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The Mentalist

Season 2 2009 - 2010

  • 2009-09-25T03:30:00+03:30 on CBS
  • 45 mins
  • 16 hours, 17 mins (23 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Drama, Mystery, Crime

California Bureau of Investigation consultant Patrick Jane has a blatant lack of protocol but is self-assured and driven. The former "psychic" uses his talent for seeing the clues everyone else misses to solve the most baffling crimes. But there's more than crime: Lisbon and Cho reveal hints about their troubled pasts. Violence fells one CBI boss, and the new boss seems more interested in authority than teamwork. And as the Van Pelt-Rigsby relationship heats up, it threatens to cool down their careers.


23 episodes

2x01 Redemption

  • Season Premiere

    2009-09-25T03:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

Jane and Lisbon learn that the Red John case has been reassigned to a different CBI team led by the straight-shooting officer Sam Bosco.

2x02 The Scarlet Letter

  • 2009-10-02T03:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

Lisbon and the team work the case of a State Senator's murdered intern, while Jane simultaneously tries to find out what new information Bosco has uncovered on the Red John case.

2x03 Red Badge

  • 2009-10-09T03:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

Jane, Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt decide to conduct their own investigation when Lisbon is accused of murdering a child molester she arrested who was recently paroled.

2x04 Red Menace

  • 2009-10-16T03:30:00+03:30 — 42 mins

Jane and the CBI investigate the murder of Gordon Hodge, a powerful attorney, who is responsible for allowing a vicious murderer, Van McBride, to walk away a free man.

2x05 Red Scare

  • 2009-10-30T03:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

Jane and the CBI team are called in to investigate the death of a prominent architect found murdered in a crumbling old mansion, and there appears to be a number of suspects.

2x06 Black Gold and Red Blood

  • 2009-11-06T04:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

Jane's overstepping of the law finally lands him in prison but doesn't hurt his style at all.

2x07 Red Bulls

  • 2009-11-13T04:30:00+03:30 — 42 mins

Minelli orders Patrick Jane and Lisbon and company to play nice and work together with Bosco and his team to locate a kidnapped woman being held for ransom.

2x08 His Red Right Hand

  • 2009-11-20T04:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

The CBI team is faced with a violent and shocking crime in their own office, but must work the case in spite of their alarm of who may be behind it. Meanwhile, Rigsby and Van Pelt are definitely an "item".

2x09 A Price Above Rubies

  • 2009-12-11T04:30:00+03:30 — 40 mins

A jewel heist during a charity event leaves a man lingering near death but the investigation takes a bizare turn when the chief suspect winds up dead.

2x10 Throwing Fire

  • 2009-12-18T04:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

While Jane and the team examine the crime scene where a baseball scout is found murdered, Jane is clocked in the head by a ball and flashes back to his childhood with his overbearing father.

2x11 Rose-Colored Glasses

  • 2010-01-15T04:30:00+03:30 — 42 mins

Jane and company investigate the murder of a man and his wife, on her way to his fifteen year high school reunion where, clearly, the attendees haven't changed all that much.

2x12 Bleeding Heart

  • 2010-01-22T04:30:00+03:30 — 41 mins

Patrick Jane and the team investigate the murder of a mayor's aide, and Rigsby and Van Pelt make a big announcement.

2x13 Redline

  • 2010-02-05T04:30:00+03:30 — 41 mins

Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate when the body of a high-end luxury car sales woman is found in the trunk of a Bentley in the dealership's showroom.

2x14 Blood In, Blood Out

  • 2010-02-12T04:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

When a member of Cho's former gang, the Avon Park Playboys, is found murdered, Patrick Jane insists on helping Cho with his off-the-books investigation.

2x15 Red Herring

  • 2010-03-05T04:30:00+03:30 — 42 mins

Jane and the team investigate the murder of an arrogant chef during a cooking competition in Napa Valley.

2x16 Code Red

  • 2010-03-12T04:30:00+03:30 — 43 mins

When Dr. Alicia Seberg, a government research scientist, is exposed to a deadly toxin while at work and has only hours to live, she calls Patrick Jane and the CBI to find her murderer.

2x17 The Red Box

  • 2010-04-02T04:30:00+04:30 — 43 mins

Patrick and the CBI team investigate the murder of a tutor, and find a mysterious little red box near the body, starting a chain of events that turns the murder into the search for a priceless ring stolen from the British Museum. Meanwhile, Lisbon is worried when a new boss, Madeleine Hightower, takes command of the CBI, as well as mysteriously learning about Rigsby and Van Pelt's relationship.

2x18 Aingavite Baa

  • 2010-04-09T04:30:00+04:30 — 43 mins

When a "Jane Doe" with amnesia and covered in blood steps in front of Cho and Van Pelt's car, Patrick Jane must use all of his skills to discover who she is, her last location and why she lost her memory

2x19 Blood Money

  • 2010-04-23T04:30:00+04:30 — 43 mins

When Patrick Jane's sneaky conduct causes the case of a confessed hitman to be tossed out of court, his annoyed CBI team must start the investigation over from scratch.

2x20 Red All Over

  • 2010-04-30T04:30:00+04:30 — 43 mins

When a media mogul is murdered, Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate cult leader Bret Stiles, who may have had an axe to grind following the publication of a critical story about his group

2x21 18-5-4

  • 2010-05-07T04:30:00+04:30 — 43 mins

Patrick Jane and the CBI team investigate the death of a mathematical genius by a gun-wielding clown.

2x22 Red Letter

  • 2010-05-14T04:30:00+04:30 — 42 mins

Romantic sparks begin to fly when Patrick Jane and supposed psychic Kristina Frye cross paths again during the CBI investigation into the murder of a charismatic head of a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking.

2x23 Red Sky in the Morning

  • 2010-05-21T04:30:00+04:30 — 43 mins

Patrick Jane and Kristina's first date is interrupted by a report of Red John striking again, which is discovered to be a copycat. But when Kristina reaches out to the real Red John, both she and Jane find themselves in grave danger.