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The Profit

All Episodes 2016 - 2019

  • 2019-04-23T22:00:00-04:00s at 2019-04-23T22:00:00-04:00 on CNBC
  • 2013-07-30T22:00:00-04:00
  • 45 mins
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  • United States
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  • Reality
When Marcus Lemonis isn’t running his multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, he goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that are desperate for cash and ripe for a deal. In the past 10 years, he’s successfully turned around over 100 companies. Now he’s bringing those skills to CNBC and doing something no one has ever done on TV before … he’s putting millions of dollars of his own money on the line. In each episode, Lemonis makes an offer that’s impossible to refuse; his cash for a piece of the business and a percentage of the profits. And once inside these companies, he’ll do almost anything to save the business and make himself a profit; even if it means firing the president, promoting the secretary or doing the work himself. [CNBC]

119 episodes

Special 1 The Profit in Cuba

  • 2016-11-15T22:00:00-05:00 — 45 mins

The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis travels to Cuba at a time of historic change, and profiles a new breed of business owners determined to succeed under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

Special 8 An Inside Look: Maarse Flowers

  • 2018-11-27T22:00:00-05:00 — 45 mins

Join Marcus Lemonis and Executive Producer Amber Mazzola as they discuss his very first investment, Maarse Flowers.

Special 13 High Stakes

  • 2019-01-08T22:00:00-05:00 — 45 mins

Marcus Lemonis goes behind the scenes in Las Vegas, spending three days as a high roller to unlock the secrets of Sin City.

1x01 Car Cash

  • Series Premiere

    2013-07-30T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus helps two feuding brothers who buy used cars for cash.

1x02 Maarse Florist

  • 2013-08-06T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Maarse Florists was once thriving but lost its way after the founder's death.

1x03 Planet Popcorn

  • 2013-08-13T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Despite generating millions in sales, Planet Popcorn still can’t show a profit.

1x04 Eco-Me

  • 2013-08-20T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Eco-Me's worthy products are undermined by bad business practices and debt.

1x05 LA Dogworks

  • 2013-08-27T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

LA Dogworks is a state-of-the-art dog care facility with a volatile leadership.

1x06 Mr. Green Tea

  • 2013-09-03T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Marcus Lemonis attempts to help Mr. Green Tea, a family-run ice cream company.

2x01 Athans Motors

  • Season Premiere

    2014-02-25T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Pete Athans sank his life savings into building a high-end used car dealership.

2x02 A. Stein Meat Products

  • 2014-03-04T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Marcus visits A. Stein Meat Products, a second-generation business in Brooklyn.

2x03 Michael Sena's Pro-Fit

  • 2014-03-11T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Michael and Tina Sena help clients shed weight but can't make a healthy profit.

2x04 WorldWide Trailer Sales, Inc.

  • 2014-03-18T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

A trailer business in Tampa, Fla. specializing in food concessions is being driven into the ground by two owners in a toxic partnership.

2x05 Skullduggery

  • 2014-03-25T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Two brothers can't turn a profit on their toy, craft kit and fossil replica manufacturer company.

2x06 Sweet Pete's

  • 2014-04-01T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Candy maker Sweet Pete's has excellent products, but the business is failing.

2x07 Amazing Grapes

  • 2014-04-08T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Despite the owners' passion for wine, Amazing Grapes has never been profitable.

2x08 Key Lime

  • 2014-04-15T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Key West Key Lime Pie Company wins awards and makes millions--but no profit.

2x09 Courage.b

  • 2014-10-14T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

A family-run clothing retailer is given some help.

2x10 Artistic Stitch

  • 2014-10-21T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

A company in Queens is on the verge of shutting their doors forever.

2x11 Swanson's Fish Market

  • 2014-10-28T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A second-generation business that had burnt to the ground a few years ago.

2x13 West End Coffee Company

  • 2014-11-11T22:00:00-05:00 — 43 mins

Marcus tries to help resolve bitterness between the co-owners of a Greenville, S.C. coffee company.

2x15 Schuler's Bar-B-Que

  • 2014-11-25T22:00:00-05:00 — 43 mins

Business is good at a South Carolina barbecue restaurant, but there is issues keeping up with the demands of hungry customers who are lined up outside.

