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The Nature of Things

Season 29 1988

  • 1988-10-05T17:00:00-07:00 on CBC (CA)
  • 45 mins
  • 12 hours, 0 mins
  • Canada
  • English
  • Documentary

The Nature of Things is one of the most successful series in the history of Canadian television. Hosted by the world-renowned geneticist and environmentalist, David Suzuki, the program is in its 57th season, a landmark by any standard.

Every week, the influential program presents stories that are driven by a scientific understanding of the world. Stories full of adventure, drama and insight. Our programs entertain and inspire audiences by engaging with the people and personalities behind the science.

From the search for other life in the universe to the psychology of babies, from the furry animals that invade your backyard to the consequences of human progress, The Nature of Things throws open the door to the wonder and accomplishments of science.

17 episodes

29x01 The Knowing Nose

  • Season Premiere

    1988-10-05T17:00:00-07:00 — 45 mins

Scientists study animal and human sense of smell.

29x02 Trouble In The Forest

  • 1988-10-12T17:00:00-07:00 — 45 mins

Something terrible is happening to the forests of eastern North America. Acid rain is killing the deciduous trees, especially the sugar maple. The Nature of Things takes a hard look at the devastation taking place in front of our eyes.

29x03 Human Evolution

  • 1988-10-26T17:00:00-07:00 — 45 mins

Multicelled human organisms evolve from matter created 14.5 billion years before.

29x04 Face Value / Bird Hospital

  • 1988-11-02T17:00:00-08:00 — 45 mins

Analyzing facial musculature, and a Hindu hospital for birds.

A Jamaican bat cave; gardening and ecological principles.

29x06 Rivers to the Sea

  • 1988-12-07T17:00:00-08:00 — 45 mins

During the summer, several Rivers Maritimes are so shallow that it is difficult to navigate.

29x07 When the Rivers Run Dry

  • 1988-12-14T17:00:00-08:00 — 45 mins

The causes and the effects of drought in India.

29x08 Borne of the Wind / Jellyfish of the Sky

  • 1988-12-28T17:00:00-08:00 — 45 mins

The Bald Eagle, an endangered species; Dirigibles from yesterday to today.

29x09 New Backs for Old

  • 1989-01-04T17:00:00-08:00 — 45 mins

Sore back and available treatments now.

29x10 Blowpipes and Bulldozers

  • 1989-01-11T17:00:00-08:00 — 45 mins

Swiss artist Bruno Manser works to save the Penan tribe of the Malaysian forest.

29x11 Back Pain / Structural Colours

  • 1989-01-18T17:00:00-08:00 — 45 mins

The sources and treatments of back pain; the manufacture and application of man-made structural colours.

29x13 The Vision of the Blind

  • 1989-02-08T17:00:00-08:00 — 45 mins

Psychologist John Kennedy, from the University of Toronto, examines the ability of blind people to create and interpret visual images.

American painter Roger Tory Peterson's influence on the popularity of birdwatching.

A two-hour special, Amazonia: The Road to the End of the Forest, looks at a World Bank project that was committed to financing 110 dams that would have flooded a huge area of rainforest. The promised loans were withdrawn due to local and global opposition.