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The Awakening Story

  • Ended
  • TVB
  • 2001-09-24T01:00:00+01:00
  • 42 mins
  • Hong Kong
  • English

This is the story of a married woman named Lam Ho Shuet (Liza Wang). She was in a car accident in the year 1984, and has been unconscious since then. 16 years later, she wakes up to find the world completely different from the world 16 years before.

MAIN PLOT: After Shuet woke up from her coma, it is slowly revealed that 16 years earlier, Shuet was trying to leave her husband and family because of stresses and loneliness. That was on her first daughter, Hing Ga's birthday who was throwing a tantrum earlier about getting a birthday cake earlier. Shuet left the family but then realized that she could not live without her family and decided to come back. After purchasing the cake and on her way back, she was hit by a car resulting in the coma.
After waking up, her personality is what you call 'clueless'. While her husband, Philip is holding a good position in his company, he is smart and successful, she is still dealing with her surroundings. She was basically unmatched for her husband, for they had two different personalities. Her youngest son, Chai, wanted to be a professional hairstylist. Philip opposed to the idea while his mom thought it is a good thing for her son to follow his own dreams. While their youngest daughter, Hing Yan, wanted to date and then to marry Lok, but her dad opposed to it, because he is unemployed and don't seem to be able to take care of her, however, her mom gave her blessing to them.
The main character's husband thought she was not good enough for him. She was stupid, annoying and messed everything up; like his computer. He spends time with a smarter girl from his company. They fall in love and become a couple, whilst hiding the fact from his wife.
Eventually, she finds out more about her husband's affair with the girl and divorces him. Their older daughter blames it on herself because she can't forget how her mother fell into a 16 year coma for her. Her mom, as always, encourages her to not think that way and she finds a lover.
Her mom always wanted to not be so useless and dumb and starts learning more about technology, business and etc..... She tries to find a job, any job, even being a cleaning maid, and gets an extreme makeover. She starts gaining more knowledge and gets an even better job. She even surpasses her former husband, and he falls in love with her again.

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