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The Last Ship: Season 5

5x05 Warriors


Shout by King David
2018-10-08T05:14:51+01:00— updated 2018-10-10T00:26:49+01:00

I understood everything that was happening in the very beginning, but after that they lost me. I was so confused that I turned the channel.

Season 1-3 were action packed, less confusing, and the storyline flowed. Is it that the writers don't know where else to take the show, so their throwing in a bunch of random shit to see what sticks?

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This was the absolute worst, flashback style episode I have ever seen. I didn't think it could get this bad. You have no fucking clue what timeline each scene is in, before or after the other. The only point of the whole episode was to introduce Miller that girl. Oh and the fight with Chandler and his daughter? Yeah, they don't actually let you hear what the conversation is. Damn this show is snowballing so fast to a 0 rating from me.

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Is there going to be another person alive besides Tom Chandler at the end of the season??
They're killing everybody.

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This episode's style was so weird. Why would the writers and director do something like that?

Also, it was basically all nonsensical filler.

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With only a handful of episodes remaining, they spend far too much of this hour on relationship and family "drama," with only a minute or two of actual plot advancement when they recover some information about potential Cuban help in the lame war against what should be a lamer opponent. And they presented this waste of time in nonlinear and disjointed fashion for no reason whatsoever, other than to confuse viewers. Did the original director quit halfway through this thing? Did someone decide to just throw the script in a blender and film the results? This was just a horrible and unentertaining effort, leaving me wishing that I hadn't stuck around for this final season.

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This episode is so out of sync with the previous episodes. Worst episode so far.

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Gets more corny by passing episode.

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