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The Blacklist: Redemption 2017

So who thought itwas a good idea to put Tom Keen as the main actor, is it cause he's such a great character and totally not a bore in the real series? Famke Janssen though...

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Wow, it is one of the most underwhelming spin-off I have seen so far.
Famke Janssen's facial expressions are in Kirsten Stewart's RBF league and sometimes even on par with Darth Vader's. Dumont's only role is to regurgitate "go 20 feet east, there's a guard" mantra like a broken GPS. I have no clue how Terry O'Quinn got here. The only enjoyable character was Matias' -- it might be just me but I like on-screen psychopaths.
The only good thing related to this show I can think of is that Megan Boone's instantly irritating character was just a cameo.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a spin-off with Matias Solomon, his character is so much more interesting than Tom Keen. Maybe it's too early to say, but I think, Tom Keen has went soft.

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How sad. Someone thought hey he's white, a man as the lead, they killed in another serie but what the heck it's ok, they'll redeem themselves in this one. Ok, let's do it. Sad... sad... world we inheriting-ed

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