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The Block

Season 10 2015

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  • 2015-01-27T08:30:00Z on Nine Network
  • 60 mins
  • 2 days, 10 hours, 0 mins (58 episodes)
  • Australia
  • English
  • Reality
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58 episodes

10x01 Welcome to The Block!

  • Season Premiere

    2015-01-27T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Scott introduces our six new contestants for the first time. Their first of three renovation elimination challenges is to design and renovate a bedroom in just 24 hours. Who will be the first to go?

10x02 Elimination Number One

  • 2015-01-28T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

After a gruelling 24 hours renovating a master bedroom, one of our contestants will be eliminated, with only five going through to the next round.

10x03 Elimination Challenge Two

  • 2015-01-29T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Round two of the eliminations kicks off! The five remaining contestants will now have 48 hours to completely transform a living and dining area of an apartment. The stakes are higher than ever as these contestants are playing for keeps.

10x04 Who's the Next to Go?

  • 2015-02-02T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The second elimination round comes to a close. After a 48 hour battle to deliver a living and dining room, one of our five newbie teams will say goodbye to their Block dream and head home.

Only four teams remain but only three will get to move on to The Block. The teams are given 72 hours to completely transform a bathroom ... good luck!

10x06 Bathrooms in 72 hours!

  • 2015-02-04T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Ever tried to renovate a bathroom in 72 hours? Neither have our four newbies. This final elimination pushes our four teams to the brink. Two big questions remain ... will they all finish and who will be eliminated?

10x07 Meet Our New Blockheads!

  • 2015-02-05T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The final elimination challenge comes to an end and our final three newbie teams are at last revealed. But they have a big surprise in store when they meet the real Triple Threat: three favoured All Star teams.

10x08 The Triple Threat Arrives

  • 2015-02-09T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Our three new couples meet the real Triple Threat. All Stars Dea and Darren, Matt and Kim and Bec and George arrive at The Block. For our All Stars there's a catch and it takes all three couples by surprise.

10x09 Let the Renovating Begin

  • 2015-02-10T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

It's chaos as our six teams begin renovating their first room, a bedroom. The All Stars realise they need to bring their a-game this episode because only one All Star team will make it onto The Block.

10x10 Demolition and Design

  • 2015-02-11T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Scotty shows Shelley Craft through the newest Block and they're both impressed with what some of the teams have planned for this week. Floor plans are being changed and the All Stars are trying their hand at the very best designer finishes.

Join Shelley for all the best behind-the-scenes from the week that was and also get some design and DIY advice from our resident judges, some familiar Block faces and Scotty himself.

10x12 Bedrooms Are Revealed

  • 2015-02-15T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Judges Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer and John McGrath arrive to judge the contestants' bedrooms and they're looking for perfection this series. For the All Stars the stakes are high because only one couple will make it onto The Block.

10x13 Bathroom Week Begins

  • 2015-02-16T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The All Stars have moved in and the The Block is now a full house. There's four teams competing against each other, and they need to deliver their main bathroom in a week. Anastasia struggles under the pressure but gets a welcome surprise from Scotty.

10x14 The Rug Rat Challenge

  • 2015-02-17T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The teams meet Shelley for a challenge worth $5000. They must design their own rug and the winner is chosen by designer to the stars Camilla Franks. Thanks to Designer Rugs, the winner will have their custom rug made in time for living and dining room week.

10x15 Bathroom Week Continues

  • 2015-02-18T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The chaos of bathroom week is taking its toll. Tiles aren't sticking, shower screens aren't fitting and tools down comes far too soon for everyone on site. One of the All Stars falls ill and is forced to spend some time resting at home.

Join Shelley for all the best behind-the-scenes from the week that was and also get some design and DIY advice from our resident judges, some familiar Block faces and Scotty himself.

10x17 Bathroom Reveal

  • 2015-02-22T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The battle of the bathrooms comes to an end when the teams hand over their rooms for judging. There's $10,000 for the winning room. One Blockhead ends up in hospital, making things a little more stressful for their team mate.

10x18 Buyers Jury

  • 2015-02-23T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The teams get busy designing and shopping for their second bedrooms but work comes to a stop and the teams head to HQ. Scotty and Shelley surprise the teams with a twist that will change the way they play the game.

10x19 Jimmy Possum Challenge

  • 2015-02-24T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

It's half way through bedroom week and Jess flies to Sydney to shop with Neale Whitaker, who has some helpful design and styling advice. Then its challenge time and the teams drive to Bendigo where they meet Scotty at furniture manufacturers Jimmy Possum.

The battle of the seagrass wallpaper continues. The teams are stopping at nothing to impress the judges this week. Scotty and Shelley arrive on site to check on progress and Josh is faced with a major set back when Keith tells him to start his flooring again.

