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The Rain

Season 2 2019

  • 2019-05-16T22:00:00-03:00 on Netflix
  • 50 mins
  • 5 hours, 0 mins (6 episodes)
  • Denmark
  • Danish
  • Drama, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller

Two Danish siblings emerge from the safety of their bunker six years after a brutal virus carried by the rain wipes out almost all humans in Scandinavia. After realising all remnants of civilisation are gone, they join a group of young survivors and together set out on a danger-filled quest through an abandoned Scandinavia, searching for any signs of life.

6 episodes

2x01 Avoid Contact

  • Season Premiere

    2019-05-16T22:00:00-03:00 — 50 mins

On the run from Apollon soldiers, the group follows a set of coordinates to a base where rebel scientists are working on a vaccine for the virus.

2x02 The Truth Hurts

  • 2019-05-16T22:00:00-03:00 — 50 mins

Martin accompanies Simone on a journey to retrieve her father's computer. At the base, Patrick stumbles upon a hidden room filled with strange devices.

2x03 Stay in Control

  • 2019-05-16T22:00:00-03:00 — 50 mins

As Apollon surrounds the base, Simone scrambles to find a cure. Rasmus's secret draws Sarah to him -- but threatens to tear the group apart.

2x04 Save Yourself

  • 2019-05-16T22:00:00-03:00 — 50 mins

Simone, Martin and Fie pursue Rasmus and Sarah, whose bond deepens while they're on the run. Patrick makes another discovery. Jean tries to console Lea.

2x05 Keep It Together

  • 2019-05-16T22:00:00-03:00 — 50 mins

Plagued by frightening visions, Rasmus takes his fate into his own hands. Sarah's health worsens. Jean and Lea share a tender moment.

2x06 Survival of the Fittest

  • 2019-05-16T22:00:00-03:00 — 50 mins

In the wake of their grim encounter, Martin and Patrick race back to the base. Meanwhile, a grief-stricken survivor plots revenge.