3x01 SJC Drums

  • Season Premiere

    2015-05-12T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

This episode doesn't have a summary yet.

3x02 Progress Report

  • 2015-05-19T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus returns to four companies—a pie business in Florida, an embroidery and silk-screening outfit in Queens, a Long Island salon and a sports-memorabilia enterprise in Pennsylvania—to check on their progress.

3x03 Tonnie's Minis

  • 2015-05-26T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Marcus helps the owner of a New York cupcake shop before he loses his business and his marriage.

3x04 Standard Burger

  • 2015-06-02T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus works with four quarreling owners of a Staten Island burger joint that is bleeding money and pointing fingers.

3x05 Fuel Food

  • 2015-06-16T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Marcus tries to rein in a hot-tempered CEO of a Florida health food delivery service that has developed a sick corporate culture.

3x06 Grafton Furniture

  • 2015-06-23T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

A father's resistance to change is ruining his family furniture business in Miami and wrecking his relationship with his son.

3x10 Bentley's Corner Barkery

  • 2015-10-28T22:00:00-04:00 — 49 mins

A chain of natural pet-food stores in the Chicago area could be undermined by its rapid growth.

3x11 Blues Jean Bar

  • 2015-11-10T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Poor management has left Blues Jean Bar on the verge of unraveling and in need of Marcus's help.

3x12 Kensington Garden Rooms

  • 2015-11-17T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Two best friends started a luxury gazebo company – but an inefficient process and poor workplace conditions have brought their relationship to the breaking point.

3x13 Da Lobsta

  • 2015-11-24T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

The owner of a lobster shack is swimming in debt and spending irresponsibly.

3x17 Vision Quest

  • 2016-01-05T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Dark times have befallen Vision Quest Lighting, whose owner lost his way following a slump in sales.

4x01 Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants

  • Season Premiere

    2016-08-23T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

The fourth season begins with the revival of a well-known restaurant chain that didn't turn out like two business partners planned.

4x02 Dilascia

  • 2016-08-30T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A Los Angeles clothing brand is floundering due to its owner’s inconsistent designs and wasteful spending.

4x03 The Soup Market

  • 2016-09-06T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A chain of soup restaurants in Milwaukee suffers in the wake of the sudden death of a co-owner who kept the company's finances in order.

4x04 Flex Watches

  • 2016-09-13T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A California watch company with a commitment to charitable causes is plagued by an inefficient business plan, confusing branding and internal strife.

4x05 Honest Foods

  • 2016-09-20T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A Chicago catering company needs help after suffering a steep drop in sales and an owner who vents his frustration on the employees.

4x06 Murchison-Hume

  • 2016-09-27T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus helps the owner of a cleaning product line who puts her own business at risk with aristocratic marketing, high prices and an unwillingness to face reality.

4x07 Pacific Hospitality

  • 2016-10-04T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus brings in another company to help a Los Angeles furniture company struggling with old inventory and quality control.

4x08 Tea2Go

  • 2016-10-11T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A father and son with a broken relationship lead their tea shop into dangerous territory; Marcus attempts to have them separate their business and personal lives.

4x09 Bowery Kitchen Supplies

  • 2016-10-18T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A kitchen supply store in Manhattan faces extinction following the owner's divorce; Marcus tries to get them working together again.

4x10 Los Gemelos

  • 2016-11-22T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

A Mexican-American’s tortilla business is being decimated by big competitors.

4x11 Susana Monaco

  • 2016-11-29T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

A NYC fashion designer is failing because she lets her family and co-workers overpower her.

4x12 Swim by Chuck Handy

  • 2017-06-06T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A family-run swimwear company struggles to connect with the consumer.

4x13 Windward Boardshop

  • 2017-06-13T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A Chicago snowboard shop goes downhill after its owners try to expand too quickly and stop communicating with one another.

4x14 Ashtae Products

  • 2017-06-20T22:00:00-04:00 — 43 mins

Marcus helps a family-owned hair care company that reached a breaking point because of the father's costly side projects.

