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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou 2012

Based on the first episode, it feels a bit like Hachimistu to Clover, which is one of my all time fave shows.

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Surprisingly good, given the bad (and mostly unjustified) first impressions I got from the sleazy title. Very energetic, and characters have more depth than I expected. I might stick around!

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A good anime with a great ending. Misaki's Character was the best in the entire anime. The title was a bit misleading but the anime is great to watch. Not a single episode will bore you.

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The image of a girl with cat ears and tail is misleading and runtime is not 42 minutes but 23 minutes

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Shout by Abood
2018-09-18T07:59:01Z— updated 2018-09-23T18:32:11Z

anime and love triangle, name a better duo.
honestly 90% of rom com anime have this, at first i liked it because it was new and all but its starting to get repetitive and boring. its not a problem with this anime in particular but most of the anime I've seen.

Don`t get me wrong its still a great anime and worth the watch.

episode 16, cant keep watching. lost all interest in the characters and the story. is it just me or are they stretching the story too far, nothing is being resolved and they always go back to squarer one.

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definetly one of the best anime i've ever watched, i'll miss this history a lot

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