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The Brave 'Yoshihiko': Season 3

and the Seven Chosen Ones 2016

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  • 2016-10-07T03:00:00Z on TV Tokyo
  • 30 mins
  • 6 hours, 0 mins (12 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction
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The story is set in an ancient time, when the whole country was covered in thick forests. A mysterious plague breaks out, resulting in countless deaths. A pure young man named Yoshihiko becomes chosen as a hero, and he sets out on a journey in order to save a village. He has two goals – to bring back the legendary plant that can cure the plague, and to rescue his father Teruhiko who left to find the plant but never returned.

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12 episodes

3x01 Episode 1

  • Season Premiere

    2016-10-07T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

Centuries after Yoshihiko's victory over the dark lord Deathstark, the party faces a new Demon King but is too underleveled to do any damage.

3x02 Episode 2

  • 2016-10-14T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

As Yoshihiko's party searches for the seven warriors who bear the Orbs of Destiny, Buddha points them toward a village that appears to be empty.

3x03 Episode 3

  • 2016-10-21T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

The party arrives in FF Village and meets a tall, handsome warrior who invites them to join his rebellion.

3x04 Episode 4

  • 2016-10-28T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

Yoshihiko encounters a princess who has been asleep for over a year. Supposedly, the tears of a monster in the mountains to the north can cure her.

3x05 Episode 5

  • 2016-11-04T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

The party arrives at a village filled with farmers without a single shop or inn. Yoshihiko meets a group of young men and learns the village's secret.

3x06 Episode 6

  • 2016-11-11T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

After arriving in a village, Yoshihiko loses two orbs to thieves. When they learn it is a village of bandits, the party decides to find the leader.

3x07 Episode 7

  • 2016-11-18T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

In Musico Village, where the residents are constantly dancing, Yoshihiko suddenly grabs a baguette from a bakery and is arrested for stealing.

3x08 Episode 8

  • 2016-11-25T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

Yoshihiko and the party happen upon the Dharma Shrine, crowded with people hoping to change classes, and apply to switch to advanced classes.

3x09 Episode 9

  • 2016-12-02T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

In search of the final orb bearer, the party arrives in a school-like village. The village leader informs them a schoolgirl named Kozai has the orb.

3x10 Episode 10

  • 2016-12-09T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

With all seven orbs gathered, the party heads for the Demon King's temple. But Buddha tells them it is surrounded by unscalable mountains.

3x11 Episode 11

  • 2016-12-16T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

As Yoshihiko and his allies prepare to enter the Demon King's temple, Buddha tells them they must find three powerful treasures to defeat the boss.

3x12 Episode 12

  • 2016-12-23T03:00:00Z — 30 mins

Yoshihiko finally faces the Demon King and throws the seven Orbs of Destiny skyward to summon the seven warriors who will fight by his side.

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