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The Late Show

All Episodes

  • Ended
  • ABC (AU)
  • 1992-07-18T12:30:00+01:00
  • 50 mins
  • 1 day, 9 hours, 20 mins
  • Australia
  • English
  • Comedy
An Australian comedy show, The Late Show was seven, then eight, friends pissfarting about for an hour on a Saturday night. It was broadcast as a live television programme on 40 seperate occasions between July 18 1992 and October 30 1993. Some of it was quite funny. Most of the stars of this show met during study at university in Melbourne, Australia. The majority of these comedians/actors have gone on to much bigger and better things in the Australian comedy scene and Television & Movies.

61 episodes

1x01 Episode #1.1

  • Series Premiere

    1992-07-18T12:30:00+01:00 — 50 mins

Charles and Diana. Opening Titles. Opening Remarks: The big prop gag. News Desk: H. Ross Perot (Rob), beached whales, Captain Hazelwood, faulty $5 note, athletes uniforms, The Angels press conference (Aaron Beaucaire appearance). Hardly Permanent Building Society. Dead Sea Scrolls. Shitscared: Shindo Ki. Keyboard Classics. Muckraking: Todd's death on Neighbours, Muckraking bookie board. Tony's Stand Up: "Michael Stipe: What is he on about?". ABC Tonight's Line up: Who Knew Brett Best. The Olden Days: Episode One "Missing Moustaches". Countdown Classics: Saturday Night Fever Dance Comp Final April 1978, Bee Gees. Septic Springs Mineral Water. News Desk Update: John Hewson Interview, Bill Clinton (Rob). Postcard from Shoppingtown: Includes Poster Top 7. Commercial Crimestoppers: Birdwood Mill Medieval Fair, Dream Pillow. New $5 note: Tony and his Gran. Graham and the Colonel. Closing: Worst album covers.

1x02 Episode #1.2

  • 1992-07-25T12:30:00+01:00 — 50 mins

"No Road To Barcelona: Australian Olympic Athletes". Opening Titles. Opening Remarks: Gulf War 2, Olympic Opening ceremony. News Desk: Barcelona Olympics, UN weapons inspectors, Bill Kelty (Rob), Daryl Braithwaite in court, kidney for sale, Lisa Curry-Kenny (Jane). The Daishitsu. Olympic Village Design Submission. Michael Collins in orbit. Countdown Classics: 100th show. Postcard from The Science Show. Tony's Stand-up: "'Gis the Olympics". The Olden Days: Episode Two "Maltreated Millinery". Muckraking: Cluedo, Top 5 Professors, Daddo Census form. Elton John. New Desk Update: Olympic athlete missing, Adelaide Commonwealth Games Bid, Fat Bloke's triathlon, deaths in custody, Water polo team. Shitscared: Bungy jump. Commercial Crimestoppers: Birdwood Medieval Fair letter, All Tools, Ken Bruce (and his twin sister Madonna), National Menswear Wholesalers. Mail order addicts: The TV magnifier. Graham and the Colonel: Happy Birthday Bert, Opening ceremony, The Deltones at the Olympics, Ben Johnson. Closing: Worst album covers.

1x03 Episode #1.3

  • 1992-08-01T12:30:00+01:00 — 50 mins

Geoff Crowe Motors Ad. Opening Titles: UN taskforce report. Opening Remarks: Gulf War 2, Olympic Opening ceremony. News Desk: Inflation figures, Royal anniversary, Gillespie children, Gareth Evans (Rob), Gunships, Michael Jackson, Father of Australian photography, British athletes suspension, Bruce McAvaney (Rob). Bob's Hot Water Cylinders. ABC complaints book. UN Weapons Inspectors. Bob's Hot Water Cylinders 2: In court. Tom and Jane's date: At the Greyhounds. Olympic commentators event. Colin Slater's Academy of Martial Arts. The Olden Days: Episode Three "Frontbottom's Iron Fist" Olympic viewing tips. Bruce McAvaney (Rob). Amigos Para Siempre: Official song of the 1992 Olympics. Countdown Classics: "A Guide to Getting Your Head on". Shitscared: Motorcycle jump. News Desk Update: The Family, Kieren Perkins (Jase). Murder She Wrote: The Killing Fields. Commercial Crimestoppers: Ken Bruce and Madonna in the audience, Tony's Grandmother's Guide to Barcelona. Ads: Flee to Malaysia month, Desperate to lose weight, Baghdad Self Storage. Graham and the Colonel. Closing: Robert Fidgeon's cartoons, worst album covers.

1x04 Episode #1.4

  • 1992-08-08T12:30:00+01:00 — 50 mins

Rodney King. Opening Titles. Opening Remarks (Tony and Santo): Tony's Appendix, The Drug Offensive, Word of the Week "Kelty". News Desk: War in Yugoslavia, student protests, Humphrey B. Bear, Rodney King assault, Detention centres, Bruce McAvaney (Rob) & John Walker (Mick), New Zealand ad, Lisa Ondieki (Jane), Queen Mother's 92nd Birthday. Shout Motors. Street Interviews: "Interesting Shops". The Dishevelled Gentleman. Songs of the Highlands. Monotony: The board game. Muckraking: Hey Dad, drinking game, Hey Dad tapes to the needy, Nudge-a-thon. Barcelona 92: Mormon Pursuit Team Peter the Audio Operator. The Olden Days: Episode Four "Stupid Hat Day". Racial stereotypes with Luigi Spaghetti.Barcelona 92: Paper Boy Pursuit. Backing singers. Shitscared: World speed skiing record attempt. Toilet Break: Natural Seven "Heatwave". News Desk Update: UN Convoy, Bruce McAvaney in Bosnia (Rob), Peter Landy (Rob), Leonard Cheshire memorial service, Olympic marathon. Pissweak World. Olympic Hero Fax. Graham and the Colonel. Various Olympic events. Closing: Worst album covers.

