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  • Anime OAV
  • 2014-04-05T01:00:00+01:00
  • 50 mins
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  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Comedy, Science Fiction, Anime
In the year of 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. Due to a long running depression, Labors, which are robots used in construction, are fired. The Division 1 of "Patlabor" is also dispersed. Patlabors are used by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police to combat crime. Division 2 of the next generation survives under a pretext of holding experience for Labor operations. Division 2 struggles to survive though.

17 episodes


  • Series Premiere

    2014-04-25T16:00:00+01:00 — 50 mins

With the useless 98 Ingram Labor now too fragile to operate, the members of SV2 spend their lazy days in an endless “standby”. So when they suddenly receive an order to put the Labor in action after such a long inactivity, all members of SV2 get really excited. Can they take take on their target — the industries’ Labor “KURATAS” — and achieve a glorious victory..?

1x02 (2) Chapter 2, Part I: REACTIVATE TYPE 98

  • 2014-06-20T16:00:00+01:00 — 50 mins

In order to dissolve the SV2, the upper echelons of the police hatch a plot: though the 98 Ingram Labor is unable to adequately stand, SV2 is commanded to participate in a full equipment check and fire a salute in the presence of Tokyo Metropolitan Police commissioner. Will the combined efforts of mechanic teams be enough to overcome this difficult situation?

1x03 (3) Chapter 2, Part II: AKIRA THE IRON FIST

  • 2014-06-20T16:00:00+01:00 — 50 mins

Devoting herself to operating the Labor and playing games, Akira Izumino, the Forward of Team 1, has an amazing kinetic vision and incredible reflexes. While she is off-duty, she meets a mysterious old man who advocates “the thought for the win” at a game arcade. Defeated and shocked by her opponent, Akira starts a senseless training program that goes back and forth between reality and fiction. She finally obtains ultimate strength and sharpness with help from Yuma, the Backup of Team 1. The time comes to confront that strong old man…. What is “the thought for the win”?

SV2’s lifeline: a convenience store. But that daily scenery is about to become the scene of a big case… Roped into doing the shopping, Akira had an unfortunate encounter with terrorists armed with a large amount of explosives and heavy machine guns. In their attempt to rescue the captive Akira, Yuma and Yamazaki also end up becoming hostages. Amid a strange exchange with the terrorists staging the siege, Captain Gotoda embarks on a secret plan with Kasya and the Ingram…

In Atami, the mysterious disappearance of surfers and the sudden appearance of a gigantic sea lifeform causes a commotion. An investigation is launched by oceanographer Nobuko Nanami and the SV2 team, who — by coincidence — happened to be there on vacation. The Mayor gloats as more tourists come to Atami in the hopes of seeing a confrontation between a Labor and the monster. Further complicating matters are a prophet who claims to be a “Venusian” and a one-eyed scientist. As the odd cast of characters gather together, will a giant monster really appear!?

The giant monster reveals itself at last, and proceeds to burn the town of Atami! But, in truth, this is all part of the Mayor’s scheme of economic revival… As the authorities’ evil scheme threatens Oceanographer Nanami, SV2 sits on the sidelines in uncertainty. There is also a rather dubious movie director, who may or may not know the source of the escalating monster crisis. As the Self-Defense Forces are dispatched, the Ingram’s Revolver Cannon fires, and the truth of the giant monster will become clear!

1x07 (7) Chapter 4, Part II: TIME BOMB

  • 2014-09-19T16:00:00+01:00 — 50 mins

“A time bomb is planted inside Special Vehicles Section 2!” The members of SV2 are perplexed by that sudden, mocking telephone call, while an aviary explodes in Yamazaki. However, that warning was just the beginning… After a huge explosion is triggered in the Section 2 offices, a search for more bombs is launched. Policemen dig through many contraband items, and after finding one bomb, another big explosion erupts. Reluctantly, an evacuation order is issued for SV2. But a jumbo-sized bomb still sits in the building… how many more triggers for it are there, and where are they!?

A Russian official is being targeted in Japan. In the interest of public security, Kasya was appointed as a special bodyguard after classified information was hacked by an assassin, a former KGB sniper nicknamed “Red Golgo.” And Kasya still has trace feelings for Sergei, the man she trained with and idolized in her academy days for the Russia Federal Security Service. Armed with her AK sniper rifle, Kasya’s counter-sniping battle begins. Can Kasya push aside the ghosts of her past and make her own future?

1x09 (9) Chapter 5, Part II: CROCODILE DUNGEON

  • 2014-11-07T15:00:00+00:00 — 50 mins

Section 2 Division 2 enters an underground labyrinth where white crocodiles were once captured. Stories that these crocodiles produce pearls spread among everyone at SV2, and they decide to search for the remains of a lost maintenance team and $2 billion in pearls. Caught up in the charm of the treasure and labyrinth, how will the 3rd Generation SV2 deal with the relics of the past?

A military Labor developed during the Cold War is smuggled through Niigata. The Public Safety leaks this top secret information and asks for the cooperation of Captain Gotoda, but he turns them down. The terrorist Hachino has escaped to steal the Labor. Akira and Yuma follow and, during a sleepless night at a cheap inn, are confronted by “Red Labor”, the Soviet-made Labor RT99. It’s military vs. police as the battle of the Labors begins at last!

1x11 (11) Chapter 6, Part II: THE LONG GOODBYE

  • 2014-12-19T15:00:00+00:00 — 50 mins

Lacking in “sex appeal”, Akira spent much of her youth playing Ingram pilot/fight training games. When she receives an invitation to her high school reunion, bittersweet memories of her school days, including an unrequited romance with her boyfriend, catch up to Akira. At the reunion, Akira becomes immersed in memories of unrequited love, the long-lost feelings of a woman. However, her old boyfriend has kept a hidden secret…

1x12 (12) Chapter 7: GREAT EXPECTATIONS

  • 2015-01-30T15:00:00+00:00 — 50 mins

When Tokyo Metropolitan Police Superintendent General falls ill, the dismantling of SV2 — which has managed to survive despite being dismissed as useless — has finally become a reality. To preserve the legacy of his predecessor Captain Goto, SV2 Captain Gotoda allows the police to dig into his records. But when it is discovered that Gotoda once led an unrealized coup d’état, the evidence could land him in jail…