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The Office

Season 3 2006 - 2007

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  • 2006-09-21T21:30:00Z on NBC
  • 22 mins
  • 9 hours, 30 mins (23 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy
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The season marked the move of main character Jim Halpert from Scranton to Stamford, and also introduced Rashida Jones as Karen Filippelli, and Ed Helms as Andy Bernard—both members of Dunder Mifflin Stamford—as recurring characters. Helms would later be promoted to series regular. The main plot for the early episodes of the season deals with a recurring problem in seasons one and two—the problem of company downsizing—while in the last half of the season, inter-office relationships also became a major plot point.


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23 episodes

3x01 Gay Witch Hunt

  • Season Premiere

    2006-09-21T21:30:00Z — 21 mins

After Michael found out Oscar was gay, he wanted to know who else in the office was homosexual. Michael was concerned about the way he had to behave, especially after Oscar complained to Toby about Michael using the nickname "Faggy" for a lot of his co-workers. Michael asked Dwight to help him find out who else was gay at work.

3x02 The Convention

  • 2006-09-28T21:30:00Z — 21 mins

Kelly set Pam up on her first date since breaking up with Roy. She was very nervous. Michael tried giving her dating tips and told her she should freak her date out by wearing her wedding dress.

3x03 The Coup

  • 2006-10-05T21:30:00Z — 21 mins

Michael had made it a point to have Movie Monday every week. He called the office into the conference room to watch a 30-minute installment of Varsity Blues, but Jan made an unexpected visit and did not like what she saw.

3x04 Grief Counseling

  • 2006-10-12T21:30:00Z — 21 mins

Jim felt awkward at the morning meeting when his boss put him charge of managing Karen and her responsibilities. The other co-workers looked at Jim as a kiss ass. Later on, he flirted with Karen in the break room and told her she shouldn't work until she found her favorite snack chips.

3x05 Initiation

  • 2006-10-19T21:30:00Z — 21 mins

Dwight was very excited because he got to take Ryan on his first sales call. He couldn't wait to show Ryan how the sales are really done. Before that, the men took a little side trip to the Schrute family beet farm. Dwight thought it would be funny to leave Ryan on the farm.

3x06 Diwali

  • 2006-11-02T22:30:00Z — 21 mins

Michael was educating the entire staff about Diwali, the Hindu holiday that Kelly celebrated. Kelly had invited everybody from work to the celebration. Pam was unsure if she was going to make it, she later confided in Angela that she was saddened because she had nobody to attend the celebration with.

3x07 Branch Closing

  • 2006-11-09T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

Jan told Michael that the board had voted to close the Scranton branch. There would be a select group of employees that would get a severance package; the others would be going to work at the Stamford branch. She informed Michael that he would be one who would get a severance package.

3x08 The Merger

  • 2006-11-16T22:30:00Z — 30 mins

The Scranton branch was getting ready for their new employees to arrive in from the defunct Stamford branch. Pam was especially excited to be reunited with Jim. While, Michael was most concerned with impressing his new staff.

3x09 The Convict

  • 2006-11-30T22:30:00Z — 21 mins

Angela and Kevin were trying to figure out where extra money in the budget came from. Jan let them know it was money Dunder-Mifflin received for hiring an ex-convict. Michael swore he never hired an ex-convict. Jan informed him that the person must have come from the merger.

3x10 A Benihana Christmas

  • 2006-12-14T22:30:00Z — 41 mins

Michael was in the holiday spirit and couldn't wait to share in it with his girlfriend, Carol. He had bought two tickets to paradise, hoping to whisk her away on a romantic vacation to Jamaica. Carol came by the office early to have a talk with Michael and it didn't go well.

3x11 Back From Vacation

  • 2007-01-04T22:30:00Z — 21 mins

Karen and Jim had their first big fight in the relationship. Karen had been living in a hotel since taking her job in Scranton. When she decided to live next door to Jim, he took it as the next step to living together and that was too fast. She was not pleased with his response.

