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The Hook Up Plan 2018

Not sure if I want a second season. The story is really cute, and the acting is pretty decent, but goddamn, the main female lead and her love interest have absolutely zero chemistry. There's not much going for the romantic interest (Jules) except for his dimples. His acting is flat and one-dimensional, but I also think the writing around his character also had something to do with it. He really didn't have much to work with in the first couple of episodes when Elsa's getting to know him. He's far too quiet, and his facial expressions aren't nuanced enough to portray the internal conflict he has while he falls in love with her.

This is a really cute show to binge watch, especially if you're a sucker for rom-com's like I am, but I wouldn't rewatch this again.

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I don't know how this fell into my lap but I ended up binge watching all 8 episodes! These characters are beyond quirky but I fell in love with them. I actually hope there's a second season because I want to know how far they take each one of their storylines.

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