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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Season 2

I'm trying my absolute hardest not to binge The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and instead take it in one at a time. Every episode is like a shot of pure, distilled delight in the arm. It can pull you out of the deepest hole in an instant. The brilliant camera work, the fluidity that every scene carries, the theatre-like interplay between the characters. I could be gushing about this remarkable piece of art for days. I hope it will last me for a bit longer.

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Season one was good, but season two was excellent.

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Less consistent than season one but probably even better in its high points.

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I wasn’t sure they were going to manage a second season that was this strong but they did. I am so pleased with it, it hit so many good notes and it was great to see Jamie Babbit helming so many episodes. I wish I hadn’t watched it all in a day!

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I really loved the first season - this season is a bit weaker.

Many of the comedic bits are heavily cut (just the punsh-line or just the beginning) and there are fewer of them (at least it feels that way).

Some Episodes didn't even get a grin out of me.

Let's hope she finally gets famous in season 3. The groundwork has been done...

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