3x12 Traveling Salesmen

  • 2007-01-11T22:30:00Z — 21 mins

Michael decided to send his employees out into the field for sales calls. He paired himself up with Andy. He let the veterans choose who they wanted their partners to be. Phyllis chose Karen, Stanley chose Ryan and that left Jim and Dwight paired together. This wasn't the first time Dwight and Jim had done sales calls together.

3x13 The Return

  • 2007-01-18T22:30:00Z — 28 mins

Since Dwight's departure, Andy had been clinging to Michael. Andy's antics had been wearing very thin on his co-workers. In fact, Andy left Jim actually wishing Dwight would come back.

3x14 Ben Franklin

  • 2007-02-01T22:30:00Z — 21 mins

Michael celebrates Phyllis' wedding shower by bringing two adult performers into the office, a stripper and Ben Franklin. Meanwhile, Karen confronts Pam about her past history with Jim.

3x15 Phyllis' Wedding

  • 2007-02-08T22:30:00Z — 21 mins

It was the day of Phyllis and Bob's wedding. Pam was upset because she noticed Phyllis had basically stolen Pam's ideas for her and Roy's would-be wedding. Meanwhile, Michael was very excited to be in charge of pushing Phyllis's father's wheelchair down the aisle.

3x16 Business School

  • 2007-02-15T22:30:00Z — 21 mins

Roy stopped by Pam's desk to let her know how excited he was to see her art show. She reminded him that it was just a small show being put on by her art class. Pam later admitted she was very happy she was back together with Roy because it showed maturity. Jim feigns indifference to the reconciliation.

3x17 Cocktails

  • 2007-02-22T22:30:00Z — 21 mins

Michael was excited to be attending a party at his CFO's house. He carpooled with Dwight and was also looking forward to meeting Jan at the party. Jan wanted to spend a night alone with Michael, but he thought it was important to come out as a couple to all of their co-workers.

3x18 The Negotiation

  • 2007-04-05T21:30:00Z — 29 mins

Roy paced in the parking lot outside Dunder-Mifflin and then charged the building looking for Jim. When he spots Jim and rushed him, only to get pepper sprayed in the eyes by Dwight, who managed to spray everybody around him, as well.

3x19 Safety Training

  • 2007-04-12T21:30:00Z — 21 mins

Andy was back to work, fresh from anger management training. He insisted on being called Drew, even though Jim continued to call him Andy just to toy with him. Meanwhile, Dwight had decided to shun Andy for the next three years.

3x20 Product Recall

  • 2007-04-26T21:30:00Z — 21 mins

Michael was in crisis mode at Dunder-Mifflin when a disgruntled employee at the paper mill put an obscene watermark on one of their most popular orders of paper. Michael called the staff into a meeting and pointed the blame on Creed, who was responsible for quality assurance at the paper mill and blew it off.

3x21 Women's Appreciation

  • 2007-05-03T21:30:00Z — 28 mins

Phyllis walked into the office looking pale and shocked. A concerned staff surrounded her for comfort. She told them she had been flashed in the parking lot. Jim alerted the police and they already had three other incidents of flashing in the area. Michael didn't think much of it, because it was Phyllis.

3x22 Beach Games

  • 2007-05-10T21:30:00Z — 27 mins

Michael was shocked when he received a call from Corporate wanting him to interview for a position. Michael was happy, but he also had other things on his mind. Beach Day was coming up and he was taking the crew out for some fun in the sun. Not before reminding Toby he couldn't go because somebody had to stay in the office.

3x23 The Job

  • 2007-05-17T21:30:00Z — 42 mins

After Pam's outburst at Beach Day, she and Jim had a talk and realized how much they both missed their friendship. Pam never regretted her speech she gave to Jim in front of the rest of the staff; in fact, she was happy that it only took her three years to summon the courage to say what was on her mind.

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