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The Leftovers: Season 1

1x01 Pilot

While this episode in itself wasn't the most breathtaking there is it has done some exceptional world building.
It also gave us the introduction of many interesting people which were all acted extraordinarily.
And last but not least we've got plenty of mind-bending mysteries to be answered.

I'm really looking forward to this show.

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Great episode. You don't know to much about why anything is happening lol it makes you feel like you are missing everything and aren't paying attention but I'm sure they'll give the answers throughout the show. It is just episode 1 after all. Most tv shows the first episode is very interesting yet confusing. But becomes iconic.

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Haha, a lot has changed since I watched this in 2014. I still think they could have done this better (i.e., less sporadic shifting between characters). This show requires you to focus on characters as the driving force and reason for each scene, so it'll be a tough road to get to the payoff--but when you do, you'll know it was worth it! (believe me)

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I Didn't understand anything. Haha!

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just want to know what's the song when the GR had a fight with then town, after the song"Sweet Love for Planet Earth"

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It is a good start.

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