige and Raf flip a house that gets a brand-new roof and a specific design style; inspired by Raf's Boston roots, Paige designs a house with an East Coast aesthetic.