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That '70s Show: Season 3

3x12 Fez Gets the Girl

  • 2001-01-17T01:00:00Z on FOX (US)
  • 20 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy

Fez has a crush on a girl but is too shy to approach her, so Donna sets them up together. Donna wins two tickets to see Led Zeppelin in concert but Eric can't go because he has to work so she gives one to Fez and the other to Caroline, the girl that Fez has a crush on, because Kelso, Hyde and Jackie keep fighting over who she's going to take. Eric is named Price Mart employee of the month and it goes to his head. Laurie uses Kitty as a hair model and Kitty doesn't like the job she did but won't tell her because Laurie wants to quit already after only two weeks in beauty school.