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    The Beet Party

    Season 1

    • 2 mins
    • Animation, Children, Comedy

    Five of the coolest Beets around are chilling in the fridge when something new and unexpected arrives on their shelf. Curiosity piqued, the Beets explore, experiment, build and play in original and inventive ways to hilarious results. And then it's time to celebrate with some serious boxing and fabulous party!

    7 episodes

    1x01 Under Watermelon

    • Series Premiere

      no air date — 2 mins

    A giant watermelon is placed in the fridge which causes some major space issues with the beets.

    1x02 Jurassic Fridge

    • no air date — 2 mins

    A cardboard box with some kind of snapping monster in it turns out to be nothing but a beat boxing loving lobster.

    1x03 Beet Scratch

    • no air date — 2 mins

    Two mini-pizzas act as turntables with Boom-Ka as the DJ. If it weren't for The Off's nap being disrupted by all the noise, this would be the perfect Beet Party yet!


    • no air date — 2 mins


    • no air date — 2 mins


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    • no air date — 2 mins