Tonight Block All Stars winners Phil and Amity help a Sydney family who are struggling to sell their home. Keith and Dan get together in the shed and make some stunning side tables.

10x22 Bedrooms Revealed

  • 2015-03-01T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The battle of the seagrass wallpaper heats up when the second bedrooms are revealed and the judges are divided on one room. Neale loves it, but Shaynna isn't so keen and things heat up at Scotty's HQ when Dea and Darren wield the power of the chalk.

10x23 Buyers Jury

  • 2015-03-02T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The teams start work on their laundries, powder rooms, and cellars. Then the teams head to meet Scotty and Shelley at HQ to hear some all-important feedback from the buyer's jury.

10x24 Make A Wish Challenge

  • 2015-03-03T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Midway through a mammoth three room week, there's plenty of renovating on The Block, and challenge day comes at a very busy time. The contestants meet Shelley for a special Make A Wish Challenge, and all involved help put a smile on the faces of some unwell children.

10x25 Three Room Reality

  • 2015-03-04T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Tempers fray as one contestant wants to quit. There's tiling gone wrong, laundry chute issues and floor levels that aren't right. Ayden and Jess's receive a welcome distraction when their children arrive for a visit.

Shelley will fill you in with all the best behind the scenes from the past week of renovating on The Block. Glasshouse winners Simon and Shannon help out a Sydney family in the latest "Doing Your Block". Design Doctor Darren Palmer helps a couple design a nursery

It's the end of a massive week of renovating when the four teams complete their powder rooms, laundries and cellars. The judges are impressed with all the rooms and when it comes to the scores, there's just half a point difference for three of the teams.

10x28 Buyers Jury

  • 2015-03-10T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

When the team's inspect each others rooms, there is controversy over the cost of Darren and Dea's cellar full of wine. The buyers jury also inspects the completed rooms and when it comes to choosing a winner, they don't agree with judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren.

10x29 Model Tenants Challenge

  • 2015-03-11T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Midway through living and dining room week, Darren and Deanne are frustrated by the demands of the building inspector when they're told their ceiling is too low. The teams meet Scotty for a challenge where they'll need to bring their very best designer foot forward.

As the week continues, Anastasia is loosing confidence, Jess and Ayden are fighting and getting furniture into the apartments is proving difficult. Charlotte spends her birthday painting late into the night, taking extra care with the paint to try to impress the judges.

Shaynna Blaze gives us great advice about how to get the Hollywood regency look at your place. Glasshouse contestants Michael and Carlene are back for Doing Your Block and Scotty rescues another Knucklehead.

Four exhausted teams deliver their living and dining rooms and in Scotty's HQ, the feedback from the judges is brutal. One team doesn't complete their dining area and another is devastated by the comments they receive.

10x33 Shaynna Mentors Dea

  • 2015-03-16T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

The mess in Dea and Darren's dining room is addressed when Shaynna arrives for a mentoring session. Tim and Anastasia plan a loo with a view in their ensuite. The buyers' advocates score the completed rooms and this week they don't agree with the judges.

10x34 Face Value Challenge

  • 2015-03-17T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

It's challenge day and the teams head to Coburg where they meet Scotty for a landscaping challenge. They'll have eight hours to transform the front gardens of two properties and the winning team will take home $6,000 cash.

10x35 Ensuite Week Continues

  • 2015-03-18T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Our buyers' advocates arrive in Coburg to decide on a winner of the landscaping challenge. Then the teams head back to the Block and get working on their ensuites. Budgets are on everyone's mind as the invoices roll in and the teams struggle to pay their tradesmen.

Block All Stars Matt and Kim help a family sell their home for top dollar, past contestant and professional painter Shannon gives his best painting tips. Design Doctor Darren Palmer works his magic in an incredible bathroom makeover.

10x37 Ensuites Revealed

  • 2015-03-22T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Tonight, four spectacular ensuite bathrooms are revealed. Ayden and Jess struggle to complete their room and the exhausted four teams head to Scotty's HQ to find out who will win this week's much wanted $10,000 cash prize.

10x38 Master Bedrooms Begin

  • 2015-03-23T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Another week of renovating begins with the Master Bedrooms. The contestants inspect each others completed ensuites and one team plays to win, giving every other team zero out of ten in The Block jury vote.

10x39 Style To Sell Challenge

  • 2015-03-24T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Trouble brews for Dea and Darren when the other teams call for an investigation into the cost of the 440 bottles of wine for their cellar. Its challenge day once again and the teams have the chance to win $5000 cash in a real estate styling challenge.