4x15 Overtone Acoustics

  • 2017-06-27T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus helps a sound-proofing company, started by two best friends, which has so little cash they must rely on unpaid volunteers.

4x16 Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

  • 2017-07-11T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus helps a California entrepreneur who went all-in on a coffee business with no prior experience and got in over his head.

4x17 Hip Pops

  • 2017-07-18T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus helps a gelato popsicle company whose owner jumped the gun by starting a franchise business and now suffers from a waning work ethic.

4x18 Zoe's Chocolate Co

  • 2017-07-25T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A family-owned chocolate shop was started by three siblings in support of their chocolatier father. Despite circumstances becoming desperate, the family is resistant to change. If Marcus can’t help Zoe's market themselves properly and expand their product line, this business will face a bitter end.

4x19 Top 10 Rules For Success

  • 2017-08-01T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

Marcus Lemonis shares his top 10 most important rules for success while sharing key moments of past episodes.

4x20 Marijuana Millions

  • 2017-08-08T22:00:00-04:00 — 45 mins

Marcus Lemonis travels throughout California, where a new law will soon allow any adult to buy cannabis legally, and profiles several pot entrepreneurs, from small-scale startups to multi-million-dollar ventures.

4x21 The Profit in Cuba

  • 2017-08-08T22:00:00-04:00 — 45 mins

The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis travels to Cuba at a time of historic change, and profiles a new breed of business owners determined to succeed under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.




  • no air date — 45 mins

5x01 Biggest Wins and Most Heartbreaking Losses

  • Season Premiere

    2017-11-21T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Marcus Lemonis looks back at which deals paid off big time and which cost him millions.

5x02 Tumbleweed Tiny Homes

  • 2017-11-28T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

A Colorado manufacturer of tiny homes faces massive issues, mostly due to its owner's lack of leadership that has put the business in more than a million dollars debt and sunk morale to an all-time low.

5x03 Detroit Denim

  • 2017-12-05T22:00:00-05:00 — 43 mins

At a Detroit-based denim business, the three owners all have their own pet interests and goals; one owner stamps out any idea that he didn't come up with; another obsesses over the smallest of details; the third cares only about his own payout.

5x04 Monica Potter Home

  • 2017-12-12T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Marcus helps Monica Potter's home goods store in rural Ohio; Monica has trouble relinquishing control to employees and her sister.

5x05 Mr. Cory's Cookies

  • 2017-12-19T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

A cookie company in New Jersey owned by a 13-year-old entrepreneur and his mother faces serious growing pains, in part because the latter is resistant to change, which has led to missed opportunities in recipe development and retail expansion.

5x06 Rayjus

  • 2018-01-09T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Tonight on The Profit, Marcus Lemonis is in Morris, Illinois hoping to make a deal with Rayjus. Rayjus is a sports apparel company that specializes in fishing apparel. The name Rayjus is a combination of the first names of owners Ray Odom and Justin Romines. Rayjus has poor employee morale and unfocused owners, including one with a troubling side gig as a radio DJ. Rayjus also owes the IRS thousands in back taxes.

5x07 JD Custom Designs

  • 2018-01-16T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Marcus Lemonis is in Orange County, California hoping to make a deal with JD Custom Designs. JD Custom Designs is a company that specializes in retail displays. The owner Jeff can't let go of control, which slows the process, limits creativity and negatively impacts the company.

5x08 Faded Royalty

  • 2018-01-23T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Marcus helps a disorganized New York City fashion designer with unpaid loans and an understaffed store.

5x09 Southern Culture

  • 2018-02-06T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

The owner of a packaged Southern food business bites off more than she can chew, bringing colossal debts that clog her cash flow.

5x10 Fighting for Farrell's

  • 2018-02-27T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Marcus returns to Farrell's, a business he helped revive in 2017, to find partners and management fighting each other.

5x11 Tankfarm & Co.

  • 2018-06-12T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A men's apparel business on the California coast is about to unravel completely for co-owners and brothers Mike and John, who found early success selling to big stores, but profitability never followed when they opened up two locations of their own.

