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    The Amazing Strategist Liu Bowen

    • Ended
    • 45 mins
    • Drama

    Aided by Liu Bowen's amazing abilities to predict the future, Zhu Yuanzhang overthrows the Mongol Yuan and establishes the Ming Empire.

    Yuan Princess Nanfeng, after a failed attempt to assassinate Emperor Yuanzhang, was blinded and sought refuge in the shop of Liu Bowen's good friend, A Tian where she ends up also be-friending Bowen and his sister-in-training, A Xiu. Finding out about Nanfeng's identity, Bowen took her in and sought to restore her sight while keeping her from attempting another assassination on the Emperor in hopes of dispelling the emnity between Emperor Yuanzhang and the Yuan.

    Unfortunately, Ming official Hu Weiyong, for the sake of personal gain, influences Emperor Yuanzhang to try to have Nanfeng killed. Thus begins a battle of wits between Liu Bowen and Hu Weiyong in which the outcome will decide the fate of the Ming.

    1 season

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