10x40 The Wine Audit

  • 2015-03-25T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Construction is in full swing, with balconies being installed at each apartment. Scotty and Shelley arrive to check on progress of everyone's master suite. Ayden and Tim do their own investigation on Dea and Darren's cellar full of wine and ask Shelley for a wine audit

Block favourites Kyal and Kara visit the NSW south coast to makeover a home for sale. Darren tells us how to achieve the industrial look for three different budgets with Get The Look. Scotty helps out our latest Knucklehead with some essential tiling tips.

10x42 Master Bedroom Reveal

  • 2015-03-30T08:30:00Z — 60 mins

Four very different master bedrooms and dressing rooms are revealed. One team scores a perfect thirty out of thirty but Scotty has a shocking surprise that changes the game. Dea and Darren's wine audit comes to a head when Scotty plays judge and jury.

Tonight Scott Cam takes you behind the scenes of The Block. You'll see auditions from our chosen contestants as well as entries from some of the thousands of people who want-to-be Blockheads.

10x44 Kitchen Week Begins

  • 2015-04-05T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

The Block's exterior takes shape when rendering begins. The jury votes are rigged as one team is favoured and awarded the $5000 cash. For Tim and Anastasia, kitchen week gets off to a rocky start and Dea and Darren argue with Keith about their depleting budget.

10x45 Kitchen Week Continues

  • 2015-04-06T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

Four very different kitchens are well underway but progress stops when Tim and Anastasia's space isn't ready. Anastasia can't handle the pressure. The staircases begin to take shape.

10x46 Challenge Day

  • 2015-04-07T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

The couples are put into two teams on challenge day and compete against each other as they transform two corporate suites at the MCG. At The Block there's problems for Tim and Anastasia. They're not happy with their kitchen and the installation isn't going to plan.

10x47 Kitchens Revealed

  • 2015-04-12T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

The contestants complete four incredible and very different kitchens, but the judges aren't wowed by the efforts of the Blockheads. Dea and Darren are happy with their kitchen and are surprised and disappointed by feedback. One team takes home $10000.

10x48 Study And Stairs

  • 2015-04-13T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

Another week of renovating begins and the contestants are tired and scared of the enormous job. One team isn't organised and Keith and Dan decide to help out. The buyers advocates judge the completed kitchen and the teams also inspect each others kitchens.

10x49 Triple Threat Radio

  • 2015-04-14T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

Scotty tries his hand at live talk back radio with the contestants. Tim cooks a lamb on a spit as a treat for everyone on site.

10x50 Kitchen Capers Challenge

  • 2015-04-15T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

Midway through a difficult week, the contestants meet chef Matt Moran for a chance to win $5000. Its a great opportunity for the teams to showcase their beautiful new kitchens. Darren finds out that two of the teams have been given extra cash for their staircases.

10x51 Staircase Judging

  • 2015-04-19T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

Tonight marks the end of a huge week for The Block contestants when Scotty calls tools down on staircase and study week. In a Block first, one team receives the lowest scores ever given by the judges, who aren't impressed by anyone's efforts this week.

10x52 Terrace Week Begins

  • 2015-04-20T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

The final week of renovating begins as the teams gear up once again, this time for their outdoor terraces. Dea and Darren get to work finishing rooms in their apartment. Work on the front gardens begins & Tim and Anastasia are struggling with their budget.

10x53 Terraces Take Shape

  • 2015-04-21T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

Foreboy Dan offers a helping hand to Tim and Anastasia. The common areas of The Block take shape and Jess chooses a sculpture for the space. One contestant starts a rumour about Tim and Anastasia's mounting bills to tradesmen.

10x54 The Budget Blowout

  • 2015-04-22T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong for one couple on The Block, with budget woes, fighting, the rumour mill in overdrive and confrontation. Scotty is on duty to check on progress and steps in to get to the bottom of Tim and Anastasia's budget issues.

10x55 Terraces Revealed

  • 2015-04-26T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

It's the end of the final week of renovating on The Block and the terraces are handed over for judging. One team triumphs with a perfect thirty out of thirty but sadly one team doesn't finish their terrace.

10x56 The Final Challenge

  • 2015-04-27T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

The contestants have seventy two hours to complete their apartments and Scotty brings in a team of tradesmen from Mitre 10 to help get all four apartments completed.

10x57 The Last Chance

  • 2015-04-28T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

Tonight, after ten weeks of renovating, the teams move out of The Block. Buyers arrive to inspect all the completed apartments and the judges score the completed apartments. There's $45,000 up for grabs.

10x58 The Auction

  • 2015-04-29T09:00:00Z — 60 mins

It's the moment the contestants have all been waiting for. After weeks of hard work their beautiful completed apartments are open for inspection.

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