5x12 The Casery

  • 2018-06-19T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A Los Angeles startup is creating buzz with its fashion-forward cell-phone cases; behind its breathtaking sales, the cracks are starting to show; its CEO does whatever he pleases, leaving his partners demoralized and the business unable to grow.

5x13 Ellison Eyewear

  • 2018-06-26T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A Chicago startup impresses with their high-end sunglasses, but behind the flashy shades, the company struggles to turn a profit; its CEO has trouble moving beyond a personal tragedy, affecting every aspect of the business from marketing to hiring.

5x15 Simply Slices

  • 2018-07-10T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

At a small family-run pizza chain, the proud patriarch is squeezing the life out of the business; he has long dreamed of taking his drive-through pizza concept nationwide, but he's so resistant to change that he alienates potential franchisees.

5x16 Hangout Lighting

  • 2018-07-17T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A Chicago-based lighting company sparks innovation with unique designs and customizable options, but the owner's lack of leadership causes sales to fizzle; if Marcus can't convince her to value her team, it may be lights out for this startup.

5x17 Montiel

  • 2018-07-24T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A women’s athleisure company found initial success building a following online, but the owner’s conservative aesthetic is starting to lose popularity, and she refuses to take any risks, despite suffering sales.

5x18 Baby Bump

  • 2018-07-31T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

A husband-and-wife team work tirelessly to keep their maternity and children’s retail stores open, but after 10 years in business, they aren’t certain of their roles or their numbers, and their merchandise lacks universal appeal. Moreover, a recent health crisis put even more stress on the business and their marriage.


  • no air date — 45 mins

6x01 NYC Bagel Deli

  • Season Premiere

    2018-12-04T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

A master bagel maker builds a big following in Chicago, but even as he dreams of expanding beyond the Windy City his business is growing stale; if Marcus can't push him to rise to the occasion, this would-be mogul won't be going anywhere.

6x02 Queork

  • 2018-12-11T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

The owner of a chain of cork-based retail stores is in deep debt to her romantic partner because of haphazard business practices. She resists advice from her employees, and Marcus struggles to help her develop new products and upgrade the brand.

6x03 Santa's Toys

  • 2018-12-18T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Marcus travels to Santa Claus, Ind., to save Santa's Toys; hardworking owners Mark and Heidi's business practices have landed their business on the naughty list, and they must follow Marcus' protocol to save their business.

6x04 Ben's Garden

  • 2019-01-15T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Marcus Lemonis invests in struggling businesses in efforts to save them.

6x05 After The Casery

  • 2019-01-22T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

Two former employees from The Casery want to start their own cell phone case brand; Marcus tries to help Charlotte overcome her confidence issues to become a CEO, so she and Skyler can build a new company from the ground up.

6x06 Jackie's Cookie Connection

  • 2019-02-12T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

A cookie business grows too quickly from a tiny shop to a full-production wholesale company, and it is now at the mercy of angry lenders; Marcus tries to teach owner Rachel how to stay in business despite heavy financial consequences.

6x07 Lyle's BBQ

  • 2019-02-19T22:00:00-05:00 — 43 mins

Greg and Jennifer Lyles want to keep their Kentucky BBQ restaurant small and local, but their son, Chandler, has dreams of going national; as the threat of bankruptcy looms, Marcus strives to put this family on the same road to success.

6x08 Snowdays

  • 2019-02-26T22:00:00-05:00 — 42 mins

The owner of an Asian-inspired shaved-cream shop expands his business before perfecting his concept; now, his company is on the verge of bankruptcy; Marcus tries to push him to change his concept and let go of the manufacturing process.

6x09 Feat Socks NYC

  • 2019-03-05T22:00:00-05:00 — 43 mins

Two brash social media influencers build a million dollar sock company but suffer major losses bringing the company to a standstill; Marcus may get cold feet if arrogance prevents the business owners from meeting their goals.

6x10 Smithfly Designs

  • 2019-03-12T22:00:00-04:00 — 42 mins

The owner of a fly-fishing boat and apparel company designs a unique floating tent, but his defensive nature prevents him from taking feedback to improve his brand; Marcus encourages the owner to open up to new ideas.