1x05 Episode #1.5

  • 1992-08-15T12:30:00+01:00 — 50 mins

ABC Tonight's line up: Elle McPherson, Kokoda Legacy. Opening Titles. Opening Remarks: Elle's Bali special, Bullshit story, Where's Jase? (The Three Investigators), Jase's dressing room. News Desk: UN evacuate Bosnia, concentration camps, Australian dollar, Leyland Brother's World. George Bush (Rob), Phil Tufnel bowled, 4wd through Parliament House, Leyland Brothers. Blitzkrieg Shampoo. Understanding Wogs: Uncle Alberto's house and in audience. Countdown Classics: "Music is like a Drug". The Olden Days: Episode Five "Incident at Frontbottoms". Mick's 1993 calendar. Vietnam - The Aftermath. Setting Up a Video Shop: Tony. Philip Brady as the celebrity stooge. Commercial Crimestoppers: Massaro Motors, Thigh Blaster, Communication Brokers update. Barcelona 92: Paper Boy Pursuit. Toilet Break: The Four Kinsmen "Green Door". News Desk Update: Children of God sect, fake souvenirs, Ice T, 4WD through Parliament House. Wankarola Mobile Phones. Mick and Jase's holiday slide show to Egg World Aaron Beaucaire Appearance. Ads: Accent on Lunacy Driving School, Embarrassing Hairpieces, Jeans 'n' Stuff All Else. TV extras: with guests Guy Pearce and Lucinda Cowden from 'Neighbours'. Graham and the Colonel. Injured athletes, Colonel's poem, Elle McPherson's doco. Closing: Worst album covers

1x06 Episode #1.6

  • 1992-08-22T12:30:00+01:00 — 50 mins

John Farnham and Glen Wheatley. Opening Titles. Opening Remarks: Fergie and Woody Allen's financial advise, The Joy of Financial Advice. News Desk: Budget week, John Dawkins, Peter Reith (Rob), Presidential Campagne, George Bush (Rob), Woody Allen (Tony) & Mia Farrow (Jane). Butchs Hair Salon. Countdown Classics: "Ladies of Countdown". Marcia Hines, Cheetah, Christie Allen, Linda Ronstadt, Pussyfoot, Noosha Fox, Elton John, Promises. The Olden Days: Episode Six "Frontbottom Gets The Shaft". Muckraking: Marilyn Monroe's death TV special. Actors before they were actors: Robert DeNiro. Mr. Chuckles' tax audit. Interior Design with Max Meehan (Jase) & Alfonzo Valari (Santo) with Jane interviewing. Commercial Crimestoppers: Doberman Shutters, Bavarian Shutters, unknown ad and competition. Shitscared: Mt Hotham. Toilet Break: Just Jeans commercial, The Four Kinsmen doing Ice T. News Desk Update: Janet Holmes A'Court, UN convoy, ambulance service, US Presidential election. Pissweak Colonial World. Album cover demonstrations. Hack 2000 food processor. Dog food. Graham and the Colonel. Parliament, cricket Closing: Worst album covers.

1x07 Episode #1.7

  • 1992-08-29T12:30:00+01:00 — 50 mins

Foreign Correspondent with George Negus. Opening Titles. Opening Remarks: Political party ads, Alan Bond free, Australian legal system. News Desk: Yugoslavian peace talks, Alan Bond, Man drives through Parliament House, Hurricane Andrew, Lord Carrington (Rob). Ill conceived Records. Hunt for Hecklers (Aaron Beaucaire Appearance). The Olden Days: Episode Seven "I'd Kill For A Coffee". Commercial Crimestoppers: I.K.D. Country Style, BeDazzler, Lada Cars (last week's previously unknown ad). Tony's Stand Up: Neil Diamond, Tony's Billy Bragg Song. Diana's Love Line. Countdown Classics: "Great Songwriters". Adrian Gurvits, Racey, Lucky Stars, Captain and Tennille, Plastic Bertrand, Rupert Holmes, Charlene. Over The Top Pest Control. Geoff and Terry Bailey: Master Builders (Home Cladding). Toilet Break: The Natural Seven "Summer Holiday". Kilo's Galore with Barry and Gary Bargearse. Empties Night Club. On The Couch: Jane's dolls, Jase's dolls, Basic Instinct doll. New Desk Update: Iraq exclusion zone, Rose Hancock, sex charge on priest, helicopter crash. Mick and Jase's Slide Show to Wobbie's World. Graham and the Colonel. Ticker tape parade, Mick Doohan, cricket, Steve Monaghetti. Closing: Bert Newton Art Competition.

2x01 Episode #2.1

  • Season Premiere

    1993-06-05T12:30:00+01:00 — 50 mins