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The Adventures of Kit Carson

All Episodes 1951 - 1955

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  • Ended
  • 1951-08-11T21:30:00Z
  • 25 mins
  • 1 day, 19 hours, 15 mins (103 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Western
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The Adventures of Kit Carson, proved a popular Western in the early 1950s, geared for the children's market, although there was very little historical fact in this series about the real Kit Carson, famous Indian Scout and explorer of the Western Frontier. Kit Carson and El Toro, his Mexican sidekick, roamed the Wild West, traveling from Wyoming to Texas during the 1880s, chasing desperadoes, tracking wild game, drinking coffee by their campfire, and delighting youthful audiences. This, of course, was historically inaccurate, since the real Kit Carson died in 1868 at age fifty-nine. At the time he was an Indian agent at Fort Lyon, Colorado.
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103 episodes

1x03 The Road To Monterey

  • 1951-08-25T21:30:00Z — 26 mins

Kit escorts Senator Folwer, his ex-commanding officer in the army to Monterey, after an attempt is made on his life. Meanwhile, El Toro tries to re-kindle an old flame.

1x22 The Trap

  • 1952-01-05T22:30:00Z — 26 mins

1x25 Bandit's Blade

  • 1952-01-26T22:30:00Z — 26 mins

Kit Carson trails a gang that uses counterfeit money to buy land from unsuspecting victims, kill them, and then use the same phony bills again.

2x03 Danger Hill

  • 1952-08-16T21:30:00Z — 25 mins

When a student discovers gold under the schoolhouse, Melody Flats' town boss and his henchmen try to jump the schoolmarm's claim. Kit and El Toro come to aid of the schoolteacher.

2x06 Warwhoop

  • 1952-09-06T21:30:00Z — 25 mins

2x07 Outlaw Paradise

  • 1952-09-13T21:30:00Z — 25 mins

Boone Williams, the Curly-Haired Kid, has been released from prison and prepares to carry out threats he's made against Kit Carson and Judge Trumbull, the men who he blames for putting him in prison. While wearing clothes similar to Kit's he dry-gulches the Judge after arranging for the Judge's son to witness the crime with Kit nearby so he can be identified as the criminal. El Toro breaks Kit out of jail and the two men pursue Williams to the Panhandle with the Judge's son in pursuit.

2x21 Hideout

  • 1952-12-20T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

2x25 Claim Jumpers

  • 1953-01-17T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

A crooked assayer and his henchman attempt to steal an old miner's claim by relocating its apparent entrance to a worthless mine-shaft.

2x26 Mark of the Vigilantes

  • 1953-01-24T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit agrees to serve as a town's acting marshal and must fight a crooked businessman who plans to rig an election.

3x01 Outlaw Trail

  • Season Premiere

    1953-08-01T21:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit poses as a gunfighter and El Toro as a notorious jewel fence in order to find a jewel-encrusted plaque that has been stolen from a mission.

3x19 The Haunted Hacienda

  • 1953-12-05T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

When El Toro's uncle is threatened with losing his ranch due to a series of a series of supernatural events and witchcraft episodes, Kit Carson is asked to intervene.

3x20 Gunsmoke Valley

  • 1953-12-12T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit and El Toro show up at the wedding of an old friend, who's also an ex-convict. They discover that the man's benefactor has been murdered, their friend has been accused of it and a mob is preparing to lynch him.

3x22 Ambush

  • 1953-12-26T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

3x24 Copper Town

  • 1954-01-16T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit and El Toro go after a gang of stagecoach robbers who are using an inn along the trail as a front.

4x01 Trails Westward

  • Season Premiere

    1954-07-31T21:30:00Z — 25 mins

4x05 The Gatling Gun

  • 1954-08-28T21:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit and El Toro are entrusted with protecting the west's first Gatling gun, which is wanted by a gang headed by a woman who is a wanted Confederate war criminal.

4x06 Powder Depot

  • 1954-09-04T21:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit and El Tore are sent to deliver an ammunition shipment to prevent an Indian uprising brought about by a white man posing as an Indian god.

4x09 Frontier of Challenge

  • 1954-09-25T21:30:00Z — 25 mins

In order to find out what's behind a mysterious businessman's determined effort to find out when the army is going to build its next forts, Kit fakes his own death and poses as an outlaw.

4x15 Eyes of the Outlaw

  • 1954-11-06T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit and El Toro drive off a blind outlaw and his Indian partner who were trying to kidnap a young woman from a stagecoach. They soon find they didn't realize how much trouble it is going to cause them.

4x22 Overland Stage

  • 1954-12-25T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit and El Toro try to help a young woman running a stage line find out who's behind a rash of robberies of her stages carrying silver.

4x23 Devil's Remuda

  • 1955-01-01T22:30:00Z — 25 mins

Kit and El Toro try to find out what's behind a herd of horses that has been accused of trampling several people to death.

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