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The Passionate Eye

Season 2014 2014

  • 2014-01-05T15:30:00+10:30 on CBC News Network
  • 30 mins
  • 6 hours, 30 mins
  • Canada
  • English
  • Documentary

Festival favorites, Academy award winners, and provocative political and point-of-view documentaries that will inform, sometimes outrage, and always entertain you.

14 episodes

2014x01 Mandela’s Legacy

  • Season Premiere

    2014-01-05T15:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

Has Mandela's dream of freedom and equality been lost? A revealing look at South Africa, the hopes and the fears, as violence and corruption threaten to tear apart the 'rainbow nation'.

2014x02 The Trials of Muhammad Ali

  • 2014-01-11T15:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

The battle that almost ended Muhammad Ali's career... his refusal to fight for the U.S. military in Vietnam. Extraordinary archive & rare interviews reveal how stripped of his boxing title, & facing 5 years in jail, Ali risked it all to stand by his convictions.

2014x03 Siege in the Sahara

  • 2014-01-12T15:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

One year after Canadian jihadists were part of a deadly terrorist attack in Algeria, survivors offer a gripping reconstruction of the hostage-taking by a new branch of Al Qaeda.

2014x04 Ethel & the Kennedys

  • 2014-01-19T15:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

An intimate portrait of Robert Kennedy’s widow by her youngest daughter Rory offers a rare look inside the Kennedy political dynasty. Rory Kennedy is an award-winning filmmaker who was born after her father Robert Kennedy was assassinated.

2014x05 Children on the Frontlines

  • 2014-10-25T14:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

Five young children take us on a tour of the frontlines of the civil war in Syria, revealing what it's really like to grow up in a war zone.

2014x06 Bronx Obama

  • 2014-11-01T14:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

What if one day you looked in the mirror and saw the most powerful man in the world? Bronx Obama tells the improbable tale of a Barack Obama look-alike whose life is turned upside down when President Obama is elected.

2014x07 Putin’s Games

  • 2014-01-26T15:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

Exposes why the Sochi Olympics have become the most expensive Games ever. With extraordinary access, Putin's Games investigates the corruption, sky-rocketing budgets, & the environmental cost of staging the Winter Olympics in a sub-tropical resort.

2014x09 My Thai Bride

  • 2014-02-06T15:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

Is it possible to find love in Thailand? Many westerners go looking, but Ted discovers that money can't buy everything & he gets "lost in Thailand". Winner, Hot Docs 2012

2014x15 Diana Her True Story

  • 2014-01-26T15:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

The tell-all Diana book based on secretly taped interviews with the princess shocked the world when it was first published, & ruined the reputation of its controversial author. We learn what really happened & how it irrevocably altered the relationship between the press & the monarchy.

2014x16 Holy Money

  • 2014-03-23T14:30:00+10:30 — 30 mins

As Pope Francis marks his one-year anniversary, Holy Money investigates the financial scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church and the efforts of the new Pope to clean up its multi-billion-dollar business dealings amid allegations of money laundering, corruption and embezzlement of funds. Today, the Pope leads a church with more than one billion Catholics but also a business empire of global dimensions. The Catholic Church is the world’s richest religious institution with vast real estate holdings and its own Vatican Bank. Pope Francis has made it his mission to get the Vatican’s financial house in order but there are stumbling blocks on the road to his newly announced reforms and the stakes are sky high for everyone involved. Led by University College London Historian John Dickie, a leading expert in Italian history, the documentary deconstructs the mechanisms by which the Church administers and invests its money. It reveals the inner workings of the Vatican Bank, and tells the story of a priest known as Father 500 Euros, charged in January, 2014 with money laundering millions of Euros through Vatican Bank accounts. In the documentary, a U.S. economist reveals his study found embezzlement within the church is a significant problem. `”We found that 85% of the dioceses had experienced an embezzlement in recent years, many more than one,” says Charles Zech, Professor of Economics at Villanova University. “No one would think that a priest would embezzle from the Church. No one would think that a lay worker would embezzle from the Church. So they don’t put the kind of internal financial controls that are commonplace in the business world.” Also in the United States, Prof. Dickie explores the financial implications of the sexual abuse scandals and allegations of a financial cover-up in the Milwaukee Archdiocese to avoid paying compensation to victims. In Italy and beyond, he interviews lawyers, prosecutors, investigative reporters, economists and historians to get to the heart of the Catholic Church’s finances, and the internal pressures shaping efforts at reform. “Pope Francis is trying to put his house in order,” says Prof. Dickie. “He has opened the Vatican’s accounts to scrutiny. He’s cracking down on greed, avarice and ostentation. But the road ahead could be rocky.” “If these reforms are going to take place, the Pope is going to need support,” adds Robert Mickens, a journalist at The Tablet, a Catholic news weekly. “It’s not real clear that there is a strong body of support behind him right now. He’s thrown off a lot of people, not only at the Vatican.” Holy Money was directed by Jesus Garces Lambert for GA&A Productions and ZDF Arte. John Dickie is the author of "Cosa Nostra, A History of the Sicilian Mafia” and " Blood Brotherhoods: the Rise of the Italian Mafias”.

2014x17 Last Call At The Oasis

  • 2015-05-24T13:30:00+09:30 — 30 mins

When was the last time you worried about getting a glass of water? From the producers of An Inconvenient Truth & Food Inc., an inspiring wake-up call for why you should be worried. Investigates why the global water crisis will be the central issue of the 21st century.

2014x18 Secrets of Modern Spies

  • 2014-06-28T13:30:00+09:30 — 30 mins

For the first time on television, serving British secret agents talk about their work – from an MI6 agent runner to an MI5 surveillance officer, as Secrets of Modern Spies investigates how today’s spies are recruited and probes the secrets of espionage, from the sleeper cell to the brush pass and the cut out, to the cyber spy.

2014x19 The Dark Matter of Love

  • 2014-08-09T13:30:00+09:30 — 30 mins

Two former Disney employees hire a team of psychologists to help them with the challenge of adopting three Russian children all at once. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, we get to watch as the idealistic couple and their not always ideal new kids, learn how to love each other.