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The Last Ship: Season 2

2x11 Valkyrie

Amazing episode!! Some very sad scenes, as well as action scenes. Perfect balance.
I have to say that even though I understand that there needed to have loses for Nathan James I hated that they killed off Chung who was interesting, and Ravit who was a total BAMF and exactly what the show was lacking in season 1. I am curious about Valerie, but I can't help but feel like just because the show was adding another female to the crew they had to kill off one of them :(

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It was sad part Ravita and I wish I had not died Chung :(

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Not fair...
So many good people died in this episode.
Oh Chang... :(
Ravita... :(
Hate when the characters I like have to go.

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In the words of T Swift, why'd you gotta be so mean, Sean? The crazy is strong in that one!

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Masterpiece!, finally some good accion.

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