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The Amazing Race: Season 4

4x08 The Princess Reminded Me of My Grandmother. She Was Very Old but Still Very, Very with It

  • 2003-07-18T00:00:00Z on CBS
  • 43 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality, Action, Adventure, Game Show

At the opening of the episode, Reichen and Chip reveal to the remaining teams that they are a couple and have been married for a year now - it's their one-year anniversary. Reichen discusses how he quit the Air Force so he could be with Chip and Millie and Chuck also talk about how they've been together for twelve years and then got engaged before the race. The teams are given $120 for the leg, which sends them from India to Kotakinabalu, Malaysisa, over 5,000 miles away. The teams jockey for position to get faster flights, with Jon and Al, Millie and Chuck and David and Jeff ending up at the front of the pack, despite an initial blunder by Reichen and Chip. David and Jeff and Kelly and Jon trail not far behind. The teams finally reach Malaysia, where, after participating in a traditional ceremony of good blessing, they head on to a Detour: Net or Trap. In "Net," the teams have to catch fifteen fish, while in trap, they have to hoist a huge lobster trap in order to get a clue. After co