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  • Nickelodeon
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Shelby got bitten by the crime-solving bug while living with her Grandpa in Cocoa Beach. Pretty soon, Shelby was so into searching for clues, that even moving to Wilton, Massachusetts with her Grandpa didn't stop her. It wasn't easy leaving her friends in Cocoa Beach, but Shelby jumped at the chance to tackle all new mysteries in a brand new city! Sure being a sleuth can be dangerous, but it's all part of the job for Shelby Woo. Ok, maybe solving mysteries isn't really her JOB; technically, she's a police special assistant, which is an official-sounding name for a trainee. So what if she's only 17 and keeps getting yelled at for getting involved? If mysteries kept falling into your lap, wouldn't YOU want to solve them?

8 episodes

3x01 The Hit And Run Case

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 30 mins

A videotape of a hit-and-run incident makes it easy to determine who owns the car used in the accident: Detective Heinlein! Is someone deliberately trying to frame him for the crime? With the detective restricted to desk duty, Shelby launches an investigation of her own.

3x02 The Shell Game

  • no air date — 30 mins

A volunteer effort to help endangered sea turtle hatchlings find their way to the ocean has resulted in ""Black Out of the Beach,"" a campaign aimed at getting shore lights turned off during the hatching season. The problem is, it's also resulted in a string of robberies at darkened homes. Shelby needs to find the burglar before the town orders the group disbanded.

Shelby is on a weekend wilderness retreat with Cindi, Noah and some strangers when she hears about a micro-chip stolen from a computer lab on the radio. According to the report, the dangerous thief passed through the same bus station where Shelby and her friends had been just that morning. It's not until they're stuck in a cave with the other campers that they realize someone planted the micro-chip on them. And that means that someone else in the cave is probably the desperate thief!

3x04 The Mascot Mystery

  • no air date — 30 mins

The star of the high school soccer team, the Clams, is suspiciously injured during a practice game. Everyone suspects the team mascot, Chowder. But when the coach finds the kid who plays the mascot tied up and stuffed inside his locker, Shelby looks for the real culprit among her schoolmates.

3x05 The Hot Dog Mystery

  • no air date — 30 mins

A sudden bout of food poisoning hits the cafeteria at Space Coast High, and Shelby searches her school for suspects. Could it be the work of a rival meat supplier? A nasty cafeteria employee? Or someone trying to send a message to the school administration? And if Shelby can't find out how someone made the kids sick, is there a chance it can happen again?

3x06 The Macbeth Mystery

  • 1997-09-28T04:00:00Z — 30 mins

When suspicious injuries plague a touring theater company, Shelby realizes the only way to get close enough to the production to investigate is to audition for a part herself--even though she suffers from terrible stagefright. Even worse, she may be putting herself in the spotlight as the next actor to take a fall.